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Explain in briefly how to canon mx490  set up & installation 

Canon printer is known worldwide for its quick services to the printing industry. For users, Canon has always been the first choice for meeting the printing requirements. The market is now filled with lots of amazing and dynamic drivers provided by the company. In this guide, we are going to learn about the setting up of one such driver, the Canon Pixma MX490. 

The guide below is entirely based on the Canon Pixma MX490 setup & installation. So, if you are wondering how to initiate and conduct the procedure then move ahead and learn the steps. 

We will start the procedure by enabling the wireless routers for Canon Pixma MX490 as the rest of the procedure is entirely based on it. So, it is a must to do it. You can go to the next section to initiate the procedure. 

Enable the Wireless Routers For Canon Pixma MX490

So, this is the first procedure that you need to do before moving further ahead. Make sure to conduct each step wisely as shown below: 

  • First of all, switch on the Printer. 
  • You can check if it is enabled or not through the Power lamp (A). 
  • Once it is opened properly, just hit the setup button. 
  • Thereafter, choose Wireless LAN setup from others bringing on your screen. 
  • Click on OK to proceed ahead.  
  • Now, don’t do anything as the printer on it finds out the compatible wireless routers. 

Use WPS Connection For Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless Setup

If the wireless router does not fit you then make sure to jump to this section and learn the setting up procedure with the WPS method. 

  • Initiate the procedure by moving towards the Wireless router. 
  • Now, just hit the WPS button. 
  • Pushing the OK button after completing 2 minutes will not move the procedure. 
  • So, make sure to hit it within this specific time. 
  • Consequently, move towards the Setup Menu. 
  • Hit the Fax settings now. 
  • Navigate towards the Copy option now. 
  • With the last step, setup for the Canon Pixma MX490 wireless network becomes complete. 

Setup Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless Printer on Windows

Here are the steps that will help in setting up the Canon Pixma MX490 Printer on Windows. 

  • Begin with enabling the Printer, Windows PC, and router. 
  • After that, try to connect the printer with the wireless router. You can take the help of the steps given above. 
  • Once done, navigate towards the official site of Canon Ij.start.cannon.
  • From the site, you need to download the related printer driver. 
  • To find out the best driver, enter your printer model.
  • You can also hit the Download tab thereafter. 
  • When the download procedure is finished, move your cursor towards the driver package. 
  • Also, complete the setup procedure by focussing on the instructions showing on the screen. 
  • You can also hit the Start button of the system.
  • Head towards the Control Panel tab. 
  • In this step, you need to choose the option named Devices and Printers. 
  • Make sure to choose the next tab named Add Printer. 
  • It is located on the top left corner, so you can easily find it. 
  • Now, a new list will open which brings all the installed printers. 
  • From the list, choose your printer and wait for a few minutes.
  • You can use the printer when it displays with a green check mark. 

So, these are all the steps that you need to perform for setting up the device on Windows. However, if you are a Mac user and want to conduct the procedure on that platform then get into the steps below. 

Setup Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless Printer on Mac

Now, we will do the same procedure on Mac. As it is a different platform so the steps involved are also different. 

  • To begin, enable the printer and the WiFi router. 
  • Now, connect the printer and system to the same network. 
  • If you directly jump to this section and don’t know how to do the last steps then move ahead to the first section and try to connect the printer.
  • Once done, put  Ij.start.cannon on the address bar and navigate towards the official site. 
  • Make sure that you follow each step carefully to conduct the downloading procedure. 
  • Moving ahead, go to the Apple menu. 
  • Once done, choose System Preferences thereafter. 
  • Afterward, you need to click on Printers and Scanners.
  • Consequently, you need to press the + button. 
  • From this icon, you can add your printer here. 
  • Focus on the drop-down list now and choose your printer. 
  • Now, the printer will become automatically connected with your Mac system. 


So, from these steps, you will easily establish Canon MX490 setup & installation. We hope that the article above has resolved all of your queries. However, if you still have some other doubts and queries then don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section. The site here works by keeping you at the topmost level. We will always ensure to provide you with the best support and guidance. Guides like these are small efforts from us to keep you updated with the content. 


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