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Can you Refill Juul Pods with any E-liquid or E-juice?

What is Juul Pod?

A Juul pod is a proprietary nicotine-containing e-liquid formulation creating a satisfactory experience for vapers; it is a non-refillable and disposable cartridge. Choose the nicotine strength and the flavour of your choice after you finish the Juul pod.

Although Juul pods are quite famous among vapers. Juul pods don’t hold more liquid, and they cannot be refilled. But there are ways to hack the pod to be employed once again, as many Juul users are unaware of the fact that pods could not be filled again. Moreover, vapers would get more mileage and favour to add their favourite salt nicotine juices once the consumers know how to hack the vape pods accurately.

Juul pods come with a complete vape kit of electronic vaping pens. You will easily find these trendy Juul pods on vape shops online UK. A variety with premium quality Juul pods which contains 5% Nicotine by weight and 0.7 mL of an e-liquid.

What do you know about Juul Pods?

Juul pods undoubtedly are the most liked and widely demanded pod system in the current market; they come in an already filled Juul pod sucks. Vapers want to get the taste of customised e-juice taste in their favourite pod system. With utmost care and effort, it would be possible.

They are costly, and in the early 2020s and late 2019, they offers Virginia Tobacco, Classic Tobacco, and Menthol, their top 3 flavours.

Can you refill Juul Pods with any e-liquid or e-juice?

Juul pods are non-refilled pods. But they could be filled if you hack the vape pods more appropriately. Juul pods pose no danger if all the steps are accurately followed, as nothing besides salt nicotine is used and refilling the vape pods is safer. While vaping freebase nicotine or CBD juice could cause the device to break within a few sessions, leaks could cause damage to the mod in the long term.

Small narrow tweezers, rubber gloves, paper towels, flathead screwdrivers are required to refill the Juul pods. Moreover, scissors for cutting the cotton, Q-tips, water, and replacement cotton are some of the optional materials that could be employed. You need to choose a well-lit and clean place, for example, a desk with a lamp-free of things or in front of a window, since the procedure is delicate and involves small details.

Make sure to use the best and most suitable juices for refilling the Juul pods. As the salt nicotine liquid is designed to work with the Juul atomizers. CBD vape juices will damage the pods or the vaping freebase nicotine. In order to avoid the issues with the vape and to avoid the damage of the battery. It is important that you should not refill the pod system with stronger consistency juices or choose the liquids of the same consistency as well as the strength.

can Juul Pods refill with any e-liquid?

Juul Pods could not be refilled with any e-liquid, otherwise, it would have a negative impact on the pod system. Similarly, the main thing is to strictly observe the VG / PG ratio – 50/50, 60/40 is also allowed, and you can fill the cartridge with a liquid on organic nicotine and without it. Since the cotton wool (wick) of the cartridge does not have time to soak in the liquid due to the strong viscosity of the liquid, and if an individual fills the cartridge with a liquid with a high content of glycerine, it will burn out quickly.

A drawback of refilling the Juul Pod is it would leak a little bit, even if a vaper follows every step accurately, despite the best efforts of the person refilling the pod. Subsequently, it would spill more if the pod system is refilled and taken apart. Regardless of the expensive price of Juul pods, many vapers would prefer buying a new cartridge.

Concluding Thoughts

Juul pods are prevalent among vapers. These pod systems also come in a beginner Juul pod system, which is perfect for beginners. Up to 4-5 times maximum Juul pods could be refilled. They might spill over or leak on the refilling e-juice, as these pods systems are non-refillable cartridge systems. It is significant to not use the same consistency juice to refill the pods or high consistency e-juice.


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