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Digital Marketing And Traditional Marketing – One Does Not Exclude The Other

If we want to make a broader discourse, everything makes communication. Not just the web, from the coordinated image of the brand to the location of the offices. To the tone adopted to communicate with customers.

Nothing can be left to chance because everything transmits something. Communicates and pushes the business in one direction rather than another. You can get the services of Digital Marketing Agency Mohali

This means that you should never improvise. Rather seek and turn to people who know how to intervene in a targeted way to improve the position of their business.
Wanting to start from the basics. It is, therefore, necessary to create a brand that clearly and directly communicates what you want to affirm. Its values ​​and peculiarities, increase the brand’s reputation. Analyzing its image and understanding if this is in line with the core business.

Always have the objectives of your communication clear and establish a strategy and a targeted approach that can best hit the target audience.

Always analyze the satisfaction of your marketing plan through the right tools, and through feedback that can make you understand the good use of your planning.

The importance of digital marketing and the possibilities for growth with this tool

Digital marketing is that branch of marketing that includes the whole sphere of tools connected to the web that allow you to interact and communicate with users.

This channel is different from traditional marketing and is closely connected with the advent of the Web.

Over the years it has spread rapidly thanks to its innovative and ever-changing potential. The model includes some of these processes: website, direct email marketing, SEM campaigns, SEO, Landing Page, etc.

Today, if you want to effectively communicate your company and your products, you cannot ignore the use of digital marketing.

The tools these offers are the fastest way to convey information to an extraordinarily large number of people. Obviously, the key to success is always in the tools that are used and in the planning of the work.

Among the advantages of web marketing we must mention:

  • the possibility of having measurable strategies that are the basis for understanding the success or failure of an operation;
  • very broad customization capacity that matches the needs of the individual business;
  • maximum visibility to the brand that manages to build brand loyalty and increase sales in certainly shorter times;
  • possibility of creating a community;
  • ability to apply different strategies on different and interconnected channels;

Obviously, all the main aspects of this tool have some peculiarities:


Today it is unthinkable to claim to have a business without having a website. A window on the world that allows the customer to have information on what you do in a short time, convenient to use, and quick to communicate.


This tool is a valid ally because it allows you to cultivate a relationship of trust with the end-user. If done from a Seo perspective, it can improve positioning on search engines, increase site traffic, acquire value on Google, improve company credibility, spread the brand, and generate shares.


This tool is essential for any type of business and includes all those content optimization activities aimed at the satisfaction of search engines.

This practice allows you to be among the first pages in the search results for the user’s search intent.

It all depends on the web page structure, strategy, usability, format, and obviously many other factors.


In marketing, we mean that page shown to the user when they click an advertisement.

It is then developed with the intention of showing a specific topic and is optimized to respond to certain words or phrases entered in search engines.

This allows it to be customized, to encourage the user to perform a certain action.


A fundamental tool, the most important of all thanks to the excellent feedback. The important thing is to structure clear, targeted, and non-invasive strategies, always respecting the privacy of users without sending emails in a chain or continuously. SMS marketing should also be considered.


Regardless of your brand, your strength, or your exclusivity, you cannot think of communicating without having a page on the main social networks.

They offer the ability to share, create a community, engage the end-user and help generate a reaction.

They are many and different, each with very specific characteristics, so it is useful to analyze what best fits your business.


These advertising tools are used to create real personalized paid campaigns.

One of the most important channels in this sense is offered by Google. With the ability to create the type of individual advertising that best suits your business.

Ads can be posted to appear in search results. The types of campaigns available are truly many and this allows for total customization. Both from an aesthetic point of view, as well as content, timetables and publications.

A similar tool is offered by Facebook, the social network is certainly the one that has developed. After Google, the best possibility of creating efficient and tailored online campaigns.

The tool offered not only provides highly competitive prices. In line with everyone’s needs, but allows you to manage the flow of income, expenses and the real impact on the end user.

The importance of a combined and strategic action for the business

The great trend of the modern era is to focus its entire strategy on web marketing. That is, making full use of digital markets.

The problem is that many, however, have completely abandoned what are the traditional marketing channels, which means only half the strategy.

We always talk about communication strategies. This means engaging with a series of actions, on several fronts and through various channels, in order to achieve your goal.

The classic tools of communication such as television commercials, presentations, gadgets, flyers, brochures, newspaper advertisements, and coupons still remain valid allies that must not be put aside.

What distinguishes a winning strategy is the ability to know how to make a selection. Among all the available tools to convey communication through channels that are similar to one’s brand and product.

This means that you need to use the synergy between traditional marketing and web marketing. Always analyze the results and change your course of action if needed.

We must reflect on the fact that web channels are accessible to everyone. But the value of an advertising billboard or a TV spot in terms of visibility is still very high.

Just as the value of holding something in your hand and touching it is sensations that the web cannot give you, the flyer in the mailbox with a promotion should not be replaced with a Facebook campaign, because they are different strategies.

The best solution is to try to integrate

for example, a flyer or brochure by inserting Links that interact with smartphones, to refer the user to a video on the website, or on a landing page with a promotion.

This is just an example, even billboards have evolved, they are no longer just paper, but now also digital and allow for new opportunities.

Television is increasingly connected to the web. Channels have increased, offering other promotion possibilities.
The truth, therefore, as often happens, lies somewhere in between.

It is necessary to create a communication strategy that integrates in a skillful and personalized way (after market research and tests) the channels useful to outline one’s position.

There is no single answer, there is no absolutely better tool, as so many variables come into play.

The important thing is never to proceed in an extreme way. Preferring one direction rather than another, otherwise, you risk communicating in half.



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