Choose the Perfect Zodiac Jewelry for Your Sign 

Zodiac signs are renowned for their enigmatic ability to reveal information about a person’s personality. Some astrological signs are associated with being brave and courageous (hello, Aries!). Others are noted for being emotional and go hand in hand with introversion (what’s up, Cancer?). Others are thought to be erratic and secretive (we see you, Libra).

What’s your sign, by the way?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told someone I’m an Aquarius and they’ve responded with, “That explains everything.

Whether you can’t tell a Capricorn from a Pisces or you structure your day around your daily horoscope, your zodiac sign has a lot to say about you. Zodiac jewelry can feel like the ultimate form of self-expression if your zodiac sign plays a large role in your stylistic choices. For example, a Capricorn Constellation necklace can work for you in several ways. 

Our goal is to push self-expression to the next level. Consider joining us on a journey to tell your deeper story beyond the traditional star sign necklace or birthstone jewelry.

You will find a piece of zodiac-inspired jewelry for each star sign, as well as words you might want to wear inside, based on what you’re trying to say through more traditional zodiac jewelry.

So, which zodiac-inspired jewelry is right for you, and what message should you wear based on your sign?


A bold statement that is accompanied by another bold declaration. Aries would love our Sphere Secret Ring, which was inspired by old poison jewelry.

You’re fearless, courageous, and upbeat, and you relish being the pack’s leader, taking on as many leadership duties as possible. You place a premium on honesty and passion, and you aren’t hesitant to attempt new things regardless of what others think.

The Fortune of Aries:

“Do the thing that most frightens you.”


Aries is the zodiac sign with the most ambition. You’re willing to take risks as an Aries, even if you’re afraid the entire time. You’re aware that taking a big risk can result in a big payoff, which encourages you to keep going.

The adrenaline rush you’ll get from the encounter will make it all worthwhile. This message serves as a reminder to be true to your zodiac sign and face your next challenge front on.

So, what is the ideal Aries zodiac jewelry substitute?

Consider a ring that softly affirms your daring and capacity to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

  • APRIL 20 – MAY 20 TAURUS

You’re a dependable, patient, and realistic individual. Relaxation is important to you, and you have a go-with-the-flow disposition. You’ll always enjoy music and romance, but unlike some of your other zodiac sisters, your grounded attitude stops you from falling so deeply in love that you can’t see straight.

You want to surround yourself with beauty in a unique and giving way: by deliberately seeking out the positive aspects in everything you do and everyone you meet.

That said, you’re not gullible or easily swayed: you’re a firm believer in your own opinion, probably because you took your time coming to it, and you’re often obstinate.

Taurus’s Message to the World:

“For anything you want to last in the long run, don’t be in a hurry in the near term.”


Life is a blur. Everyone seems to be in a rush to grow up or go to their next destination. Taurus, you’ve decided on your principles and goals, and you intend to stick to them. This is just a kind reminder to stay loyal to yourself and do your own thing.

So, what’s a good Taurus zodiac jewelry substitute?

Some individuals (like the folks who start reading novels at the last chapter) prefer to skip straight to the good stuff, but not you, Taurus.


You know that wonderful things come to those who wait, and this bracelet symbolizes your most valuable asset: patience. Taurus’ capacity to accept the right moments at the right time is exemplified by this necklace.

  • MAY 21 – JUNE 20: GEMINI

Gemini, you’re compassionate, inquisitive, and adaptable. You’re naturally outgoing, curious about the world, and eager to try new things as much as possible. You want to make the most of what life has to offer. As a result, you’re a lot of fun to be around. Geminis are always willing to work with others and go above and beyond.

Gemini’s Lucky Number:

“It’s time for a good ol’ adventure,” says the narrator.


Gemini, spontaneity is your middle name! You desire to learn as much as possible about the world around you and enjoy embarking on new adventures. You enjoy the time you spend with friends developing memories, which makes you an excellent travel partner. Even if you can be indecisive at times, a Gemini will never hesitate to take a last-minute vacation.

So, what’s a good Gemini zodiac jewelry substitute?

You need to be reminded on a regular basis that there will always be a new adventure to go on.


This spherical sculpture is shaped like the earth and will inspire you to go exploring. What’s more, you can customize your zodiac sign necklace with the good fortune we discovered for you. You can even write your own adventure if you wish to keep a specific journey near to your heart.

  • JUNE 21 – JULY 22: CANCER

You’re creative, loyal, and kind. As a Cancer, you are extremely concerned about your family and friends and are often looking for ways to assist them.

Cancer’s Unfortunate Luck:

“Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.”


You’re full of love, Cancer, and you’re distributing it to everyone of your friends and family. You must remember to give yourself some of that love and attention. Make your own happiness a priority, just as you would the happiness of others. Consider this a letter of love to yourself, Cancer.

So, what’s the best alternative to Cancer zodiac jewelry?

A typical zodiac necklace may not adequately express the fact that you are your family’s heart and soul. This locket honors your boundless compassion and easy-to-forge friendships with others. After all, you are the beating heart of your family and friends, and you genuinely care about them.


This design encapsulates the love you put into all you do, allowing for a more personal representation than traditional cancer horoscope jewelry.

  • JULY 23 – AUGUST 22 LEO

You’re inventive, upbeat, and generous—three characteristics that combine to make Leos natural born leaders. You’re naturally kind and compassionate, and you want the best for others. You want to collaborate with people who share your values and ideas. Although you might be conceited at times — don’t think we’re excusing you for that, Leo — you fiercely protect who you are and the life you’ve built for yourself.


Because you:

  • naturally fall into the role of “leader” both socially and professionally, Leo, because you’re collaborative and willing to pull people around you up with you.
  • regard your pals to be family members.
  • place a high value on the relationships you’ve built.
  • also have a strong tendency to make decisions based on what your emotions says rather than what your intellect says. Wear this message to remind yourself that you’re not always in charge—and to remind yourself of the manner you wish to lead.

So, what is the ideal Leo zodiac jewelry substitute?

Your inventiveness shines through in everything you do. This charming locket promotes your capacity to collaborate with others.


Intersecting circles come together to form a one-of-a-kind and complicated pattern that these separate parts couldn’t achieve on their own.


You’re a diligent worker who is also thoughtful and analytical. Virgo, you have a tendency to be a perfectionist and an over-thinker. You are incredibly organized and pay special attention to small details. You’re also goal-oriented, and you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and put in the effort necessary to achieve your ambitions. You’re not simply a worker bee, though: you have a strong sense of humanity and can easily connect with nature and those you care about.

The Fortune of Virgo:

“Buckle up and accept the fact that it will be a lot of effort, but embrace it.” Tory Burch is one of the most well-known designers in the world.


Never get in the way of a Virgo trying to achieve her objectives. You understand how much effort goes into getting the outcomes you want, in typical Virgo flair. And you’re not afraid to do it. It’s a task for you. It’s not dangerous to take the road less travelled; in fact, it’s your favourite way.

So, what is the ideal Virgo zodiac jewelry substitute?

You’re one with nature as an Earth sign, and you know what it takes to go where you want to go. However, as previously said, you do not just take orders, even though you share a devoted work ethic with worker bees. You consider all of the details for yourself and proceed cautiously.


You’re gregarious, gracious, and helpful. You’re sometimes regarded as eccentric, and when you meet another Libra, it’s always a surprise to learn that you have the same zodiac sign. “Wow, it explains a lot!”

As a Libra, you’re always striving for the ideal balance in your relationships and in your life. You have a sharp, analytical mind and enjoy sharing what you’ve learned with others.

“Take your time forming friendships, but once you do, be tough and consistent.” Socrates –


Libras are surrounded by a large number of individuals, yet just a few develop the strongest relationships with them. As a Libra, you seek out people who will challenge you out of your comfort zone, and you make it a priority to prioritize these friends. This message serves as a reminder to invest in the commitments you’ve made.

So, what is the ideal Libra zodiac jewelery substitute?

As a Libra, you recognise that displaying your winning personality does not necessitate the use of special effects or theatrics. You’re not spectacular, but your grace and kindness have an understated—and sometimes overlooked—strength, the perfect jewelry for you is the Libra constellation necklace. You value the modest pleasures in life.


This necklace is ideal for the Libra zodiac sign because it is both bold and modest. Its subtlety corresponds to your lack of desire to flaunt yourself. And, like our Fortune Cookie Locket, you know that what matters is what’s on the inside.


It’s said that luck favors the brave… You’re courageous, dedicated, and resourceful. As a real Scorpio, you are tenacious and always on the lookout for the truth. You’re always surrounded by friends, and you enjoy encouraging people to be self-assured.

“In everyday life, bravery manifests itself when people have the fortitude to live their truth, vision, and dreams.”

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey Network)


Scorpios are brave individuals who place a high priority on honesty. You recognise that being daring is sometimes the only option. Being brave can mean different things to different individuals, and Scorpio signs have an uncanny ability to detect even the most minor displays of bravery in those around them. You believe that everyone can be or accomplish anything they desire as long as they lead with dignity and confidence. By incorporating this principle into your daily life, you inspire them to believe it as well.

So, what’s a good Scorpio zodiac jewellery substitute?

You don’t mind standing out in a crowd; in fact, you enjoy it. Scorpios are fearless, and we know you’re not scared to speak up.


The excellent alternative to a typical Scorpio necklace is this striking piece. It’s not afraid to take up a little more room than, say, a minimalist necklace, and the fortune cookie is a real tribute to your bravery, measuring 1″ in diameter.


The Sagittarius Turning Corners Locket is all about welcoming fresh beginnings.

You’re idealistic, vivacious, and a free thinker. You are naturally interested as a Sagittarius, and you often daydream about faraway places. It’s no surprise that you long to travel. You keep an open mind and work hard to reach your life’s objectives, no matter how big or small they may be.

The Perfect Fortune of Sagittarius:

“Be the light, travel the light, live the light, spread the light.” Yogi Bhajan is a yogi who practises yoga and chants mantras.


You have the purest of spirits as a Sagittarius, and you are eager to adore people who likewise share love. When you combine this with the fact that your love of travel is a continual driving factor in your life, you have the ideal Sagittarius scenario: travelling to help people, whether near or far. You welcome individuals from all walks of life and aren’t hesitant to jump into any situation, good or bad, and be a beacon of hope for those who need it. You hope to encourage others to care as much as you do along the road.

So, what’s a good Sagittarius zodiac jewellery substitute?

Your great drive to travel is frequently manifested as a never-ending hunt for new experiences to sate your inherent curiosity. Because you’re continuously learning new things, you’ll never be bored.


You’re responsible, self-disciplined, and self-sufficient. As a Capricorn, you like to take the safe path and lead with your mind rather than your heart. Yes, you’re reasonable and level-headed, and you move on swiftly, relying on your past experiences to guide you.

Capricorn’s Lucky Number:

“Life will provide you with whichever experiences are most beneficial to your consciousness evolution.” Eckhart Tolle, author of “The Power of Now”


Capricorns are aware that life can throw them some major curveballs. “Why me?” you may wonder at times. But you’re well aware that you’ll only be given as much as you can handle. You also understand that you have control over events that appear to be “happening to you” haphazardly at first glance. You’ll be able to move on to the next learning experience once you recognise you have control over seemingly random situations in your life.

So, what’s a good Capricorn zodiac jewellery substitute?

You want consistency and routine in your life. Tradition is also a calming grace in your mind, a secure haven in an otherwise frenetic environment. We’ve chosen the appropriate locket for you because the traditional Capricorn necklace might not capture the complexities of your cosmic makeup.


Aquarius’ love note to herself is kept in our Envelope Fortune Locket.

You’re an innovator, a humanitarian, and a progressive. You, as an Aquarius, could chat for hours and keep up a decent discussion the entire time. You’re a thoughtful, philosophical thinker who sees the world as a place of limitless possibilities and can typically see both sides of any debate or narrative. You’re enthusiastic about what you believe in and will battle for it.

“Today is a modest step forward in the wonderful trip that is your life.”


As an Aquarius, you are proud of your passion for advocacy. You’re always on the lookout for the next project and pondering the world in order to make a difference. Big things take time for Aquarians, and you know that not everything can be accomplished in a single day. When your desire to help others becomes overwhelming, this quote will help you stay grounded. Take it as a reminder that every good deed you’ve done, no matter how tiny, has pushed you closer to your ultimate objective of bringing about genuine change.

So, what’s a good Aquarius zodiac jewelery substitute?

You’re a thinker who keeps a running list of concepts, ideas, and solutions in your head. When you’re still developing your thoughts to their full potential, it’s sometimes better to keep them private. A necklace is ideal for people born under the sign of Aquarius, you can check out Aquarius constellation necklace.


You’re a creative, intelligent, and wise individual. As a Pisces, you’re naturally friendly and enjoy connecting with people in unusual ways. By no means are you judgmental, and you will always extend a helpful hand to others, welcoming everyone with open arms.

The Perfect Fortune of the Pisces:

“Many people pass through your life, but only true friends leave their imprint on your heart.” Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the United States.


Friends that teach them new things are valued by Pisces signs. When people only stay in your life for a short time, it can be difficult for you, but as a Pisces, you know that true friends will be there for you through thick and thin. You know what it takes to be a good person, and you look for these characteristics in potential friends.

So, what is the ideal Pisces zodiac jewelry substitute?

The necklace with the Flowered Vines Locket is ideal for Pisces.


The intertwining vines signify the significance of friendship and how it affects all aspect of one’s life. Blooming flowers represent your capacity for personal growth through connections, as well as your intrinsic desire for individuals to establish themselves in your life.

Jewelry serves as a constant reminder of who you are, a topic of conversation about yourself, and, of course, the ultimate form of individualised self expression. Make an informed decision.

Who needs an arachnid around their neck (yuck) when you can wear a locket that warns people not to approach too close or you’ll bite them? (We were going to end with you, Scorpio.)

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