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FortiGate 60F: Speed Up Your SDWAN Solution!

SD-WAN Explained


SD-WAN stands for software-defined wide area network management. Poor network performance, inconsistent security posture, and inconsistent policy administration are all concerns that need to be addressed. All of this makes low-risk cloud-based applications and other digital transformation projects difficult to implement.


The typical role of a WAN (wide-area network) was to link users at a branch or campus to applications located on data center servers. Dedicated MPLS circuits were often utilised to assure security and reliability. As a result, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions have grown in popularity as businesses need fast, scalable, and flexible connection across various network settings. They also strive to reduce overall total cost of ownership (TCO) while improving application performance. A poor SD-WAN solution, on the other hand, might severely limit an organization’s capacity to swiftly react to changing business demands, especially if it lacks integrated security.


Fortinet Provides Best-of-Breed SD-WAN Solutions 


Fortinet Secure SD-WAN with a single FortiGate 60F has replaced specific WAN routers for WAN optimization and security appliances such as secure web gateways (SWGs) and firewalls. 

With features like application awareness, automated route intelligence, and WAN overlay support for VPN, this provides industry-leading performance. 

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN provides branch offices with security-forced networking that includes automated route intelligence, application awareness, and WAN overlay support for VPN.


1) Improved Service Levels Through Application Awareness 


The current SOC4 application-specific built-in circuit (ASIC) influences FortiGate Secure SD-WAN, which provides unique application recognition and rapid application direction performance. This includes comprehensive Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) monitoring with little performance degradation. Encryption control capabilities also include the ability to check out a packet so that the SD-WAN solution can route traffic effectively. 


SD-WAN works on a technical level by routing apps across the most capable WAN connection available at any given time. SD-WAN systems must be able to identify a wide range of applications and apply routing policies at the atomic level to provide the best possible application performance. Without these abilities, SaaS apps, audio, and video can stifle and block end-user productivity.


Fortinet Secure SD-WAN efficiently addresses these difficulties by utilizing an application control database with over 5,000 application signatures as well as daily updates from FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence services. From the initial packet, it identifies and sorts apps, as well as encrypting cloud application traffic. 


FortiGate 60F may be configure to detect apps based on their business importance. Within Office 365, exclusive policies may be defined at a granular level for sub apps such as OneNote or Word.


Business-critical applications (such as Salesforce, Office 365, and SAP), everyday productivity apps (such as Dropbox), and social networking apps (such as Instagram and Twitter) may all be given unique routing priority. This deep and broad application-level visibility into traffic patterns and usage gives you the best chance of distributing WAN resources according to your needs.


2) WAN Efficiency with No Effort 


A better user experience and enhanced security are the results of using FortiGate Secure SD-WAN. It imitates WAN regulations depending on application importance, performance needs, security measures, and many other characteristics. FortiGate NGFWs with the SOC4 ASIC deliver ten times the security performance of the competition. 


a.Path intelligence that is automated 


FortiGate 60F Secure SD-WAN now has the fastest application directing in the security sector thanks to the newest SOC4 ASIC. Application awareness enables the routing of the most critical applications over the network based on the application and user. SD-WAN service-level agreements (SLAs) are easily form by selecting the best WAN connection for the specific organization’s needs. 


For less significant to moderately important applications, businesses may choose a quality criterion, and FortiGate will select the appropriate link. For the most crucial and business-critical applications, organizations can build robust SLAs based on consolidation of instability, packet loss, and latency data.


b.Overlay WAN 


Flexible overlay VPN skills give a superb WAN experience for users in branch sites. The 360 Protection Bundle subscription service’s cloud overlay controller orchestration simplifies cloud-based automatic provisioning.


c.Failover occurs automatically. 


When the main WAN link fails, Multi-path technology may failover to the best available link automatically. This automation functionality is included into the FortiGate NGFW, boosting end-user experience and efficiency. 


d.Remediation of WAN Paths 


Forward error correction (FEC) is use in WAN route rehabilitation to overcome unfavorable WAN conditions such as faulty or noisy connections. This enhances data dependability and provides you a better user experience for audio and video services, for example. FEC improves real-time applications by providing error correction data to outgoing traffic, allowing the receiving end to recover from packet loss and other transmission issues.


e.Aggregation of tunnel bandwidth 


For applications that require more bandwidth, FortiGate 60F Secure SD-WAN optimizes network potential. Two overlay tunnels are linking together to offer per-packet load balancing and delivery.


Simplified management and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry 


Distance and branch office SD-WAN deployments pose issues for network engineers and operations leaders. Sending experts to each site is expensive and difficult with limited technical personnel. Equipment set-up is dangerous to transport To handle WAN optimization and security, employees will require two separate interfaces. Leverage FortiGate 60F Secure SD-WAN to reduce TCO.


NSS Labs awarded FortiGate Secure SD-WAN a 2nd direct “Recommended” grade for its cheap total cost of ownership and rapid zero-touch deployment.


a.Deployment with no human intervention 


The straightforward deployment capabilities of FortiGate Secure SD-WAN allow enterprises to move unconfigured FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall devices to each remote site. When the FortiGate is a plugin, it automatically connects to the FortiDeploy service in FortiCloud. Within seconds, FortiDeploy certifies the remote appliance and connects it to the central FortiManager system.


b.Administration through a single pane of glass 


FortiManager provides a consolidated view of all Secure SD-WAN-enabled FortiGate NGFWs installed across the organization. Easy management of physical and logical network topologies with detailed views to check for defects. Administrators may change corporate WAN policies and disseminate them to all locations, as well as alter individual equipment. 


VPNs may be set up with only one click for those who require secure communication over public internet connections. All of these time savings and easy SD-WAN maintenance (on-premises or in the cloud) help lean community groups stay stress-free. Few manufacturers can manage SD-WAN networking, security, and access layer controls from a single management platform like Fortinet.




By switching to public broadband, high-cost MPLS connections maybe replace with more cost-effective options. FortiGate Secure SD-WAN offers best-in-class TCO per Mbps and zero-touch setup of additional sites in under six minutes. With the Fortinet transport-agnostic solution, organizations may utilize all available bandwidth by using connections in active-active mode.


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