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Whether remodelling a bathroom or building a new kitchen, homeowners understand the challenges of selecting stones for their home projects. Even if you have hired an interior designer, these basic choices will be dependent on your opinion. Ironically, it is the homeowners who are juggling between the options. There are two popular choices for stone selections for flooring and workstations- granites and marbles. However, this is where the actual confusion lies.

Whatever you select, there will be a tiny voice at the back of your mind that will give you all the reasons to choose and reject a particular stone. Majority of the themes, there will be a voice saying- “it is too expensive”, “the care is too time-consuming”, etc.—you may want to give up before you even begin.

Don’t take too much stress! Take a deep breath. We’re here to clarify some of the common misconceptions about these natural stones so that you can make the best decision for your house.

There is a distinction between granites and marbles, even though they are natural and extracted from nature. Granite has a grittier look than marble, which generally includes veins.

What differentiates the natural stones?

Natural stone is divided into two groups based on its composition:

The siliceous rock is mainly made up of silica or quartz-like particles. It’s usually long-lasting and straightforward to clean.

Granite and sandstone are examples of this type of stone.

Calcium carbonate is the primary component of limestone. It is sensitive to acids, such as cleaning products and meals such as citrus fruits, vinegar, wine, tomatoes, etc. The cleaning regime is not the same as cleaning siliceous. Marble, limestone, & onyx are common examples.

So, which option is the best among granites and marbles? You must be asking yourself this question. It all depends on the look you want to achieve and how much upkeep you’re prepared to put in. Even though they are both natural and taken from the ground, their characteristics are vastly different.

The porosity of Granite and marble is the most significant distinction. Marble is, in general, softer and more porous.

Whereas, Granite is the hardest of all-natural stones because of its crystalline structure. This property makes it more resistant to abrasion, discolouration and staining too.

A brief introduction: 

Before we get into the misconceptions, here’s a short rundown of the differences between granites and marbles:

Granite is a volcanic rock with a smooth, glossy look and is naturally white, black pink, green or grey. Countertops made of Granite are pretty popular because of their durability and the traditionally beautiful aesthetic they offer to every place. It is also more rigid and durable than marble

Marble is a light metamorphic rock that is produced from limestone. It is superheated under high temperatures to obtain a crystalline structure. Marble can give a space a relaxed and timeless aesthetic

Now here we are dispelling the associated misconceptions with marbles and granites:

  • Myth: both the stones are prone to discolouration.

The most prevalent misconception about natural stone is that it may discolour irreversibly. While no surface is fully stain-proof, tough stains or coffee spills may be easily cleaned from these surfaces. Avoid bleach and acid-based cleansers! Damp cloth in soapy, warm water and clean it.

When making meals, it is best to use cutting boards if you have a countertop made from any materials. Severe mishaps may be avoided by taking these tiny things into the notice.

  • Myth: Marbles and granites are too costly. 

Because of its link with old-world grandeur and historic architecture, marble and Granite have a reputation for being expensive. However, because of their rising popularity in modern spaces, the stones are now inexpensive. It’s now feasible to have the makeover of your desires without blowing your budget

  • Myth: Marbles and granites will become obsolete shortly 

Many colours & finishes can appear antiquated with time, but the natural stone is virtually indestructible. Marble provides an excellent, clean appearance to a bathroom retreat, while Granite can add texture to any area. It’s been utilized as a stylish finish to any room for ages in buildings and designs.

Let’s look at the contrasts between granites and marbles:

If you question a stonemason, he will respond concisely: “Granite is more difficult.” Granite is a hard stone, which makes it more challenging to cut, finish, or polish.

The polished surface is generally unaffected for a long time. But its character wears off less quickly owing to its sturdy nature. At the same time, it is also more resistant to scratching and breaking.

Granite is a hard floor covering that isn’t acid-sensitive. And this is a plus of putting it on high traffic areas.

The price difference between the two!

When you’ve decided on a specific material, you’ll notice another distinction, the price difference.

Both marbles and granites are available at a variety of prices. Almost certainly, you’ve chosen the most expensive product. However, one should not assume that Granite is always more costly than marble since the cost varies greatly depending on the slab’s composition, thickness, polish, and intended use.

Certain exceptional hues of marble are also highly-priced because of their high processing costs.

These beliefs persist because it is thought that the finishing of the Granite is more expensive than marble.

The final line: 

Before settling for any choice, ask yourself these few questions:

“Does granite/marble suit my budget?”

Does the selection match my colour palette?

“Which stone best suits my needs?”.

Then you’ll be able to select a material from a diverse product range based on these parameters

Both granites and marbles are unique to their application, so it’s better to select those after considering all the parameters.

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