Few Simple Vintage Accessories You Need

Some of the most fawned over fashion accessories in 2021 are retro accessories. That’s the beauty of retro fashion. It always makes a comeback one way or the other. And with that comes vintage accessories.

Earlier, these finds were limited to yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops. But now we have dedicated vintage fashion stores.

If you are a vintage lover, finding a piece of 1950s beaded hairband or a pearl necklace can be like finding real gold!

Whether it’s sunglasses, vintage handbags, or even clothing items, retro fashion is coming back and how!

We have gathered our favourite simple vintage accessory list to give your outfits a touch of vintage glam.

Vintage Bags

Vintage bags and handbags are some of the most coveted vintage accessories in the market.


Be it the 1920s pearl retro handbags or even satchels; retro bags are an additional charm.

Make sure you find an authentic vintage bag like a pearl-encrusted purse and stick to the theme of the outfit. For instance, if you wear some gold jewellery pieces, ensure that your bag also has gold accents.

Vintage Earrings

Out of all vintage jewellery, earrings are most in demand. A simple pair of earrings can literally turn your look. If you are a newbie in the world of vintage fashion, we suggest you go for a pearl earring.

Pearls go with anything vintage or modern, and it adds that bling to any clothing.

Other than that, every girl needs hoop earrings, right?

They are chic and effortless to style, and vintage hoops with eccentric designs or patterns are right on trend now.

Vintage Hairpieces

A subtle but beautiful hair accessory can give a romantic touch to any outfit. Bejewelled hair clips are perfect for making a noticeable difference and, paired with some dainty pearls, can look absolutely stunning.

retro accessories

For a perfect date night look, wear a solid-coloured vintage flared dress with a stack of retro hair accessories on one side. Hollywood curls and red lipstick will transport you to the Great Gatsby era instantly!

Retro Sunglasses

This is the biggest trend of 2020 apart from vintage clothing. So, what exactly are retro or granny sunglasses?


They are oversized, vintage-style sunglasses in quirky colours, shapes, or patterns. Many of us know the famous Lenin sunglasses from the 1960s; the round-shaped gold-rimmed ones. But retro clothing is all about finding your own.

You can opt for square-shaped ones, face-framing ones in bright colours—or go in a completely neutral route!

Chunky Chains

The 80s and 90s chunky chains are back in the high-fashion market. Although dainty gold chains never went out of fashion, this year, it is all about going oversize.

From fashion models like Hailey Baldwin to Victoria Beckham, everyone is adapting this classic retro accessory variation.

For an understated look, you can opt for a choker or a matte gold necklace.

Vintage Gloves

From silk elbow gloves to driving lace gloves, every old-school Hollywood film featured a pair. Vintage gloves give you a royal appearance and add a unique accent to your outfit.

You might not be comfortable wearing them every day. Still, you can try gloves for more formal occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, etc.

Strapless gowns or maxi dress looks particularly impressive with gloves.

Vintage Scarves

The right vintage scarf is like mining for gold. It has the power to transform any ensemble. Signature prints, materials create a timeless fashion statement.

You can wear scarves in a lot of ways. For an experimental look, try making a top or bandeau out of the scarf. For a more simplistic approach, wear it like a headband or on a ponytail to add some fun colour.

vintage clothing

For-a bohemian vibe, wear the scarf as a bandana.

Try a classic French knot around the neck. With a suit, this will be a statement look for the office!

Vintage accessories can be found in a lot of places, maybe even in your grandma’s closet. But sometimes, things don’t match up, and you need to go out for those special pieces.

And for that, what’s better than an all-vintage fashion store like Banned Retro? You can find vintage clothing, retro shoes, and accessories all under one umbrella!

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