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Capitalize On The Dating Industry With A Peerless Tinder Clone App Now!

The technology-driven world has made it easy for people to find their soulmates online. Nowadays, people have used social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to connect. But, to the next level, they have shifted to using dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OkCupid. This quick blog is for those who want to rule the online dating industry with the Tinder Clone app.  

A quick look at stats and facts of a dating app, Tinder

Tinder, a dating app, launched in 2021. Since its launch, it reached a top place within a short span in the online dating industry. It now has over 100 million users with 5.2 million paying subscribers. Its annual net revenue is nearly US $800 million. 

According to Pew Research Centre, nearly 80% of Americans consider online dating apps like Tinder as a pleasant way to meet new people. The online dating industry’s net value in 2021 is US $1billion and is projected to reach $2 billion in the forecast period. 

Globally, nearly 40 million people are using dating apps. With evolving time, the online dating segment is booming along with the users’ demands. So, investing in developing an app like Tinder is a smart choice as the online dating market continues to grow.   

A simple workflow of the Tinder Clone app

Foremostly, users have to install the Tinder Clone app and complete the initial signup process using their email addresses or phone numbers. They can even sign up with the app using their social media accounts like Facebook. After the sign-up process, they can create and customize their profile. 

They have to provide access to their location so that they can find the potential match in their nearby places. With the matching algorithm, the app will show the matching profiles, which include the profile picture, first name, and short bio.    

Users can swipe right or left the recommended profiles based on their likes and dislikes. Right swipe indicates like, whereas left swipe indicates dislike. When both the users swipe right to their profiles, they can have a conversation within the app using the in-app chat feature.  

Revenue streams that you ought to consider for your dating app clone 

  • Subscription-based revenue model

It is the popular revenue stream for dating apps in which you can offer special features like marriage prospects, extra privacy, and exclusive partnerships when the users have availed of a subscription plan. You can let the users pay the subscription fee on a monthly, weekly, or yearly basis. 

  • Freemium revenue model

This is the common revenue stream that every dating app follows, including Tinder. It facilitates the users to use the app with general features, free of cost. And, let them avail of distinctive features like profile boosting, unlimited swipes, rewinding the profiles, and direct texting when they opt for the premium model. The app with a freemium-based model can get income from advertisement-based collaboration. Examples of the freemium revenue stream are Hinge and OkCupid.  

  • In-app purchases revenue model

The in-app purchase revenue model will let the users get the benefits of some services, free of cost, if they have purchased those premium features. Some premium features in the dating app include viewing the list of top picks, additional filters, and many more. 

  • In-app advertising revenue model

It is an effective revenue stream when the app has a vast user base. It would be great to incorporate this revenue stream into the dating app as it is trending nowadays. Pave the way for advertisers to promote their brands which should be related to your business. It may be shops, travel, and brands like Dominos, Netflix, etc. You can even partner with the eCommerce stores for brand advertisement. 

Estimating the cost of developing a dating app like Tinder

Any mobile app development requires proper budget planning. When it comes to creating a dating app clone development, it can be created from scratch or using the Tinder Clone Script. Creating it from the beginning is quite a time-consuming process and so needs more time for development. As a result, the cost for development will elevate considerably. On the contrary, a dating clone script is a customizable, pocket-friendly solution.  

Roughly saying, predicting the cost is tedious without knowing the business requirements & needs. However, several factors will influence the app development cost. The features included in the app are the major factor that has a huge impact in determining the cost. When you decide to pack the app with more features, it requires a huge investment. Next, the geolocation of the app developers’ team or company you approach for the Tinder Clone app development.   

The number of platforms that you decide to launch your app is one of the key factors for determining the cost. When you launch the app for both platforms, the cost will be high in comparison to launching it on either one of the platforms. Last but not least, the app’s design complexity plays a vital role. Ensure that the UI/UX of the app is intuitive. The technology stack used for app development varies mainly depending on the platform, features, and functionality. A few of the standard technologies are listed below.

  • Programming language – Swift 5, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java
  • Database – PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Cloud storage – Amazon services, Rackspace
  • Push notification module – UserNotifications Framework, Firebase Cloud Messages
  • Payments – Stripe, PayPal, Braintree
  • General tools – Google Analytics, Google Maps, Elasticsearch, Twilio

Some pivotal strategies that you ought to consider during Tinder Clone app development

Simply developing & launching an app like Tinder won’t make it successful. Make sure your app is unique that will open the way for you to reach a wider user base. To ensure success, you have to consider the following strategies.  

Keep in mind that the satisfaction of users’ is one of the most important factors that will take your app to greater heights. Primarily, decide to cater a wide range of communication channels to your target users. It includes text messages, voice chat, video chat, and voice messages. 

The idea behind online dating app development is not to disappoint any of the users. For instance, Tinder is designed and developed considering people’s positive psychology. That is, whenever the users get rejected by other users, they will not be notified via the app. And so, the users keep on searching for their match without frustration.

With the changing users’ behavior and market trends, introducing new features allures the users to continue using the app. Notably, push notification is the must-have feature irrespective of any mobile app in which users will be updated with information regularly. This is to increase user engagement. 

Concluding note

Dating apps pave the way for people to find long-lasting relationships with match-making algorithms. In the present situation, Tinder appeals to the majority of the users since its inception. However, there is no doubt that the online dating market is growing rapidly with the passage of time. Therefore, you can leverage this great opportunity by launching a world-class Tinder Clone app. 


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