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Best Amazon PPC Tips That Will Boost Your Amazon Sales

Amazon sponsored ads are an essential part of any seller’s arsenal. When used correctly, Amazon PPC campaigns can increase sales and visibility.

A poorly designed campaign can lead to a loss of sales and visibility. You must play well in order to win this pay-to-play game.

How do you make sure your campaigns are profitable?

Advertising strategies should be designed with your business goals at heart, but there are some essential principles.

1 Use Automatic Campaigns for Keyword Research 

You need to balance your manual and automated campaigns. To maximize ROI, manual campaigns can be tuned and optimized.

Automated campaigns can be a great source for data and new keywords.

Amazon automates most of the work. It requires little supervision and often delivers positive results.

Amazon’s algorithms automatically identify relevant keywords and bid on them. It uses historical data and your listings to identify keywords.

Amazon’s algorithms will often identify high-converting keywords during this process.

These keywords should be added to your manual campaigns for further optimization. This will maximize your ROI

Although the strategy and process sound easy, execution can be difficult.

To identify these keywords, you will need to analyze large amounts of data from your search terms reports.

2 Identify and Bid on Long-tail Keywords

This strategy is perfect for sellers who launch a new product.

This is when your product’s organic ranking drops. The lack of sales history, reviews, and social proof means that conversion rates are very low.

High-volume keywords are a common target for PPC strategies.

Many sellers opt for aggressive PPC strategies. This can be a huge drain on your advertising budget.

The cost per click for a keyword is more expensive when it is in high competition.

If you have the budget, this strategy is worth considering.

Experts take a different approach. They don’t bid on high-volume keywords. They instead target long-tail keywords.

Because there is less competition, click costs are lower. This allows you to keep your ACoS in check.

There is a tradeoff. Visibility is sacrificed for better margins.

The additional sales will increase your organic ranking and create social proof.

You can add high-volume keywords into your campaigns as your metrics improve.

3 Simplify PPC Management with Automation

Amazon PPC optimization can be a time-consuming and data-intensive task.

Many of the steps can be automated. This will allow you to scale your business and reduce time.

Automating also eliminates human error. Automation is not susceptible to fatigue and can follow instructions well

.Automated tasks can be accomplished by machines. You can automate these functions with tools such as SellerApp

  • Bid optimization
  • Targeting negative keywords
  • PPC campaigns

These tasks require constant monitoring and data analysis. You only need to specify your requirements with automation tools such as SellerApp. The rest will be taken care of by the algorithms.

4 Bid on Competitors’ Brand Keywords

This aggressive strategy is great for Amazon advertising and can be used to compete against larger brands.

This concept is not unique. Bid on the brand keywords of your competitors.

Your ad will appear on page one when a customer searches for the competitor’s product.

This allows you to profit from the success of a competitor and possibly steal customers.

This is a great way for visibility and sales to increase.

You can make a serious impact on your competitors’ market share and improve yours if they aren’t careful.

5 Bid on Your Brand Keywords

You can always expect aggressive marketing strategies from your competitors. It is important to be ready to respond.

Bidding on keywords associated with competitors is a great way of increasing visibility and sales.

This strategy is likely to be used by your competitors.

Bidding on brand keywords is the best way to protect market share. This will ensure your customers continue to buy from your product line.

It also makes it harder for your competitors to bid on your brand keywords.

It is important to make it impossible for your competitors to bid on your brand keywords.

6 Stop Advertising! 

However, this does not mean you should stop all of your campaigns immediately.

Even the most optimized Amazon PPC campaigns may not be able to drive sales in certain situations.

Only the right product will make you a success on Amazon.

No amount of advertising will make it more popular if nobody wants to buy it.

Stop advertising the product if there isn’t any demand.

It will only lead to wasted money. Optimize the listing if the product has a high CTR.

If the problem persists it is wise to stop advertising.

You must track any sudden drop in demand for a product.

You may not find a product that is as popular today but will be tomorrow.

To succeed, you must be flexible and adaptable to the changing market.


Advertising is just one aspect of the selling process. Optimizing every step of the selling process is key to maximizing your return.

This comprehensive data analytics platform will be the only tool that you need to scale up your Amazon business. You don’t have to believe me.

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