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Everything To Know About Vegan Collagen Supplements

We all know how important collagen is for our bodies. Be it for our skin, allergies, or improvement of our overall health – these nutrients help us in various ways. But the problem begins when we vegans and vegetarians are deprived of our daily collagen requirements due to its source. And so, researchers have now come up with a vegan collagen supplement! These supplements can help our bodies get all the nutrients it needs without facing any consequences. 

If you wish to know more, then read on as we discuss how these collagens are vegans, how they are beneficial, and more. So let’s get started!

How Can Collagen Be Vegan?

Collagen is currently manufactured from genetically modified bacteria and yeast rather than mammals. According to researchers, P. pastoris is the most successful and widely utilized bacteria for genetically modifying high-quality collagen.

The microbes’ genetic structure is altered to include four human genes that code for collagen to make collagen. Once the genes are positioned, the bacteria begin producing human collagen building blocks. A digestive enzyme known as Pepsin is added to improve the construction of the building blocks into collagen fibers that are identical to human collagen in structure. When you’re done, you’ll have vegan collagen on your hands!

Benefits Of Vegan Collagen Supplements 

Reduced Allergy Risk

Although the main advantage is that no animals are killed, vegan collagen powder has other advantages, particularly for those with allergies.

For example, concerns have been raised about the danger of transmission of disease via animal-sourced collagen. Collagen from bacteria would reduce this risk because it is made in a lab-controlled environment free of common allergies and other dangerous elements.

Beauty Benefits 

Because the bulk of vegan collagen Canada products today is animal-based, people who follow a vegan or environmentally friendly lifestyle cannot use them.

They can now take collagen to help minimize wrinkles, encourage their bodies to manufacture more collagen naturally, and promote digestive and joint health, thanks to vegan choices.

Safer For Consumers

Manufacturers can improve their safety profile while making the vegan collagen supplement in a lab-controlled environment. It is safer for the consumers if the primary source can be easily traced.

Low Costing Sources 

In a lab setting, producing collagen with yeast or bacteria is cost-effective and extremely scalable. While it hasn’t yet been mass-produced, this has the potential to cut the cost of collagen for all customers and make it more widely available for a variety of uses, including medical treatments and supplements.

Top 5 Vegan Collagen Supplements 

Future Kind+ Vegan Collagen Booster Supplement 

One of the best vegan collagen-boosting supplements is the Future Kind+ capsule. They contain vitamin E, zinc, and Vitamin C to help heal hair loss and skin problems. The supplement is 100% plant-based and contains aloe vera, bamboo silica, and amla. It also contains grape seed extracts to help collagen break down and protect the skin from UV rays. 

The Future Kind+ supplement is free from artificial preservatives, color, animal derivatives, salt, sugar, soy, nuts, yeast, wheat, gluten, and GMOs.

Your Super Plant Collagen Mix

Some of us like knowing what ingredients we put in our bodies and where they come from. To meet this purpose, you can choose this Super Plant Collagen Mix. It cites every ingredient origin, like how its stabilized rice-bran or tocos come from Thailand. The tocos can help improve hair growth and improve skin glow. 

The mix also contains tremella and aloe from China, Lucuma from Peru, and pea protein from Belgium. All these ingredients can help protect your skin from aging. Users also say that the mix tastes delicious for its Madagascar vanilla flavor and is perfect for oatmeals, lattes, and smoothies.

HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow

If you are a gummy person over pills and capsules, choose the HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow supplement. These fruity vegan supplements help to stimulate collagen production with amla fruit and vitamin C. They also contain hyaluronic acid that boosts skin hydration and Vitamin E that heals skin wounds and eczema.

Users also said that the supplement has helped their skin look young again. They are also free from artificial sweeteners, colors, gluten, and GMO products. 

Rae Vegan Collagen Boost Powder

If you are searching for an affordable vegan collagen supplement, this is the one for you. It is free from colorants, fillers, and artificial preservatives. It is the perfect combination of amino acids, vitamins E, B, and A, and helps boost collagen production in our bodies. 

What’s more, if you purchase the powder, 5% of the revenue goes to a non-profit organization known as Girls Inc that empowers and strengthens women. 

Sunwarrior Beauty Greens Collagen Booster

This supplement is super popular and is highly recommended by registered dieticians like Eliza Savage. The supplement helps in collagen production in our body and contains vitamin C from sea buckthorn and amla fruit. It also contains biotin from holy basil extracts and sunflower seed oil to improve our hair growth. The supplement is also great for improving your immune system and gut health.

Optimum Dosage Of Vegan Collagen Supplements

At this time, no formal advice on how much collagen to take each day has been issued by health authorities.

As a result, the collagen amount you should take is determined by the type of collagen and why you’re using it. There is a suggested daily dosage on the box of most collagen supplements.

Taking 1–2 tablespoons or scoops of the powdered supplement every day or taking 1–2 pieces of gummy or pill supplement is the most commonly-recommended dosage amount. Depending on the supplement, these servings might vary greatly in collagen content, so read the nutrition facts panel for exact dosage information.


Collagen is a necessary nutrient in our bodies. However, taking collagen supplements separately can lead to complications if they clash with any other medication you take. Thus, we suggest talking to your doctor before taking the supplements. They can check whether you need them and your optimum dosage. 


And that is all you need to know about vegan collagen supplements! These are incredibly useful and easily found in your nearest supplement store. What’s more, they are pretty affordable too. So what are you waiting for? Today, go to the nearest store and get your hands on a suitable vegan collagen supplement. All the best!

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