Different Puja Thalis for the festival

Thalis have extreme importance in the life of Indians, especially during special occasions and festivals. Thalis are considered very auspicious and play a very important role during occasions and festivals. They are used to keep things that are useful for the purpose of praying. Every festival uses thalis, from Diwali to Makar sankranti, rakshabandhan to Holi. Thali is also used generally for praying.

There are different thalis for different occasions. Earlier, copper-based thalis were used. But nowadays there are a lot of varieties available in thalis. In earlier times people used to decorate thalis with colours and beads, but nowadays decorated thalis are available at the market. Even there is provision for keeping diyas, candles and prashads also in the thalis.

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and all sisters must be looking for thalis to keep their rakhis and diyas and every other thing. You can also buy rakhi online these days from online stores. They also have delivery services available in all parts of the country. There is online rakhi and online flower delivery in India available, so you can send your rakhi to your brother if you live abroad.

Nowadays, thalis are also available online in online gifting stores. They also offer a plethora of options in thalis. If you are looking for thalis for Raksha Bandhan, then here I have curated a list of different thalis from which you can choose one for yourself.

The mirror works thali-

Mirror work is very famous and is considered the most beautiful one so far. The Thali, decorated with mirrors throughout, looks stunning. Mirrors give shine to the thali and make it look different. This thali is in huge demand from all parts of India. You can get this thali in the market at different prices depending on the kind of mirror work done.

Traditional Thali-

In earlier days, thalis were decorated in a traditional manner. Women of those days used to make paintings on thalis on their own with the colours available to them. These kinds of hand-painted traditional thalis are also available on the market these days. If you are someone who loves to have traditional stuff, then you can definitely choose them for yourself.

Eco-friendly thali-

Apart from celebrating festivals, saving the environment is equally important. We humans exploit our environment for the sake of festivals. But this increases pollution and leads to harmful effects. To save the environment nowadays, eco-friendly products are available. They are made either of recycled things or those things that do not cause pollution in the environment and are made out of bamboo sticks in a creative manner. They look extremely adorable. If you buy such things, then it will be a message to all others that we should save our environment.

Marble Thali-

With the change in the generation and shifting culture from traditional to modern, the style in thalis has also changed. These days, thalis made of marble are also available. They have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. They look classic and beautiful. If you are someone who is looking for a modern thali, you can get this for yourself.

Chocolate Thali-

Raksha Bandhan and chocolates are very much related and are incomplete without each other. Chocolates are not only popular among kids but also among adults. Chocolate thalis has recently started to become available in the market and has huge demons, especially among youngsters. They look marvellous as they are made by sticking chocolates throughout the thali. If you have a younger brother, then he will love this kind of thalis.

Carved Thalis-

Thalis are made up of different materials, and they are decorated accordingly. Carved thalis are basically thalis that are carved with designs from the same material from which it is made. They look very stylish and can be used on all occasions. If you like such things, then you can go for a carved thali for yourself. Their prices range a bit higher because of the efforts that are put into it.

Apart from all the ready-made thalis, you can make and decorate your own thalis. All you need to do is take a normal thali and decorate it with beads, sparkle, glitters and stuff of your choice. You can showcase your creativity in it.

You can send gifts to your siblings via gift and online cake delivery services available. Raksha Bandhan is a very important festival for Hindus and is celebrated enthusiastically. I hope you liked the article. Thali has extreme importance in Hindu culture, and thus the market has lots of options.

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