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Brow Tint, Henna, or Dye? What’s the Difference?

Eyebrows are one of the prime beauty features on your face—they frame your eyes, give you a natural line to follow when applying makeup, and help accentuate your cheekbones.

So why not have them look their best? You might be wondering what type of product will best suit them and why you should choose one over another. Brow tint, henna, and dye are all used for adding color to your eyebrows. All three eyebrow shaping methods use shade-matching techniques to make sure that the color goes with your natural hair color. 

But what’s the difference between brow tint, henna, and dye? Let’s take a look at how they look and what to consider when deciding which one is right for you!

Brow Tint 

Brow tinting is the most popular of the three methods, offering a natural way to get more defined arches. If you have lighter hair but would like your eyebrows to be darker, this is the method you should use.

Brow tints are probably the least “permanent” of all three options, lasting about 3-6 weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle. But they can be expensive, causing them to be used less often than henna or dye. 

The easiest way to explain how brow tints work is with an example. Let’s say your natural hair color is blonde, and you would like it to be darker so that it looks more defined against your skin tone. You could have your eyebrows tinted a dark brown, but they might look too dark. Instead, you could have them tinted a bit lighter, and the results will make your eyebrows appear darker because of the contrast between your hair color and brows.

Q: Does brow tint hurt? 

A: Typically, the discomfort from having your eyebrows tinted is very minimal since the area receiving treatment is fairly small. Some redness and swelling may be noticeable, especially if you have sensitive skin, but this should go away within a few hours.

Q: Will my eyebrows be stained?

A: Tinting your eyebrows will not permanently stain them. The color will wear off after three to six weeks.

Q: How long will my tint last?

A: Depending on your hair growth cycle, you should see your tint fade in anywhere from two to five weeks. However, skipping the steps below will prolong the life of your color. 


If you prefer a more permanent option, henna is the way to go. It’s also great if you have thicker eyebrows because it won’t cause them to appear thinner. If your hair is lighter than your brows, then this method will not work for you.

Henna works by staining the pigment in your hair, so you won’t see any change if you are already blonde or gray. You should also be aware that it can take up to six weeks for the color to develop, so plan ahead accordingly fully!

Q: Will henna stain my skin?

A: If you have used henna before and your skin reacts well, then chances are your skin will be fine. However, those with sensitive skin may notice some redness and swelling because henna can cause an allergic reaction in some people. If this is your first time using henna, then you might want to test it on a small area of skin before applying it to your whole brows.

Q: How long will henna last?

A: The lifespan of henna depends on the texture and color of your hair. If your hair is thin, then you may need to re-henna every few weeks. Thicker hair will take longer for it to fade, up to six months in some cases.


If you want to dye your eyebrows permanently, then dye is the way to go. It’s a good eyebrow shaping option if you have light skin and dark hair or you don’t want to wait for henna to wash off. Dye is also an amazing option if you have thinner eyebrows or gray hairs that make your brows appear patchy.  

Q: Will eyebrow dye stain my skin?  

A: Yes, it will! But don’t worry, the color is temporary and washes off after about four to eight days. However, if you have darker skin or have never dyed your eyebrows before, you may want to test a small area of skin just in case.

Q: How long does dye last?

A: The lifespan of eyebrow dye depends on how often you wash your face and if you use any products to remove it. If you do not wear makeup and wash your face a couple of times a day, then you might be able to go a few weeks without seeing the dye fade.

Difference between Brow Tint, Henna, and Dye

Brow tint is similar to dye in that it colors your eyebrows, but it has one big difference. Brow tint washes off with water because it’s applied with a sponge-tipped wand. There are no risks of staining the skin with a brow tint since the color washes off after about four days or sooner, depending on how often you wash your face.

Henna is a plant-based paste that creates a temporary stain on the brows. It can take up to two weeks for henna to wash out, depending on how often you shampoo and condition your hair, but there are no negative side effects from using it. If any dye does happen to get into your skin, it is easily washed off with warm water.

Which one is best: Brow tint, Henna, or Dye! 

It depends on what you’re looking for! Dye is a good option if you want to permanently color your eyebrows and have light skin and dark hair. Brow tint is great if you wash your face regularly and want to color your eyebrows to enhance their color or shape. In contrast, henna is a great alternative if you have darker skin and don’t want the dye to stain your skin. However, if you have gray hairs in your eyebrows, henna may not be a good option since it only stains the hair and not the skin beneath it.

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