Fashion Photography Tips For Beginners

A genre like fashion photography that is entirely dedicated to fashion requires a keen eye. To make people desire the item captured by the camera, the cameraman should be able to capture the essence of the item displayed in front of them. If the image looks flat, nobody will want to purchase it. One should be able to feel the texture and the cloth of the fabric just by looking at the photo. This is where the artistry of the cameraman is tested. He needs to be able to nullify the distance between the image and the viewer and bring the image to life. 

Fashion photography draws inspiration from various other photography genres, such as portrait, product and even fine arts. If you master fashion photography, you can call yourself somewhat of a genius in the other three too. 

You can visit MMBO Studio if you want to book a fashion photography shoot from experienced cameramen within the field. But if you want to learn fashion photography yourself, we’ve got you covered as well! Here are 7 fashion photography tips for beginners:

  • Over-prepare

There is no such thing as being too prepared. Always think things through before a shoot. Think about the kind of lighting you want to use. Think whether or not the natural sunlight can satisfy those needs; if not then what kind of equipment can fill in for its lack thereof. Proper planning is a sign that you care and are passionate about your work. 

There’s this certain thing filmmakers do in the pre-production stage known as storyboarding. They envision every tiny detail of the film and plot it down in a visual format. That is their creative process. As a photographer, you can try and cultivate your own creative process which is not too dissimilar from a director’s. 

  • Fisheye view

Think like a fish! No, really. Fish can only grasp a tiny bit of their atmosphere at a time. As a beginner, you can’t just shoot all elements of fashion in one. This is a skill that takes time to learn and master. Start out with just one element, whether it be clothes, accessories, shoes, hair or cosmetics. Pick your choice! 

It might cross your mind that for a clothing photoshoot, won’t the model also have to have her hair and makeup done? The answer is yes, but all these other elements will strictly have to take a backseat. The clothing will be at the forefront, while the hair and makeup will just be an accessory that will enhance the richness of the clothing and make it all look cohesive and put together. 

So, take a step back and only focus on one product at a time. Head over to MMBO Studio to check what they have to offer.

  • Pick the right model

Many newbie photographers choose to work with their friends instead of professional models because of financial constraints. This is all perfectly fine. You just need to think over one thing. You might choose a friend who you think is good looking. But there is a difference between looking good in person and on camera. Some people just simply aren’t photogenic. This doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful, it’s just that the camera fails to capture the essence of their beauty. 

You’ll come across many beautiful faces on MMBO Studio’s website. But the beauty of the model does not overpower the item in the forefront. Always remember what the focal point is. The goal is to sell the item, not the model. Hence, the model needs to blend in seamlessly with the background, as if she truly belongs in the picture. 

  • Nail the vibe

Decide the vibe of the photo shoot beforehand. Think to yourself: what exactly is this brand trying to convey? What aesthetic will complement the product on display? Arrange all the props accordingly. For instance, for a Halloween/spooky theme, the background can’t be pastel pink and rosy. That goes along better with a Valentine’s theme. On MMBO Studio’s site, you’ll find pieces that fit perfectly with the location. Find inspiration by going through some of them.

An odd combo can throw people off as it’s confusing and misleading. Fashion photography is about telling a story. Every piece of the puzzle should fit perfectly and add to the narrative.

  • Building a team

As we’ve already discussed, a fashion photoshoot involves tending to hair, makeup, costume, lighting, props, styling and a whole lot more. Only one person cannot tend after all of these himself, so it is essential as a beginner itself to start building a team. 

You could just grab a model and call it a day. But if this is something that truly feels like your calling and something you can see yourself doing long-term, then building a team is non-negotiable. MMBO Studio is a fine example of what happens when the right people find one another and collaborate.

If you’re worried you don’t have enough contacts or connections to build a team, worry not! You might be caught off guard by just how many people are willing to be a part of a professional photoshoot upon being given a chance. You can ask your local barber if they are willing to work as a part-time hairdresser in your team. A self-taught teen who posts their makeup looks on Instagram would love to be your makeup artist. Couldn’t your jobless neighbor do you a favor and hold the lights? People are looking to be handed such an opportunity. So, go and find these people! They’re waiting to be found. 

  • Experiment

The best thing as a beginner-level photographer that you can do is an experiment. Try different lenses and see what works best for you. Experiment with different styles. Don’t just stick to one from the get-go. Trying out a wide array of styles will help you decide which one you vibe with the most. It can strengthen you in regions where you could’ve been falling short. Learn from your mistakes and work on getting better. Check out MMBO Studio’s site for some inspiration.

  • Working your way up

There is no shame in starting out small. Everybody’s gotta start somewhere, right? Don’t say no to opportunities because you think they’re a downgrade for you. Every opportunity is a way for you to learn something new and further excel in your career. Additionally, the more work you take up, the more people you come in contact with. If people know you as someone who’s out about in town, you’ll end up landing more deals, merely through word of mouth. 

Every photographer’s journey will be different and hopefully, the above tips inspired you to start your own. Be patient and passionate, and you’ll surely achieve the lengths of success that you’ve always been dreaming of. Best of luck!

As mentioned before, MMBO Studio has some of the best services right now. If you’re a beginner photographer, do check them out to learn a thing or two. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a fashion photographer in Delhi NCR, give MMBO Studio a call. And not just fashion photography, it could be anything from eCommerce photoshoots in Delhi to product photography and many other genres. If you have a photography need, give MMBO Studio a ring!

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