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Boost Your Instagram Game – Easy Tips

We always hear how an acquaintance or the famous “friend of a friend” achieved success through Instagram and how now he is a relevant person in some way. Obviously, this is possible but we must remind ourselves that it is not something that happens by magic. Especially if we are starting from scratch and we want to reach that level of influence in a short time. And it is precisely in time where the key is, since building a presence in networks takes work, perseverance and above all: time.

Next, we will explain how to beat the time a little with 5 simple strategies. From the service to buy likes that we have for you at SuperViral to researching hashtags.

Spend time creating content

It’s not enough to just take any photograph, post it, and hope it goes viral just for the sake of it. Plan your posts in advance and dedicate some time to produce and post-produce each of the images and videos that will end up on your Instagram profile.

It doesn’t have to be hours spent planning. Advance as many posts as you can to cover a week on Instagram. But it is important that you work through your planning process to know in advance what content you need to create and publish at a certain time according to your plan.

Schedule your posts and buy interactions

After defining what will be published, you must start programming it. This way you can put aside the worry of having forgotten to make a specific publication.

Unlike platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, Instagram does not have the function of scheduling posts. So you would have to use third-party applications such as HootSuite or SocialGest. In general, these types of applications vary a bit from each other, but in principle it is the same. You can write the descriptions, add some hashtags and upload the content you want to publish and then choose the date and time of publication according to your content plan.

but in principle it is the same. You can write the descriptions, add some hashtags and upload the content you want to publish and then choose the date and time of publication according to your content plan.

Also, if you schedule your publications, it may be a good strategy to guarantee a high level of interaction. This can be done if you buy Instagram likes Canada to raise the score of your publication and the algorithm identifies it as relevant content and shows it to more users.

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Research relevant hashtags for your account

Many times we underestimate the function of hashtags or we think that any of the main ones will also work for our account. But the truth is that they are an incredible tool to connect with other users as long as they are used correctly.

To do this, you must identify the specific hashtags that are relevant to your account. Make a list of all these and use them whenever they relate to your posts. You should also be aware while looking for a best site to buy Instagram Followers Canada.

For hashtags there are some general recommendations:

  • Do not add too many: Although the limit of hashtags allowed by Instagram in each publication is quite high (30 in each post). It is not recommended to use all of them. Using all 30 will not only make your post look spammy. But Instagram’s algorithm will identify it this way and could limit its reach. The recommended number of hashtags is 7-11.
  • Include them in your description: It is common practice to leave hashtags for the end of the description and there is nothing wrong with that. However, including hashtags as part of the text of your description could be more effective in improving its readability. It will also prevent the algorithm from considering it a generic post and limiting the number of people who see it.
  • Don’t be afraid to create your own hashtags: Taking general hashtags is useful but creating your own hashtags that go with your brand can help you boost your posts. These types of hashtags should focus on creating a kind of link between you and your followers. So that they interact with your publications more frequently.

Work with a Social Media Manager

Networking takes time, we know, especially if we also have to attend to any other aspect of daily life. If this is your case, maybe working with a social media specialist is what you need.

A good Social Media Manager will help you in the process of conceptualizing. And creating content to ensure that each of your publications is attractive to your audience. In addition, you should be attentive to aesthetics and any trends that may relate to your brand in a positive way.

Having someone to support you in this type of work will help you create better content and have time to take care of any other responsibilities.

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