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Few Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Your Car

A few things that we know about car transportation is to hire a reliable transport service provider in India and ship our car. But, is this all needed for shipping across the country?

Even if only this much needed to transport a car from one city to another, most people do a few common mistakes that are not beneficial for them.

No doubt there are several packers and movers companies in Chennai that provide interstate car transport services but there could be quite a difference in the quality of their services.

Hence, it is important to take the decision wisely.

If you are specifically planning to ship your car from Chennai and looking for a shipping company in Chennai then there are a few mistakes that you must avoid.

Car Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Following are the common mistakes that should be avoided by everyone who wants to transport a car: –

Looking for Cheap Services

It’s true and obvious to search for the cheapest transporter in Chennai for shipping a car. Most people hire a company that offers a low quote. Low quotes don’t indicate cheap quality services, but such companies don’t provide you with the best quality either. Their services are not customizable or flexible, you cannot customize the services as per your preferences. Also, you will have to be dependent on them to collect and transport your car when it suits them.

Car transport requires enormous efforts and a workforce too. Hence the cost of car transportation from Chennai to other Indian cities will be higher. But, it doesn’t mean you will have to pay higher transportation charges for this. You can avoid doing both by checking transportation charges in Chennai online. Of course, that would be approximate charges, but that could at least help you a lot to know how much you should spend and when you are paying too much.

Not Properly Inspecting the Transport Company

What would you do when you will have to transport a car from Chennai to Delhi, Mumbai, or any other city in India? Of course, you will book a carrier company in Chennai but while hiring them you must avoid the mistake of not verifying the agency.

It is really important to hire a reliable car transporter, who can ship without any hassles and also in a safe condition. For this, you should check the company’s license, registration number, and also experience. Make sure the company has all the legal documents. Before hiring a company, visit their office to verify they exist. If they are transporting cars across the state lines, they should be registered with FMCSA. And when you will ask for their registration numbers or certifications they can easily show them to you. You can check the registration number at any government site.

Never ship by a company that isn’t registered because such companies can do fraud. And if not fraud, then they will take a longer time to deliver than needed, charge extra in between the shifting process, or will not deliver until you won’t pay the full amount they are demanding for. Hence, it’s important to properly inspect a car transport company before hiring.

Not Having the Required Documents

While shipping you must what all documents are needed to ship a car. A carrier will ask you to submit a few documents before transporting the car. The documents include a bike registration certificate (RC), an insurance copy, and the owner certificate that proves the vehicle is yours and you have the right to ship it.

Not Inspecting The Vehicle’s Condition

Most people forget to do this. It’s an important step of the car transportation process. Your mover will examine the condition of your four-wheeler and make notes. Then they will provide a final report of your vehicle’s condition before shipping to the desired location. After delivery of the car, you should again inspect your vehicle to know what dents have occurred during transportation. If you found any, note down it on the report given by the movers and make sure to get it signed by the driver otherwise you won’t be able to claim for the damages.

Not Emptying the Car

Another biggest Problem people do while shipping is not emptying the car. You must avoid this as everything are liable for extra charges. Many people use to transport a few goods. Of course, you can also do that but not without informing your movers. Also, the goods inside will not only damage the item itself but the car as well. Hence, it’s important to empty the car before transportation. Also, it is suggested to empty the fuel tank before transportation. This increases the weight of your Vehicle which will impact transportation charges. So, keep only a limited amount of fuel.

Using a car transport service is, of course, the best way to transport the car across the country but while doing this, you must not do any kind of mistakes that are discussed above. Avoid all the mistakes while shipping a car and have the best stress-free car transport experience.

And, if you are looking for a reliable transport service provider in Chennai then you should rely on some reputed online booking portals that are associated with top-notch moving companies in India. That’s the easiest way to reach professional movers and packers that offer transport services.

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