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Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

One of the benefits of IT staff augmentation is that it helps businesses find the best talent for their development needs. They also help clients maintain a lean in-house staff and remain flexible for the future. Finally, these outsourcing partners also improve the quality of software and enhance data privacy efforts.

Staff augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of an organization.

The process of augmenting your existing staff with temporary professionals as per need basis is known as Staff Augmentation. The reason why staff augmentation is so common in the IT industry is because of the innumerable projects. 

While many companies do possess the expertise to handle all their demands, some may not have specific knowledge or expertise about a particular area. During such situations, companies are forced to augment their existing staff with new professionals on per project basis.

BPO strategies are taking the tech world by storm, with one of the most popular approaches being staff augmentation. This is the practice of hiring a third-party company to contract individual talent to work temporarily on your team. 

Take Control of Projects

One benefit of staff augmentation is the ability to take complete control of projects.

Because staff augmentation allows you to manage the size of your team and what skill sets are available, you don’t have to limit what kinds of projects you decide to tackle. You can always bring in extra staff for larger projects. Or even dedicated teams for projects that call for specialized skills or tight deadlines.

Keep Your Team Flexible

The second benefit of staff augmentation is keeping your team flexible. 

You can expand your team when necessary, and revert to normal operations when the project is complete. This can be crucial for large projects, tight deadlines, or difficult project requirements. Having enough staff to work on your projects can also drive down overtime costs, prevent employee burnout, and reduce your in-house team’s stress.

Counteract Attrition:

In many situations, the need for augmenting arises because of unexpected attrition. Staff Augmentation allows enterprises to not get stagnated in crucial project management and delivery times. 

Recent statistics show, as the economy grows, up to 40% of IT employees are looking for quick job changes. Staff augmentation could be the perfect solution for both parties. Companies could always be adequately staffed at all times and professionals could put their skills and expertise to better use in a larger arena.

Scaling up or down

Your project requires you to hire a Laravel developer for 6 months, so you decide to have an in-house Laravel developer. After 6 months your project gets completed, you either have to ask the resource to leave or you have to bear the expenses, either way, it is an unpleasant situation. 

Key Takeaway

You are already boosting your core functions because your core team is focused. In addition to this, you are bringing in new resources implying more knowledge and technological boost your enterprise will receive. Either way, you are benefiting with better know-how, increased capacity, and efficient practices.

Whatever your flexible staffing needs, staff augmentation is an excellent way to ensure that your team can excel on its next software development project.

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