Fashion Hacks That Are a Life Saver

Fashion Hacks: don’t we all love to deck up and stay comfy in our fashionable clothes? We all strive to get the best from what is available there is and make the most out of that outfit! But what happens when your favourite dress is torn or damaged mistakenly? Or do your new shoes start to hurt? Or that earring your friend accidentally broke while trying on? It makes you extremely upset and you wonder if it could be fixed. Well, to solve all your seemingly unsolvable miseries, we have a few quality suggestions to mend all those dresses of yours and to give all your broken accessories and shoes a new look. From now onwards, you do not have to worry about throwing away your broken stuff. 

We are bringing to you a few handful tricks that will easily fetch you your favourite dress back. You do not have to be sad anymore about your clothes or your accessories, we have the best ideas to mend every problem of yours without any cost! Yes, you heard that right! It is time to say goodbye to your tailor and say hello to all your dumped dresses and accessories that were occupying a corner in your wardrobe. Now you can fix them on your own without having to run tailors or washers. 

We will be providing you with very useful life hacks to get them out of the cupboard and put them to business again. Making you happy is our primary effort. Given below is a list curated especially for you to deal with such complex everyday problems. Have a look at them and see if it helps you to you mend that forsaken dress of yours and wear it again.

#5 Life Saving Fashion Hacks


Fashion Hacks For make-up


  • It happens so often to the best of us that no matter how hard we try sometimes it is just impossible to get a perfect shape liner that looks the same on both eyes. Many of us are in a hurry sometimes to get to a party or leave for office. To hurry the process and not take much time, to apply the liner on your eyes you can choose to put a small trip of cello tape right under your eyes as shown in the picture below and apply the liner above it. When the liner is completely dry you can then slowly peel off the small strip of cello halkalı escort tape. 
  • This way you do not have to struggle every day to put sharp winged liners on the side of your eye and you also do not have to worry whether they look alike or different. Using a cello tape or using paper will also help in giving the perfect shape to your liner, thus, completing the look on your face. It also saves time when you are in a hurry. You can also use this hack while applying eyeshadow to your eyes.

Fashion Hacks For skin


  • If you are living in a humid region or if you have oily skin, then it gets difficult to put on makeup and go out in the sun. To tackle this headache what you can do is get yourself a water-based compact and before you apply that on your face you can first choose to apply a fine layer of Vitamin C serum evenly across your face and then go with the compact. This not only prevents the makeup from getting washed off from your face, but it also prevents the breakage of acne and blackheads.
  • While it can be difficult to put smudge-free makeup on your, face it can be equally difficult to take out all of it. If you are struggling to wash or clean your makeup after returning tired from a party, you can simply pick coconut oil or any moisturizer, put it in in a cotton plug and gently wipe off all the makeup from your face. Not only is the coconut oil or moisturizer healthy for your skin, but it also effortlessly removes all the makeup from your face without having to rub your eyes or lipstick harshly. 
  • Sometimes nail paint can take a lot of time to dry when you have put them in a hurry. To quicken the drying process of your nail paint, you can immerse your fingers and toes in cold water, it quickens the drying process and you do not have to keep fanning your nails or wait for them to take their own sweet time to dry.

For quick last-minute hacks


  • We bet you did not know this but cotton balls developed on new clothes can be removed with the help of a razor or a cloth brush. Yes, you heard that right! Many a time when we buy new clothes, due to certain issues the fabric develops soft cotton balls on the entire length of the dress, dulling the dress’s radiance. This is a very common issue faced by many. You can easily get rid of those balls by using a brush and dusting of the balls from the cloth or you can use a razor and just pretend to be shaving on the fabric’s surface. Be careful not to cut or strip the dress by using a razor.
  • Did you accidentally drop wine or tomato sauce on your dress and does it look visibly horrible? Do not worry, we have got the back you need. You need to apply a sufficient amount of lemon juice on the surface where the spill is visible. Keep rubbing the lemon juice for quite some time then wash off the dress. The spill is bound to disappear and your dress will not be harmed.
  • Did you know that shaving foam can help remove makeup stains from your clothes? Yes, you heard that right! Shaving foam contains a substance that helps to nullify any sort of makeup stain found on your clothes. It can be a lipstick stain, a concealer stain or even the stain from your sweat. Just apply a little bit of foam on the spotted area and wash it off in 5 minutes, you will notice the stain has disappeared.

Corset hacks

  • Are you aware of the return of corsets in the fashion world? Corsets do not only look cool for the Victorian woman impression where it was initially designed but a Gothic corset dress is the most trending of all the outfits in the fashion world. Women according to their corset shapes are getting Harley Quin black and red costume for either Halloween or to rock a themed party. No matter what your size is you can always get yourself a corset after taking your right measurements or a corset dress to gel well with the ongoing trend. With this, you can get yourself high boot Gothic shoes and dark smoky makeup to complete the ultimate goth look.
  • You can also choose to invest in a waist trainer to get yourself that ideal body shape you have been dreaming of. There are times to carry a dress we need a certain confidence to build in ourselves and in order to build that confidence we need the kind of body we want. Waist trainers help to give shape to your body and also assist in providing support to your body. You can also carry your waist trainer out underneath your favourite dress or your favorite top just to give yourself that ideal bounce and confidence. Make sure you have the right measurements of your body before you invest in a trainer as they do not come very cheap. Now, waist trainer plus size is also available to promote body positivity.

For jeans

  • It happens often that the zipper on our dress sometimes hardens due to moisture. The moisture in the air gets to the metallic chain, thus, hindering the process of pulling the chain up. You can easily get rid of the rusted or non-functional chain by using candle wax or crayon or nail polish remover to fasten the movement of the zip. We bet you did not know about this hack before, did you?
  • Sometimes when we are in a hurry, often our clothes or mostly our jeans get stuck in a wire or in an odd place and get torn. This might ruin the new dress for us and make us sad as we do not know what to do with the torn patch of that dress. We have a simple and smart solution to this problem! You can always add a design like sewing a small show-pocket on that torn part, thus, giving it a new and fancy look or if you do not know how to hem or stitch, you can simply buy a fashionable cloth sticker from a fabric shop and press it down on the torn path using an iron. 

For shoes

  • The most recurring problem with our shoes is that after using it regularly for a long period of time the shoes get really smelly or even the socks we wear gets a bad smell too. Bard off the bad smell from your shoes and keep it away from the bad odour, you can choose to apply a sweet-smelling talcum powder all over your feet before you wear your shoes. This will prevent the shoes on your feet and your socks from bad odour. 
  • So the next time you are stepping out of your house in your shoes do not forget to apply talcum powder on your feet properly before wearing the shoes and after you return make sure you wash your feet. This way you do not always have to wash your shoes as well. Regular washing might ruin the fabric of your shoes.
  • Did you know that your leather-polished shoes can be cleaned and polished again with a moisturizer? Yes, you heard that right! Leather polishes are sometimes very costly and almost unaffordable for regular cleaning of your shoes. To sort out this issue, you can easily apply a good quality moisturizer to your shoes to retain their glaze and newness. 

Artistic hacks

  • If you wish to explore the artist in you, you can choose to buy plain or light coloured sneakers and then repaint them by yourself according to the design you prefer. This does not only look cool but it also goes well with your fashion sense and the kind of vibe you want to create for yourself. Shoe painting and T-shirt paintings are a lot in trend and some people even utilise this device to paint their shoes and make them look new. You can do this to your old shoes which might have spots or patterns or its likely torn due to their age. To cover up the oldness of your shoes you can paint them with interesting colours and patterns to suit your fashion style.
  • If you are good with your art, you can easily make jewellery for yourself at home. Yes, you heard that right! Nowadays, resin jewellery is in trend and women have taken to resin to make lockets, earrings, bracelets and necklaces for themselves. You can buy jewellery designs to fill them with resin and buy required materials such as locket cases to fill them with your choice of coloured resin. This way you are not only being creative with your accessories, but you are also inventing something which is yet not available in the market, therefore, making your own fashion statement without having to buy costly jewellery. If you feel adventurous with your collection, you can even choose to start your own little business! 

For accessories

  • Happens often to the best of us that our favourite nail colour goes dry before we have even properly used it or applied it enough times to feel satisfied. And then when we go to the market to buy the same colour again we find the colour is now extinct. It is very disappointing if the colour was your personal favourite. Do you know that you can extend the colour’s life by adding nail paint remover solution to the nail colour? This temporary expand the colour’s life and you can use it once again. Make sure you do not pour more than 5-6 drops into the nail paint container.
  • Are you facing difficulty finding the right kind of colour for your blush? Do not worry if you have lipstick that goes well with your skin tone. You can take a portion of that lipstick, warm it a little and get it to its liquid state. Add an of Vaseline to it and freeze the content. What you get is a homemade blush as you wish, thus, your money gets saved and you get the perfect blush for your complexion!

To tackle weather

  • Weather plays a very important role in deciding your fashion statement for the day. Very important to keep a close check on the weather forecast before leaving your house. If it is raining outside and the weather feels humid, it is advised that for that day do not wear heavy makeup.
  • Clothes like a dress and shoes would go well with this weather. If it is sunny outside you can choose to deck up your look with a pair of glassy shades and a quirky hat and shoes or sandals as you prefer. If it is winter, then you are in for a treat! It is that time of the year where you can rock your fashion sense with a pair of stylized gothic boots and dark shades of lipstick such as brown, wine colour or black matte. You can choose to wear a sassy curve round your neck and team it up with a thick fur jacket to complete your diva look.
  • Another very important fashion hack is to wear sunscreen before leaving the house. The sunscreen not only protects you from the harmful rays of the sun but also prevents pollutants to enter your skin and damage it.
  • If you are living in a region that is extremely polluted and tends to damage your hair, it is advised to apply hair serum on your hair before leaving the house. This will not only protect your hair from damage but also avoid it from being frizzy. As soon as you leave your house, if it is not absolutely required you can also choose to tie your hair and make it into a fashionable bun to rock your style statement while simultaneously preserving the quality of your hair against the pollutants.

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