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Ethical Issues of Surrogacy

Many religious organizations and groups frown upon the surrogacy process. In many cases, there are some couples who do not have any other option than surrogacy to become parents. Here we discussed a few of the very controversial and elementary ethical issues of surrogacy that must be addressed to make the issues clear.

Detaching the Baby from the Surrogate Mother

If it is considered from the perspective of the surrogate mothers, a gestational surrogate carries the baby of the intended parents from embryo transfer to giving birth to the baby. This is a very tiring and demanding process for the gestational surrogate, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Once the child is born, she has to detach the child physically forever, which does not necessarily mean that she becomes able to detach the baby from her mind and emotion that is one of the major ethical issues of surrogacy.

Involvement with the Surrogate Mother

A gestational mother does not do not legally preserve the right of taking care of the baby after she gives birth to the baby. The intended parents are the primary caretaker of the baby they intended. But if she has any type of involvement with the baby after birth, it is a matter of legal questions what the involvements will be, which is another major issue of the ethical issues of surrogacy.

Informing the Child of His or Her Surrogate Mother

The intended parents may sometimes become frustrated about informing their child of his or her surrogate mother when the baby will grow up. If this happens, it is also harmful to the mental and emotional health of the child because he or she may become confused about his or her own identity. The identity of the child may become controversial that is so miserable for his or her parents that is one more issue of the ethical issues of surrogacy.

Surrogate Mother Compensation and Other Related Expenses

Sometimes, the surrogate mother compensation and other related expenses can become controversial and may turn into one of the ethical issues of surrogacy. The general expectation of the gestational carrier and everyone involved in the surrogacy (maternidad subrogada) journey is that the intended parents will reimburse the medical costs and other related expenses of the surrogate mother throughout her pregnancy to delivery. This compensation should include sudden hospitalization of the gestational carrier, her maternity clothing, meals and other relevant expenses she might be in need of that should be ensured to avoid any uncertainty or financial insecurity by the surrogate mother that is one of the ethical issues of surrogacy indeed.

The Feelings of Surrogacy as the Luxury of the Rich and Surrogates as the Pregnancy for Hire

Since intended parents give money to the surrogates to carry their intended babies in their wombs to deliver them the baby throughout pregnancy, it may come to the mind of the surrogate mothers that surrogacy is a luxury and that surrogacy is only for the rich people. With this flow of thought in mind, one of the most pathetic ethical issues of surrogacy is that the honorable and sacrificial gestational surrogate mothers subconsciously start thinking of themselves as something like pregnancy-for-hire billboard holders.

Whatever controversial the ethical issues of surrogacy are, the urgency of an individual or a couple to become a parent or parents or to build a family having a baby of their own is so strong that their intentions for a successful start of the genuine joys of the family overpass the barriers of the ethical issues of surrogacy to go through the surrogacy journey, without which they most probably would not be able to get the love of a baby and the pleasure of raising a child.

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