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Best Radiation Oncology treatment in India

Radiations are waves that carry energy. Various radiations have different amounts of energy. This energy is use to treat different types of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors with great precision. Radiation technologies are getting a lot of attention, and new methods of treating illnesses are coming out on the market.

This has made it easier to manage various medical issues and eliminated the need for surgery in some instances. However, if you have such medical issues, you should visit Best Radiation Oncology in IndiaFor that, you must consider Dr. Manoj Sharma’s oncology.

What is radiotherapy?

People who get radiotherapy also call radiation because it uses a lot of radiation. The goal is to kill the tumor cells, shrink the tumors, or slow down the growth of the tumors. low doses of radiation that can be use with x-rays to see the inside of the body and get images from different parts of the body, like the heart. In massive doses, radiation therapy can be use to kill cancerous cells or slow their growth by destroying DNA in such cells.

In cancer cells, when their DNA can’t fix, they stop growing and eventually die. Even with many radiation therapy sessions, cancer cells may not be kille instantly. It may take several days for the DNA in the tumor cells to be damage enough that they can no longer grow and spread.

Radiotherapy can be the sole cancer treatment. However, the doctor typically recommends a combination of radiation therapy plus surgery or chemotherapy.

What are the types of radiotherapy?

There are many ways by which radiotherapy can be give, and doctors will choose the best one for each patient based on their needs. The most common forms of radiotherapy are:

External-beam radiation therapy

It’s the most prevalent method of radiation therapy. It gives off radioactivity from a machine that isn’t inside your body. There are times when it is needed to treat large parts of the body.

There is a machine that makes the beam of radiation for photon radiation therapy or x-ray called a linear accelerator or a linac. The size and shape of the beam can change by using special computer software. This helps you find the tumor while not hurting healthy tissue that is near the cancerous cells by directing your attention to the tumor.

In most treatments, they are give every day for a few weeks. To help keep people still during radiation therapy to the neck, head, or brain, they use plastic mesh masks or form-fitting supports that cover the head and neck. 

Internal Radiation Therapy

This treatment is also call brachytherapy. Radiation doesn’t come in the form of beams as external therapy does. Instead, the radiation source is put inside the body near the tumor. It then sends radiation at a short-range to the tumor, killing it. It is very effective in curing eye, neck, vagina, cervix, and rectum cancers. With the help of the applicator, radioactive wires can be put inside the body. This would ensure that the radiation kills the cancerous cells in the affected area.

An applicator is a device of metal or plastic that is put inside the body and can be used in body cavities. The radiation oncologist leaves the applicator in the body till the treatment is completed. After that, the applicator is taken out of the body. The intravenous mode can also use to send radiation inside the body. Radioactive particles would be stuck to small molecules, which would be give intravenously.

While internal radiation is utilize, the oncologist should watch the patient to see if any radioactive elements are still there after the treatment is done.

Other radiation therapy options

Here are some other types of radiation therapy. Let’s check out.

  • Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT)

During surgery, either internal radiation therapy or external-beam radiation therapy is use to treat the tumor. IORT lets surgeons get rid of healthy tissue ahead of time. This treatment is helpful when the tumor is close to a vital organ.

  • Systemic radiation therapy

Radioactive material that kills cancer cells can be take by mouth or put into a vein. The body gets rid of the radioactive stuff through sweat, saliva, and urine. These fluids are radioactive, so people close to the patient must take the precautions that the health care team suggests. Further, (RAI; I-131) Radioactive iodine therapy is one example of this to treat thyroid cancer.


More than half of people who have cancer receive radiation as a component of their cancer care. Many types of cancer can be treat with radiation. Radiation therapy can be very useful in treating some tumors that aren’t cancerous. However, if you find any cancerous symptoms, you should immediately visit the best Radiation Oncology in India. And for that, you must consider Dr. Manoj Sharma’s Oncology.


Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma
Senior Consultant (Radiation Oncology)
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma has spent several years working in oncology, while continually updating himself to the latest technology and also completing his fellowship in Proton Therapy from New Jersey. He understood cancers from a multi-disciplinary perspective having consulted on various tumor boards. He also extensively carried out research in the field of Radiation Oncology and is more than willing to teach the same to juniors in his field.

M.B.B.S. B. J. Medical College (Gujarat)
M.S. Radiation Oncology Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
Observership & Training
Fellowship in Proton Therapy Procure Proton Therapy Centre, Somerset, New Jersey under the guidance of Dr. Eugen Hug
AROI-ASTRO teaching course 2014 Indore on Head and Neck carcinoma.
AROI-ASTRO teaching course 2013, TMH, Mumbai.
Published several papers in International and National Publications.
Conducted live Head And Neck Tumor Contouring Session in RGCON 2015.

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