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Data Recovery from Hard Drive

If your Hard Disk is no longer recognized by the computer/notebook or if you can no longer access your files then you have a problem. Probably even after having done a thousand tests even your trusted technician or another service center you contacted said to resign take it to Datarecall.

Internal hard drives are prone to failures like other electronic components. It is not so strange that your hard drive stopped working suddenly and without giving any sign of warning. The causes can be the most varied and are not necessarily related to wear or intense use.


The hard drive is powered, but not working. The disk is not detected by the BIOS nor by the operating system. The cause is due to the electronic board which has the task of managing the data reading and writing operations and also coordinating and controls the communication between the hard disk and the computer. If this card is damaged, access to data is lost.


The hard disk is powered but does not work. The engine fails to turn and sometimes the heads are heard knocking. Unusual noises are clearly heard inside. Mechanical damage in most cases occurs as a result of bumps or falls of the disk (they are very frequent in external hard drives) but can also occur as a result of normal wear and tear.

Internal components, such as the read-write heads and the motor, can stop working without warning. The worst situation is when the heads “land” on the surface of the disk, damaging it both on the magnetic surface and on the heads themselves. In this case, it is necessary to use the cleanroom.


The partition has disappeared. Some or all of the files have disappeared. Common data recovery software can analyze the disk (without slowing down and in its real capacity).

Logical problems identify all those cases in which no physical damage is involved. Data recovery in these cases can be simple but depending on the circumstances it can also become very complex. Some examples are accidental deletion, accidental formatting, file corruption, software bugs, file system corruption, malware virus problems, and many more. Problems of this type can be aggravated by making recovery sometimes impossible when an overwrite occurs. It is therefore always advisable to stop using the hard disk so as not to make things worse.


The hard disk spins, but is not recognized by the computer or is incorrectly recognized. Maybe the hard disk seems to start but crashes during startup. Firmware is software normally accessible only by disk manufacturers and is used to perform low-level disk testing and other functions for the normal and proper functioning of the hard disk. Without the firmware, no communication is possible between the computer and the hard drive.

In modern hard disks, the firmware code is contained both in the electronic board and in the magnetic platters. If the area containing the firmware apparently damages the electronic part, it is also affected and behaves as if it were damaged. In fact, all the electronic and mechanical components are still fully functional.

DEGRADED SURFACE (or magnetic degradation) SYMPTOMS

The hard disk works but suddenly crashes. The hard disk prevents the computer from starting and copying files, even if they are visible, which is not possible. The surface of the magnetic plates, where the data are physically located, as well as being perfectly intact, must keep its magnetism unaltered.

If this is not maintained, it is necessary to use special tools for Data Recovery to control the operation of the mechanics to recover the data.

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