Common Problems Of Motorcycle Tyres And Its Solution!

Tyres are those parts of a vehicle, that no matter how much care you take of them, they always tend to wear out with time. The most annoying part of tyre damage is that whilst driving they get completely flat and then you have to change them there and then. Motorcycle tyre changing can be a very hectic process for someone who has never done it before and completely has no idea about it. In this article, I am going to tell you all the common problems that can occur with your tyre and how can you fix them.

Common tyre problems of a motorcycle:

·         Wearing out of tyres:

This is a common issue and also the most annoying. The motorcycle is frequently used on the roads and bears tons of weight on daily basis. In addition to this, it also rocks and rolls over other obstacles such as rocks. In this case, it is impossible for the tyres not to wear out over time. Typically, if tyres are taken good care of then the chances are less than they will wear out before time. But in some cases, they do so. So, whenever you feel that your tyres have started to worn out, you should immediately get them replaced in order to avoid the blow-out.

·         Squeaking sound from tyres:

If you feel that every time you turn your car, your tires make a squeaking sound then this is a red flag that there is something wrong with your tires. There are 3 reasons due to which your tyres are making a squeaky sound: either they are under-flatted, the tires are worn out or there is a misalignment in the front end.

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In case of worn-out tyres, it is necessary that you get them replaced. If the tyres are underinflated then you would have to pump some air in them and if there is a misalignment in the front end then you would have to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

·         Damaging of the tyre due to emergency break:

Another problem which many motorcycle owners frequently face is that the tyre gets damaged when they use their emergency brake. This is because emergency breaking leads to instant tire wearing due to numerous obstacles present on the road. And if this problem is not immediately treated and left untouched for too long then it can cause deflation of the tyres.

For avoiding all these problems it would be beneficial that you frequently get your tyres checked and replaced after every 10 years. It does not matter if the tires are still in a good condition and have not reached their worn-out limit but it is better to get them replaced. Typically, people prefer how to change their tyres at home and mostly they do it by themselves. Tyre changing is not very hard if you have all the necessary tools and expertise. However, if you have no idea how to change them by yourself then the option of taking your vehicle to the mechanic is always accessible.

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