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Employee Kera Program Benefit Your Organization!

Employee kera program have long been one of the most popular and effective methods for companies to attract and acquire new hires. But creating and administering an effective employee referral program is a challenging task. Businesses must adopt a systematic approach to build and implement their initial employee referral program and continue to improve it based on the hiring outcome and changing needs.

Referral analytics can be obtained through employee referral software, or recruiting solutions can be a critical asset for employee referral success. Referral tracking software reveals any bottlenecks or issues in the referral program or the most successful sources that are providing reliable hires, making the referral program more effective and efficient.

Let us explore why employee referrals are the strongest source of new prospects and how to build a successful employee referral program for your organization.

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Why Should Every Business Have an Employee Referral Program?

It can’t be denied that employee referrals are the most reliable source of hiring new candidates and these candidates recruited through employee referrals tends to stay longer than their peers. Today, most businesses, particularly those in the IT or ITES industry, have some form of an employee referral program. Contact centers have to face more attrition than other businesses and can reap more benefits from an employee referral program.

Employee referrals are made much simpler with remote and hybrid recruitment drives, and technological solutions like employee referral software dedicated to supporting employee referrals are increasingly adopted by organizations. Employees may suggest individuals from all over the world. Therefore, since your own employees can bring fresh, high-quality talents to the organization,

it is worth investing in an employee referral solution and building an effective employee referral program for attracting and obtaining quality hires quickly. Here are the primary reasons organizations should start an employee referral program.

High quality hires

The existing employees are best aware of the company culture and how their organization works. Also, they know well the changes in the talent acquisition process, expectations, and requirements of the hired candidates. Furthermore, employees are most likely acquainted with candidates of similar skills and orientations who will be the perfect fit for the role and the organization. Employee networks are rich sources of quality candidates and referred candidates are mostly high-quality hires.

According to research, 82% of employees ranked employee referrals first as the source that yields the best ROI for companies. These are reasons that employee networks and employee referrals are considered one of the most valuable source for employee recruitment. Employee referral software powered with AI can help employees to recommend candidates with matched skills, and experience by screening their connections on social media sites.

Decrease the time to hire

Organizations often struggle to fill their positions on time, and a vacant role, especially a crucial one, can significantly hurt business performance and productivity. However, employee referrals can considerably reduce the time the recruiting team requires to fill an open position.

Searching for a candidate can take longer depending on the role. Recruiters need to go through piles of resumes and multiple sources to find prospects. On the other hand, candidates recommended by an employee do not need all these efforts. Employees can recommend candidates through employee referral software.

The recruiters and hiring managers need to review the profiles and screen the candidates to understand if the applicant is a good fit for the position. Research clearly showed that the average time to fill an open position without employee referral is 60 days, whereas employee referral can take it down to 35 to 40 days for filling out the vacant roles, on average. But remember employee referral software makes sure the employee referral process is streamline and implement well for better hiring outcomes.

Lower the hiring expenses

Time spent searching for and hiring candidates reduces, which naturally leads to lower hiring costs. Time, effort, and resources spent on searching numerous profiles and exploring different channels are reduced by employee referrals.

But that’s not all, it also cut down the company’s costs on job advertising, and fewer hours are spent on single open positions. Therefore, companies running an effective and successful employee referral program don’t need to invest in channels like social media, expensive job boards, recruitment agencies, and others.

Also, heavily investing in recruitment marketing and employer branding may not be require for these organizations to attract fresh and niche talents. This help reduce the expenses of hiring candidates, and the cost per hire gets much lower with an efficient employee referral system. Instead investing in an employee referral technology suitable for your employee referral program can be a wise choice.

Kera program

Cost per hire and expenses on training new hires are already high, but employee attrition can make it worse when companies have to rehire and retrain a candidate for the same role. Wastage of effort, time, and money is one of the biggest concerns for business organizations worldwide. The pandemic and the great resignation have already made it clear that retaining employees is critical for businesses. By utilizing an employee network, companies can not only recruit candidates faster but also reduce employee attrition.

kera program is affect by the source of hire. Moreover, there are multiple studies indicating that candidates hired through employee referrals stay longer than those hired through other sources or channels. According to a report, 45% of employees soured by the employee referral system stay for longer than 4 years, whereas only 25% of employees hired through job boards stay over 2 years. Employees who are already acquaint with the company can bring the right candidates, and create a sense of belonging and loyalty among them, leading to a positive workplace culture for companies.

High Productivity

As said earlier and kera program , these candidates are better prepare for a role as they are more familiar with the internal environment or what to expect. Additionally, these candidates are more loyal and have higher motivation to prove themselves. So these candidates often perform better than other new hires and are more productive than candidates obtained from other sources. Not only that, they adapt to the company culture and are onboard faster than the other recruits. As a result, the time-to-productivity becomes reduced for these hires.

Therefore, candidates hired from employee referrals are more profitable for employers. Research proved employees soured from employee kera program are 25% more profitable for organizations. Also, studies have shown that these hires start their work sooner. Candidates hired from career sites began after 55 days; those found from job boards started after 39 days and referred candidates started only after 29 days.

Better company culture

Employers want to make sure that new hires are align with their core values and overall company culture. Employee experience and corporate culture both significantly improve when the beliefs of the employees are aligned with company missions. Referred applicants often have the same values as the employees who referred them. Therefore, companies with employee referral systems typically have a more positive workplace culture.


It is evident that employee kera program can be extremely useful for companies and can aid in hiring competent, suitable, productive, and quality talents faster and at lower expenses. Moreover, these candidates integrate better with the organization and become quickly up and running, starting their jobs early.

Employee referral needs suitable technological solutions, like employee referral software, recruitment solutions with employee referral tools, or employee Referral tracking software. These solutions can track the employee referral process and help you see how well it is working for your organization. Moreover, the insights will help improve the employee referral program and solutions for better implementation of employee referral and company talent acquisition.

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