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Essential Things to Know About Fabric for Styling in the Hospitality Industry

Whether it’s a bar, café, restaurant, or hotel, lavish & premium interior and venue styling is cherished by everybody. Most businesses in the realm of the hospitality industry consider quality fabrics and creative décor inspirations to enhance the ambience. 

In fact, today’s generation looks forward to a luxurious life. They prefer visiting eye-catching spaces that are Instagram worthy rather than any ordinary-looking location. But keeping social media-worthy ambience while maintaining the quality of fabric in hospitality and décor is a real deal. And it becomes more tricky when you own an atmospheric venue, which serves food and drinks. Sourcing the perfect upholstery and curtain fabrics can turn out to be a difficult task. Moreover, putting all the pieces together to create a magical experience for the visitors and customers is another challenge.

While styling your venue, the first thing that comes to our mind is curtains, upholstery and their fabric. And the second is durability and easy washing. However, various fabrics are available in the marketplace, but making a choice is a real deal. This article will discuss the critical aspects to consider while selecting the perfect material for your hospitality venue. 

What Things to Know About Fabric for Styling in the Hospitality Industry

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Suitable fabric 

A suitable hospitality fabric is fire retardant, microbial and safe for surroundings as well. However, there are other factors too, which you can consider while selecting the fabric pieces. Below we have shared a must-have checklist for your convenience, so stay tuned! 

  1. Easy maintenance

Your topmost priority must be easy maintenance. Not only will it make life a little easier for your employees, but it also will help you save time and money. Therefore, invest in those fabrics that are designed specifically for hospitality venues. So, it will become easier for your staff to wash and save more time than usual. Moreover, quality hospitality fabrics do not require repairing and re-upholstering so often.

  1. Cost-effective

While running a hospitality business, your finances should be on point. You can not invest in those materials which require your daily attention. Moreover, while doing business, there may come a time when you are on a strict budget. Therefore, choosing the most reasonably priced fabrics is always recommended, but without compromising the quality! 

  1. Flame retardant

The flame retardant fabric has become very popular over the years. As it helps prevent major fire incidents, and you can rest assured about the safety at your venue. Not only does it take care of the safety measure but also helps uplift the ambience with a variety of finishes and styles. For example, if you are looking for a luxurious outlook, go for velvety and elegant fabric, according to your contemporary hotel interior. 

  1. Blackout and dim-out  

Although the weather is uncontrollable, you can still create an environment that is cozy and super comfortable for your customers. Blackout curtains are specially designed to eliminate the sharp exterior lights. Another option to create a soothing, romantic and elegant atmosphere is a dim-out curtain. These curtains dim the external light and create a soothing aura in your hospitality venue. 

  1. Attractive Design 

Hospitality venues just can’t afford to compromise on the aesthetics as it is the key element that makes the customers visit the place. While taking all safety and hygiene measures, you can still style the venue to attract more customers. Moreover, few commercial manufacturers provide trendy fabrics which can be used in several ways. If you want to give a luxurious feel to your venue as per the desired theme, hiring a professional styling service for hospitality industry is the best choice.

  1. Anti-Microbial fabric

These days, proper hygiene & sanitation has become the topmost priority for everybody. Usually, traditional seating arrangements include upholstered with porous fabric, which may become a severe concern for the visitors. Therefore, we recommend switching to anti-microbial and waterproof hospitality fabrics. The best thing is that you can opt from various styles and designs of the material. 

Upholstery Fabric style

Now that you have understood various ways to enhance your hospitality venue’s look, below, we have shared a few sure shot factors to consider while choosing upholstery fabric for your property. 

  1. Velvet

Velvet is always considered to be a statement fabric for traditional or contemporary interiors. From textured designs, rich colour choices to the luxurious fabric material, velvet has a lot to offer. Usually, many hospitality venues use dark & deep colours like – spicy mustards, ruby red, deep emerald green to amp up the ambience game. 

2. Patterned

Without a doubt, patterned Upholstery Fabric is the perfect choice for hospitality venues because of its added ability to hide any spot or stain easily. 

  1. Colour scheme 

When it comes to coordinate colours, the accurate methodology would be to select the wallcoverings first and then coordinate flooring, carpeting and, after that go for upholstery fabric. 

If you are on the hunt for expert styling service for the hospitality industry, try custom services by Zeba World. The styling professionals at Zeba will give your hospitality furniture a brand new look and feel. The team reaches out for discussion and transforms your upholstery fabrics and colour schemes according to your desired theme. Whether you need styling for sofas, dining chairs, couches, or the entire venue, they are perfect with their assistance.

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