Best Reasons to Choose Education in Canada

Canada consistently ranks together of the sole countries within the world and is currently the #1 best country for quality of life. What are the best reasons to choose education in Canada ? Whether you opt on to review in one among our large, vibrant cities or choose a little campus during a warm, welcoming community, your experience are becoming to be one which may shape your life. it’s going to cause a career and a future in Canada, or better career prospects reception .

Discover the Canadian difference.

International students are welcome to review in Canada. for several years , we’ve welcomed international students from round the globe. Through them, we’ve discovered there’s plenty to like about Canada. Here are sort of the numerous benefits of creating Canada your education destination Quality and internationally recognized degrees: Canada places great emphasis on education and maintains absolutely the best standards of education. The degree obtained from Canadian universities is globally recognized and highly valued within the international job market.

Canada is renowned for its research-intensive universities.

Canada ranks 4th in research project . Various options the choice of schools in Canada is wide and varied, offering an honest range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs, from large research institutes to small humanities schools and universities. Affordable education and life Canada offers not only quality education but also affordable education to international students, including Indian students. The price of education in Canada is extremely modest compared to countries a touch just like the uk , US and Australia. Job opportunities Canada is additionally one among the few countries that gives job opportunities to Canadian graduate and Canadian graduate students. In fact, after completing their studies, international students can add Canada for up to three years! A high-tech country Canada could also be a world leader in computer and knowledge technology and features a reputation for excellence in telecommunications, animation, transportation and engineering; and particularly , aerospace, urban transportation, microelectronics, medical devices, advanced software, hydropower and atomic power , lasers and opto-electronics, biotechnology. Canada was one among the primary countries within the earth to acknowledge the necessity to attach schools and libraries to the web . All types of recent facilities are provided and most of the premises are connected with the foremost recent technologies provided by the world . Requirements for studying in Canada: When brooding about getting to Canada for education , you’d wish to know the wants for studying in Canada. Although different colleges and courses have their own demands and expectations, there are some general prerequisites for several universities that provide postgraduate degrees for international students.

Completed kind of the specified university.

Document confirming previous degree, in conjunction with official transcripts; Official documents confirming professional positions, applicable; Two (2) academic reference letters certifying readiness for graduate studies; For those with no recent academic experience, letters from employers confirming experience and analytical writing skills are becoming to be accepted; A comprehensive timeline application that clearly outlines educational achievements, work experience and progress, and other related experiences; A letter (LOI) clearly explaining why the applicant is applying and outlining the tutorial objectives of the scholars . If the applicant submits a certification from an unrecognized organization or requires further analysis by the Admissions Committee, a certification evaluation from an accredited service will ensure equality; Certificate of English Proficiency.

Canada Immigration

The cost of studying and living in Canada:

1. Tuition:

The principal amount of your expense. It depends on the type of qualification and the selected company. You will need about CAD 7,000 and CAD 35,000 per year. The approximate tuition cost for Indian students in Canada ranges from 3,50,000 to 19,00,000 per year. This amount will vary depending on the type of course you choose.

2. Shelter:

Universities offer on-campus accommodation for international students. Students who wish to choose off-campus accommodation can live on a shared basis with other students around campus. Accommodation on campus can cost from CAD 8,000 to CAD 10,000 (per year), while living in a shared apartment can range from CAD 400 to CAD 400 per month, depending on your location and time of year. In major areas and cities, it can go from CAD 1000 to CAD 2000 per month.

3. Cost of living:

A student budget in Canada is approximate, taking into account various expenses and living expenses such as communication, transportation, books and supplies, daily necessities. CAD 6,000 to CAD 10,000 (code).

4. Other:

Visa and study permit for approximately CAD 150. Health and insurance coverage up to CAD 300- CAD 800 (specific) per year. The basic cost limits mentioned above are to give you an idea of ​​the cost involved and to make arrangements accordingly.

Scholarships to study in Canada:

Universities in Canada offer scholarships to eligible students who cannot afford to study in Canada. What you need to know when applying for scholarships:

1. The essential requirement for most grants, regardless of the city, subject and status chosen, is a decent intellectual score.

2. The amount of money given to different colleges will vary. You should start the process of applying for the scholarship 8 to 12 months before the start of the course because the process will take time.

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