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Gear Up Your Plumbing Skills

Is your drainage leaking? Or, the pipe is jammed? Or, are you facing issues with the water flow? These are a few common problems that happen quite often in every household. That very moment you contact a plumber to solve these problems for you. That is usually because the homeowners do not possess the DIY plumbing skills. Below we have created a list of few tips that can come in handy in your daily lives!

Plumbing Tips Everyone Should Know:

Know where the main valves are located

In case you are buying a new house. Or shifting to a new home; the main thing to know is; where are the main shut-off valves located. You also have to be aware of the drain line access points.

Do not damage the pipelines

Do you want to hammer nails onto your wall to hang a frame? Or, do you want to drill a hole on the floor, wall, or ceiling? Either of them will require you to be very observant! Hence, first, it is mandatory to determine there are no pipelines crossing behind the work region.

Indeed, if you accidentally rupture the water pipeline, it would result in a massive loss. Meaning it would require construction and expensive repair. Thus, it is best to contact a plumber Melbourne based plumbing companies usually operate 24/7. They are able to draw a map of the pipeline. Hence, this can be useful even in the future years!


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Watch what you flush

Anything other than toilet paper can create a nasty blockage in the sewage system. Hence, it is advised for households not to think of a toilet as their trash cans.

Avoid garbage from the drain openings

Likewise, it is essential to be watchful of what goes down the kitchen drain system. One should avoid the following to even flow down with water. Examples are; coffee grounds, tea leaves, oil or grease, food debris, rice, pealed skin of vegetables, and even dairy remaining. Here’s a tip that you must follow once every week. After finished the sink work, pour hot boiling water down the drain to keep it clean.

Fix the leak

One should never ignore a leak, even if it is tiny droplets. These droplets, one after the other, can add up to a large amount by the end of the day! Thus, one should fix it when the leaks are small; before it worsens the condition and results in a costly repair.

Have proper fittings

Another common plumbing problem is that- overly tightening the fittings and connectors. Perhaps, this can cause the bolts and screws to break over time under continuous pressure. Hence, one should always bear in mind; the right tight is the hand tight.

Use the appropriate plumbing materials.

Teflon tape, also known as the plumber’s tape- is a must-have item in every household. The purpose of it is to seal the pipe threads to prevent leaks around the joints. One should, generally, wrap the tape trice on the pipe thread before joining it.

These are few tips one should know to keep the plumbers away.

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