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Bone Tamp is a unique surgical instrument designed for use in orthopedic procedures. A good tamp has a ground-serrated tip or across-serrated tip, too. A fracture to any part of the vertebral column can beget injury to any bone

This instrument is used in reshaping or fracturing bone and is available in several compasses. This instrument is drafted from ultra-expensive quality material that makes it robust and durable.

To decrease fractures and manage bone grafts bone tamp is used in orthopedic surgery. This instrument can be used inside a bone to elevate depressed areas after a fracture, aiding with the stabilization process.

It can also be used to pack bone into place at a graft point, through a careful procedure intended to promote full bone growth in the area. A wide range of models is available including a range of rigid and flexible bone tamps, balloon bias, and performances with angled and textured heads.

Uses of Bone temp

In the case of fracture reduction, one essential use of a bone tamp can be in spinal procedures. Cases with fractured or compressed chines can be at threat of spinal cord injuries.


The bone tamp is fitted inside the involved backbone. It is used to push the bone into place, allowing the surgeon to set it with bone cement to stabilize the fracture. With a balloon device, the surgeon inserts a tube with an inflatable balloon, precisely blows it up to push the bone back into place, and also deflates it, filling the performing depression with bone cement.

Analogous procedures can be necessary when there are depressions at the face of fractured or damaged bone around the spots of joints in the body. These can increase the threat of developing arthritis latterly, in addition to being painful for the case. The surgeon uses the bone tamp to repair the shape of the bone, decreasing the fracture. Flexible bias gives further room for tunneling and working inside the bone, and specialized heads can be used for colorful operations.

Bone grafts can also bear the use of a tamp. When a surgeon places graft material, it may be softly tamped into place as part of the process. This ensures that the graft is rightly placed and embedded. This increases the chance that it’ll take, ultimately growing into the matrix of being bone. A bone tamp is an ideal device for this purpose to steady the graft while the surgeon places it.

Tamps can also be used at harvesting spots, where the surgeon wants to precisely remove a sample of bone from a patron. Careful birth is critical to minimize damage in cases where cases are given their own towel, and bone tamps can be used to control the point and prepare it for mending. In the case of corpse donation, towel preservation is less critical, as the patron is doubtful to need it.


Novo Surgical’s Bone Tamp is a single instrument made for use in neurosurgical procedures, specifically spinal processes. A fracture or a contraction to any portion can beget injury to the spinal cord and the tamp can be used to help this.

A bone tamp can be fitted in the vertebral conduit. It supports the piece of bone until it can be permanently set into place. Also, this instrument can be used in other minor reshaping or fractures, or damaged bone. This is available in nine different compasses making it suitable for a vast array of neurosurgical scripts.

The final specifications will match the description of the specific roster item you elect. Please review similar specifications in the item description to ensure the correct product is ordered. For another surgical instrument   visit here

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