Find the best Telecom Consulting Services in India

Telecom Consulting services have seen an increased demand because of the increase accessibility to provide telecom services. Entrepreneurs all around India who once stood in the corner looking at the big shots get all the chances, now have a chance to enter the telecommunication market.

However, much of their dreams rely on the kind of telecom consulting services, process to get which entail finding the right consultants.

This article is going to help you find the right Telecom Consultants in India.

What kind of services telecom consultant provides?

Telecom consulting is not only for the technical infrastructure, it’s for the legal one as well. In fact, it’s the legal telecom consultation that will help you stay in business longer. Therefore, the services that come under telecom consulting are as follows:

DOT Compliance: Every telecom licensee has to file annual compliances and abide by the terms and conditions of their licenses. Consulting services for these requirements entail compliance filing and compliance monitoring.

WPC Certification: One can only manufacture or import Wireless equipment after it has the approval of Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing. WPC has created the procedure to obtain the certificate that’s quite complex. Telecom consulting services for WPC certification entail complete application filing assistance.

TEC certification: Telecom consulting guidelines specify that those who wish to import telecom equipment must reach out to a consultant. Read More: Trademark Renewal

DPL and NDPL License: Certain wireless products are considered too critical to be possession of non valid organizations. Thus, the DOT issues Dealer and Non Dealer possession license for them. Telecom consulting for these services consist of complete assistance.

Network and Non network licenses: There are certain business certifications mandatory to import or operate on networked and non networked devices. Telecom thus provide assistance for network and non-network business licenses.

There is an entire gamut of telecom services and license and telecom consulting experts provide assistance with all of them.

What should you look for in a Telecom Consultant?

A Telecom Consultant can provide a variety of services. However, they must be jack of all trades. They must have mastered services associated with all types of telecom license and registrations. However, that’s not enough, for the telecom consulting service provider should also possess the following qualities:

He must never give up on your requirements: The process of telecom registration get complicated with each step. there comes a point when the complications can force anyone to give up.

A consultant, if not ready to face the trials and tribulations of the process, can do the same. However, a good telecom consultant will never do so. He will look at his telecom consultant guidelines and try every trick present in it deliver you the license you require,

He provides affordable services: The services required for telecom license and registrations are complicated. It can make the fees out of reach for some prospects. Read More: Trademark Restoration

But not the telecom consultants. No matter how complex the services are, the telecom consultant fees that they charge wont’ encumber of purses too much.

He can help you draft the documents: Normally, all the service providers ask you to provide them the document from the start. However, there are documents for telecom licenses and registrations that have to be drafted, but collected.

Good telecom consultants can help you draft these documents with immaculate detail. All this ensures that you get the registration, license or certificate you’re looking for.


Telecom Consultants have cropped up like mushrooms ever since the government started to promote the telecommunication sector. But you have to be prepared. Choose the one who can assist you completely.

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Through this blog, you’ll know how to find the best telecom consulting services in India. For more details, call Registrationwala.

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