Best small industrial UPS systems

A UPS system is very popular among industrial facilities because it can protect against power fluctuations as well as complete power outages. Therefore, it may be just what you need. Whether it’s for your office or a smaller industrial facility, choosing the best UPS system for small industrial facilities can be a challenge. To help you choose, we’ve put together a brief overview of the different types of UPS, how to make a decision, and a list of the best small UPS systems for your office or another facility. Read on to get started.

The 3 types of UPS technologies

In general, there are three basic types of uninterruptible power supply systems. Each has its own role and set of benefits when it comes to protecting your infrastructure. To select a UPS for your specific application, you must first have a better understanding of the systems available.


Also known as a standby or battery backup UPS, the offline UPS system is perhaps the most cost-effective choice. The best offline UPS systems quickly switch to their battery backup, preventing power anomalies and giving your equipment time to survive shorter outages. Offline UPS systems are also set to protect against most voltage spikes. However, a major drawback of these systems is their inability to maintain a perfect power supply during minor voltage drops and spikes.

The most important factor in determining the quality of an offline UPS system is the power range that the equipment in question will accept before switching to battery backup. As a rule of thumb, the wider the range, the lower the battery consumption and the longer the backup time available when power fails.


Line-interactive UPS systems, which provide both power conditioning and battery backup, are effective in environments where power outages are rare but power fluctuations are more common. Line-interactive UPSs also provide much better control over power fluctuations than offline alternatives. They have the advantage of voltage boost and an acceptable input voltage range, giving you better overall protection.

Online double conversion

Double-conversion UPS converts incoming current to DC and then back to AC. This design ensures a higher degree of isolation of the load from irregularities in the main power supply. AC power is stable and clean when it is generated, which means that only an online UPS or a double-conversion UPS will fully protect you from power problems such as brownouts, voltage spikes, and even complete outages.

Factors to consider when choosing the best UPS for you include

How many devices do you want to connect?

The number of devices you want to connect to your system should be the first step in choosing the UPS system you need. Calculating a total load of these devices is a good starting point for determining the required capacity and size of your UPS. Visit also: UPS Systems for Industry

How much do you want to spend?

While we never recommend making a purchasing decision based on price alone, it can be helpful to have a price range in mind when shopping. Know that the average cost of a data center outage is very high. So spending a little more on your UPS can protect you from far greater losses in the long run.

Three-phase solutions:


In terms of space, power, and cost, the 93E UPS offers the most efficient power quality solution available to customers. Designed for maximum efficiency, the 93E is valued for its 98% efficiency while maintaining a small footprint. An all-in-one solution that reduces installation and commissioning complexity, the 93E’s internal 60-kVA batteries provide maximum uptime.


The 93PM UPS combines unprecedented efficiency, reliability, and vertical or horizontal scalability in a single design. This space-saving and highly flexible unit are as easy to install as it is to manage, making it the perfect three-phase white or gray zone solution for today’s industrial applications.

Single-phase solutions:


The 3S provides premium battery backup and surge protection for up to 10 home and office devices. Eco Control functionality provides up to 30 percent greater energy savings than traditional battery backups, and plug-and-play compatibility enables automatic integration. The slim 3S easily fits under a desk, in an entertainment center, or on a wall. The unit also provides automatic, smooth shutdown of devices, ensuring system uptime.


The 5SC UPS provides affordable and reliable power with pure sine wave output. For servers, storage, and network devices in small businesses. What we like most about this unit is the LCD interface, which provides a clear status of key parameters. And allows you to configure output voltage, audible alarm, and input sensitivity.

If you use the Intelligent Power Manager software with the 5SC. You can also get up-to-date information on the status of the power supply in your network. Thanks to its flexible installation and available lithium-ion batteries. This system allows automatic and smooth shutdown of the equipment powered by the UPS, ensuring system uptime.


The smaller, compact design of the 5S UPS provides backup power for desktop PCs and workstations. With the Eco-Control feature of this small UPS, you can save up to 30 percent energy. When used in conjunction with UPS Companion software, you can also enhance your power protection and back up your data.

Similar to the 5SC UPS, the 5S displays important UPS information on battery life. And failure monitoring via a user-friendly LCD interface. It has the same flexible installation and the same available lithium-ion batteries that enable the automatic shutdown of equipment.

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