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Best Linux VPS Hosting Provider – Let’s Find Out

In this article, we will discuss Linux VPS hosting providers and find out the best Linux VPS hosting provider in India.
A virtual private server as the name suggests itself is a virtually isolated server condition. Virtual private servers lessen the problems of performance and provide flexibility, security at a cost-effective price. Let us know about India’s leading VPS hosting provider for Linux.

Leading Linux VPS Hosting Providers in India

Getting a virtual private server means that you have your own virtual environment. Operating systems, extensions, applications all are under your control. The prices and specifications are totally depending upon your needs and what type of services you want. It’s difficult to opt best Linux VPS hosting provider among thousands of providers.

We will help you with that with our experience and knowledge. Let’s get started with Linux VPS hosting provider are as follows:


NetforChoice VPS hosting is a reliable and affordable hosting solution. They provide services on the Pay-as-go subscription. Besides, you can choose VPS hosting services according to your needs.

With NetForChoice VPS hosting client resources can be adjusted, with the needs or requirements of the business. The client gets full control over the server with more bandwidth and scalability.

NFC VPS hosting deals with all types of platforms, Either you are searching for your small website or you are looking up your business model. In Addition, if you are looking for Web-based solutions or Web applications, you can also ask for Bare Metal Hosting Services. Enhance your website or business by getting services through NetForChoice with low cost virtual private server.

Why NetForChoice is Best Linux VPS Hosting Provider In India?

SSD Storage With Backups
NetForChoice provides Raid 10 storage facility that gives assuring on your data and enhances the server speed. SSD storage servers are scheduled for backup on daily basis.

Managed support
You can connect with our support team 24*7*365 days over the chat, call, or email. We have experienced technical experts to manage and maintain our IT resources. You can contact them with the help of the customer support team.

Managed Services
NFC is flexible to work with IT sectors and business model sites. Apart from this, the technical support of NFC tries to understand your needs and provide customized solutions. This will improve the productivity of the user.

Global Presence With Managed Firewall
Having multiple geographical locations, though you can serve your customers locally, for better performance. With fast connectivity, you can get more customers to your business. NFC has managed the firewall(IPS+IDS).

Server Management and Security Structure
A copy of your primary virtual machine is to be kept. In case, if primary VM fails you can go with your second VM. Full server management support with 24*7 *365 security, support, and monitoring. NetForChoice certified data centers are SSAE 18 SOC type II.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Upgrade the Server Resources?
Yes, of course, you are able to upgrade your server resources as per requirements. Please get in touch with the NFC support team to discuss this more.

How much Time Taken by NFC to set up VPS Hosting Server?

It takes a maximum of 24 hours (usually 6-12 hours) as long as we have all the parts in stock. In the case of configuration, it may take some additional time.

Can I Downgrade the Server?
Yes, you can downgrade the resources of your managed VPS hosting server. If you want to know more about this get in touch with our support team to understand and discuss.

Do You Have any Money back Offers/ Any Trials?
VPS hosting server setup requires a duration of time and hence we typically do not offer any money back or free trial offers. Moreover, if you want to test our network. We will make some arrangements for you as a special case. For setting this up, you have to get in touch with the NFC support team.


To conclude, it might be right to mention that the Linux VPS hosting server completely depends on the needs of the user. High-traffic websites or businesses should always go with a VPS hosting server. Cost is also considered as an important factor while opting for server hosting solutions. Therefore, the selection of a server web website hosting answer constantly relies upon the desires and price range of the consumer.
If you want more information about VPS hositng provided by NetForChoice then you can contact us through our contact number: 0120-4578842, +91-8766177177
Email us at

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