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Best Features For Taxi Booking App Development

In the last few years, the taxi booking business has been on a steady upward trend of expansion. The rapid increase in online taxi aggregators has led to many new entrepreneurs contemplating the idea of their own taxi booking app development. To aid entrepreneurs Soft Suave Technologies analysts have spent hours looking into the features and business model of one of the most popular online taxi aggregators. On this page, readers will discover about their business model as well as the most important features of an app for taxis.

Revenue Generation Model and Business Model

Platforms such as Uber as well as Lyft are essentially taxi aggregators who work with private taxi booking app companies to offer rides on demand. The revenue model for these platforms is based on pay-for performance and they collect the taxi booking app companies a percentage for each trip they take. They also charge a fee to operators to provide access to their platforms for technology.

Main Competitors:

  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Gett
  • Flywheel
  • Arro

The distinction between your service and another taxi booking app services could boil down to a couple of points:

  • Your primary geographical location is influenced by the government policies and the general mindset of the intended public.
  • There are a myriad of booking methods , such as a mobile app, web site or telephone calls.
  • Payment options are readily available. While electronic payments are becoming the norm however, cash remains the most preferred method of payment in certain places.

Basic App Functionality:

The app for taxi booking aggregators online should be extremely intuitive and provide a striking layout. The features of the mobile app must be clearly defined and the focus on an immersive behavior. The overall interface must be designed specifically with consideration to the intended users as well as the accessibility.

User Guide:

When the app is launched for the first time, the user will be provided with a clearly-defined user guide. The guide should address every aspect of the booking procedure, making it simple for novice users to grasp what the app offers and the process of action. If you’re building an app for taxi booking  on mobile or a website, make sure to include an UX comprehensive user guide.

Effortless Signup Process:

The fundamental design structure of your application should keep things simple and user-friendly. This should be the case for the sign-up form. Before you can use the application you must have an account registered with the platform. The process in general should be simple, taking into consideration the nature of mobile devices and requires only the essential information including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Contact Number

User Centric Booking Process

Following the registration process, users will be directed to the main screen , where they are able to pick an appropriate ride. These are the most prominent elements of the booking procedure:

  • Search bar to type in your desired pickup point.
  • GPS feature to detect current location.
  • A detailed map showing the exact location of their chosen location.

Location Saving Feature:

Users ought to be able choose and save their preferred places to make access much easier. This is especially helpful when a user is looking for a ride to or from a particular location regularly. Features that relate to frequently-visited destinations and routes contribute to improve app functionality and make taxi booking simple for passengers.

Estimated Time of Arrival:

In accordance with the services that are available near users, an app will show options for selecting a taxi and the expected time of arriving (ETA). This is an extremely advantageous feature because the customer is informed of the wait duration at the time of making a reservation for an appointment.

Booking Flexibility:

After choosing the mode of transport, the user is able to select to take the ride immediately or at a later date. This is beneficial for those who wish to reserve taxis at their preferred date and time without the hassle of booking a time-bound taxi.

Taxi Confirmation:

If the customer decides to reserve a ride immediately they will be shown an acknowledgement screen, which provides detailed information, such as the price card, the vehicle model, and estimated time of arrival. The user should be able use valid discount or coupon codes in the event that they are available.

Create a taxi booking application with taxi scheduling and confirmation features.

Transparent Booking Process:

One of the most important aspects that make an online taxi booking service popular with clients is the transparency of pricing. All information about the prices should be provided to the customer in a straightforward way. With the help of a rate card, riders can see the breakup of fares for their selected transportation.

Fare Precision:

As we have discussed as previously mentioned, it is essential to make sure that the passengers are aware of all relevant details prior to the cost of the ride. The option that is available to customers in the form of “Ride Estimate” shows all the information related to the approximate travel time and the estimated price to the customer. The ability to clearly define pricing and fare could aid your taxi app to earn more points.

Advanced Booking:

If users wish to reserve the ride at an earlier date the pop-up window is displayed. From there, they can choose the date and date and time. This is helpful in situations of rush hour when passengers may be unable to locate an available taxi.

Ride details:

When the booking is confirmed, customers can see the exact position of the taxi as well as its estimated arrival time. Additional information is available:

  • The name of the driver
  • The color and the make of the vehicle
  • The registration number of the taxi
  • Contact details for the driver’s contact information

Customers can also opt to cancel their booked taxi prior to when the driver arrives at the pick-up point. This option can be utilized when there are unexpected changes to the user plan.

Ride Feedback:

When the ride is completed after reaching the destination, the rider will be presented with a screen that shows the total cost of the ride and the distance traveled. In order to maximize customer engagement, the application must ask the passengers to share their opinions about their experience. It is not just about grading the driver to be used in the future, but also aids the business in determining the degree of satisfaction with their service. Integrate feedback and ratings for drivers into your online taxi booking service.

Distinguishing Features

After we’re done with the typical elements that make up the booking process, let’s take the time to look at the characteristics that make apps distinct from other apps. These are the options that will greatly assist the taxi company establish a branding in a very competitive field.

My Rides:

This section displays a detailed listing of all reservations made, the upcoming rides, as well as completed rides. This assists in keeping an eye on all rides booked by users. The completed section reveals the historical records of rides taken while the coming section offers an overview of the rides planned in the near coming months.

Invite and Earn:

Online taxi booking has been gaining a lot of attention, but this concept remains a bit new to a large number of people. To increase the market share overall this platform could provide a referral program in which passengers can invite friends to join using referral codes and earn cash. The users can invite their friends via email, SMS or on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Check that your online taxi booking system is equipped with this feature!

Rate Card:

The platform must be able to comprehend the market dynamics , which requires transparency in its overall operation. This is why it is essential to provide an accurate rate card for the users by which they can evaluate the rates that are charged for them based on the destination and the mode of transport.

Emergency Contact:

To ensure secure and smooth rides, the platform must include a security option in the application that lets users provide contact information for anyone. Furthermore, the user could choose to share the information with an emergency contact whenever an excursion is booked. This is a feature you shouldn’t miss out on when booking taxis.

We’ve covered all of the features in the sections above and can declare that the majority of them are very creative. Furthermore our team of developers and analysts have identified a few areas that will help to create a sophisticated taxi booking system. These are:

Emergency Button:

There is an emergency button within the app which will send information about the ride as well as current location to a designated contact in the event of an emergency. This is a crucial security feature that can increase the confidence of users.

FAQ Section:

Taxi booking online is not yet completely clear for many because of which customers are flooded with questions. A complete FAQ section that addresses common questions regarding booking taxi can aid in improving the user experience.

Some Focus Areas to Become Successful

  • Make sure you have a mobile application. It’s a must for this business.
  • Find skilled and professional drivers. One bad driver can let your image down
  • Before going to the market, you must construct your taxi’s base to be able to handle the demand.
  • Be sure to ensure that customers can reach you. Taxi services must be readily available at all times in the city.
  • Minimal waiting times: Reduce the time to wait and make more satisfied customers
  • Different payment methods: Users should be able pay via online wallets or cash, in the event that they need.
  • Online Documentation services could be an excellent addition, but you must be aware of each targeted market thoroughly as laws vary from location to.

Build The Next Billion Dollar Taxi App Booking Company

The USA Ride Hailing segment amounts to US$49,598m in 2019 , and is projected to expand by 11.0 percent, which will result in the market having a size of $75,403 million in 2023. The current user penetration rate is 20.1 percent in 2019 and projected to rise to 28.8 percent by 2023.

If you’re planning to create a taxi booking app service and you are looking to build one, you shouldn’t afford to ignore the features mentioned in this post. Increase your chances in the taxi booking brighter by including the latest features to your application.

Discuss your taxi booking mobile app needs with a top taxi booking mobile app development company to start an online taxi booking business.

Discussion of your taxi reservation mobile app requirements with Soft Suave Technologies team of UX developers and designers to develop an effective online taxi booking app business.

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