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Gender ultrasound: best way to boost the morale of pregnant woman

Gender ultrasound: Having a baby is always a magical experience. It works the same for first-timers and women who have been mothers before. A mother goes through nine excruciating months from conception to delivery, which drains her mentally and physically. The constant back pain, sleepless nights, and never-ending nausea can take a toll on even the strongest of us after a while. Therefore, a pregnant woman must refrain from consuming specific items like alcohol or cigarettes. It can also prove harmful to the child if a woman works on a strenuous task.

Therefore, it is the longest nine months a woman has ever experienced. Yet, it is a beautiful process. Even after going through so much, almost every other woman always plans to have a second child. That is the circle of life. It is how civilizations are born and societies are made. It is all thanks to the mothers who bring a child into the world after enduring every hardship for nine months and are still willing to repeat it all for a second child.

Let the women win 

Although it is much better than a century ago, women are still much underappreciated, especially mothers, who only get recognition on Mother’s Day. Apart from these internationally celebrated days, every woman, especially an expecting mother, needs appreciation and recognition for what they are going through.

We know how exhausting pregnancy can be. Many women are always on the verge of a mental breakdown, and they snap at anyone who annoys them or wrongs them. All these negative emotions can harm the mother and the child alike. What needs to be a regular practice is celebrating mothers and cherishing them during pregnancy. Because what lies ahead is going to be even more challenging. It is not easy to wake up in the middle of the night to a crying infant who is in no mood to stop crying anytime soon. It is especially not easy to change the diapers or put a baby to sleep. So, we need to help these mothers by celebrating them and their babies along their pregnancy journey, all the way to the delivery.

However, there are some events that people celebrate around the world. These events are specially oriented to make the mother feel special and remind her that her baby is essential and awaited. It keeps the mother motivated and mentally sane. These events include

Baby shower

A baby shower is very much like a bridal shower. The only difference is that in bridal showers, many close relatives and loved ones gather to celebrate the bride. Meanwhile, the unborn baby is the center of attention in baby showers, and the theme is set for the baby. But, of course, the piece also depends if the baby gender ultrasound near me has been revealed already or not. If it is, then the theme can either be pink or blue about the gender of the much-awaited baby.

Maternity photoshoot

It is a great bonding exercise for the family, especially between the husband and wife. Having a maternity photoshoot is mostly a preference for first-timers who have a baby for the first time. Nevertheless, women who already have other children can also opt for a photo shoot. It is excellent for the whole family’s involvement. In addition, these pictures serve as a memoir. It reminds the family, especially the child, to witness what his mom went through happily to let him breathe the air he breathes today.

3D ultrasound

3D ultrasound is different than a regular ultrasound or a gender ultrasound. It is a relatively new practice in which a video is recorded of the baby’s face by compiling the movements recorded in a typical 2D ultrasound. Before birth, you can see the baby’s physical features, especially the look. Many gynecologists have chosen it to detect physical deformities like cleft palate, etc., prematurely.

Although it is a safe practice as per the Food and Drugs Authority, Doctors advise couples to refrain from getting a 3D or 4D ultrasound. Ultrasounds work through non-ionizing radiation. It isn’t as bad as ionizing radiations like X-rays, but ultrasound can heat the body. Mainly because getting a 3D ultrasound is a lengthy procedure.

Gender reveal party

You can determine the sex of the body before they are born. Some couples choose to get a surprise at the moment of delivery. However, it is common to get a gender ultrasound.

Nowadays, people mostly throw a gender reveal party by getting a gender ultrasound. They ask the doctor not to tell them their gender at the moment. Instead, write it down on a piece of paper. The parents then give that paper to a beloved person who can prep up a party in which there is a surprising way to reveal to the guests and the parents the gender of the baby.

A more straightforward way to throw a party is by taking that piece of paper directly to a baker. The baker can bake a cake that has pink or blue inside. Upon cutting the cake, the parents can reveal their gender by cutting the cake. It works similarly by using this idea on cupcakes. You can get a dozen or so cupcakes made in which only one has the blue or pink filling. One guest will bite into the cupcake that will reveal the gender.

How does a gender ultrasound work?

A gender ultrasound is not just for identifying the sex of the baby. Doctors also use gender ultrasounds to determine various physical anomalies beforehand.

Furthermore, a doctor or technician looks for a vital sign that helps them identify the gender correctly. There can be several indicators. For instance, if the doctor is looking for a girl, they will opt for the hamburger theory. This theory looks out for the three lines that the labia and clitoris make. Similarly, for boys, the doctor either looks for an erect penis (yes, boys can have an erection before they are even born) the doctors also look for the turtle sign. This sign is of the penis and the testicles. The penis is considered the head of a turtle, whereas the testicles are the hands of the turtle.

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