Do You Know The Perks of Printing On Foamex Board Displays?

While advances in printing technology have meant that we are now able to print directly to metal, acrylic or even create individual letters made of solid core, there is always a need for affordable, reliable materials like Foamex boards.

For those who aren’t aware, Foamex is a sheet made of compressed PVC foam that is composed of a consolidated, small cell that is sandwiched between two smooth, outer surfaces.

The outer layer of hoarding board absorbs colour stunningly after being treated to ensure optimal printing. It’s so versatile that it is able to be printed, painted cut into shapes or laid over.

It’s Diverse

With a few limitations on creativity, Foamex board allows you considerable creative freedom. Not only can you print any design that you can think of, it’s light enough that you don’t need to think about hanging it or even where to hang it.

This alone can make Foamex an extremely multi-faceted material. Large canvases with frames made of wood may cause damage to mountings in time, particularly if they are affixed to walls with plasterboard. This is not a major issue when using Foamex board, particularly when you choose one of the lighter grades that have a less specific density.

As a result, Foamex can turn boring offices into bright and artistic spaces, boring and boring shops to something attractive, and exhibition stands transform into visually appealing spectacles.

What Is It Used For?

Due to the fact that Foamex panel is versatile and versatile, it is often employed for display signage, skirting for stage, panelling as well as point of sale banners and advertising boards windows wall cladding, backdrops and wall panels.

Its lightweight makes it simple to work with and simple to move, which makes it popular within the field and also among firms of all sizes.

It’s also extremely affordable. Hoarding panel is a great value, particularly when you consider its flexibility. If you use the right techniques and print finishing it is possible to create a Foamex board, when arranged properly will have the appearance as and feel superior in cost.

If lightness, versatility and cost weren’t sufficient, Foamex has additional advantages:

  •         Can be bent with heat or screwed, then glued and heat bent.
  •         Weatherproof and water repellent
  •         Recyclable material
  •         Direct printing
  •         Available in a variety of thicknesses
  •         It is applicable to all surfaces
  •         Low maintenance
  •         UV-resistant
  •         Graphics are not laminated.

PVC Foam Boards Are Used In The Industry

  1. Water Resistance PVC foam board: has solid protection against water because of its composition. When in the contact of water, it will not shrink or change its structure. This makes it apposite for any weather situation.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: When in contact with chemicals PVC isn’t able to react. Its state remains intact and keeps it safe from any deformation.
  3. The fire resistance of PVC foam boards is able to be used wherever since they are fireproof. It is not affected by light, heat, or acid on it.
  4. Superior Strength and Durability: Because of the structure of its constituent compounds, PVC foam board is exceptionally strong and ensures that they won’t suffer any deformation. The boards can last four years without causing any harm.
  5. Easy to shape and paint: PVC can be made into any shape that meets your needs. It can be cut to match furniture for your home or made into wall panels to be used for outdoor use. It can also be painted using any kind of paint that lasts for many years and gives the appearance and feel when it’s brand fresh!
  6. A pocket-friendly alternative: They’re an excellent alternative to aluminium or wood, and they are available in a range of price ranges. They don’t need any additional maintenance and remain in the same position for quite a while. They don’t require any special tools to drill or cut them, which makes them very pocket-friendly for use.

The Perks Of Printing On Foamex For Signs And Displays

If you’re looking for signage and display options, you must not be putting off Foamex printing on board. There are numerous reasons to believe that Foamex is an excellent material. In this article, we’ll focus on a few of them:

  1. Foamex Boards Last A Long Time.

If you’re purchasing signs or displays that are not for an event that is only for a single occasion like a conference or an exhibition, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll need the signs to be able to last for quite a period of time.

This is the reason why 5mm Foamex is able to help, by providing the user with a surface where your images are much less susceptible to damage due to scratches. For businesses and individuals who utilise their signs and display outside, this could have a significant impact regarding their lifespan.

  1. Foamex Is A Great Printing Surface. Foamex Can Be Completed In A Short Time.

Are you working on an undertaking that is approaching the deadline and you need to have your signage and displays ready for use? Foamex signs can be the answer, as they have been recognized as cutting down the time required for your printing procedure. This means you can get a fast turnaround that can help with last-minute printing needs.

  1. Foamex Signs Are Cost Efficient

For any manager in the field of marketing or office manager it is commonplace to have the need to keep a check on the budget.

This is why Foamex is a great option by offering the lowest cost of material that can help keep the cost of marketing low, without compromising image quality after printing has been completed. Foamex can handle high-definition graphics and large files but it doesn’t cost any money.

  1. Printing Foamex Is Simple To Carry

If you run an operation for marketing that is travelling, Foamex can provide the most lightweight solution that checks all of your boxes. Additionally, the issue of size that comes with transporting is also eliminated because Foamex board can be constructed into separate panels that can be just slid together to make bigger displays when they are removed from the location of their delivery.

As you can see from the advantages mentioned above, there are many reasons why Foamex boards are in high demand in the marketing and sales world. To test it out for yourself, get in touch with an experienced Foamex supplier now!

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