Get followers on Instagram for your online store.

Sharing quality content, interacting and taking quality photos are just some of the most basic aspects to get followers on Instagram. But the picture changes when we talk about online stores. Online stores must be one step ahead when it comes to strategies and even resort to the odd trick to get followers on Instagram UK for your online store. Next we will explain 7 tricks that will help you not only to gain some followers, but to attract followers who can become loyal customers of your store.

Benefit from your business profile

The first thing to do when starting to work on an Instagram profile for your online store is to make sure that you have a business account instead of a personal profile. To do this, you just have to go to your profile settings and press “Account”. If the option to “Change to a business account” appears, it means that your profile is personal.

Having a business account offers a series of benefits, including access to tools to measure the results of your publications with detailed statistics; the possibility of running announcements and advertising campaigns on the platform, adding contact buttons and calls to action on your profile and a greater opportunity to verify your account and get the blue badge.

After confirming that you have a business profile or change your account to a business account, you should evaluate the following aspects to have an optimized profile:

  • Your business name: Usually this is related to the name of your profile and, in the case of stores, it is recommended that it be distinctive.
  • A biography: What do you offer your clients? What makes your store different? Do you have a branded hash tag? Include it in your Instagram bio!
  • If you have a physical store be sure to include the address of your business.
  • Finally, add a link to your website or catalog for your followers, and potential customers.

Share consistent and quality content

When creating and publishing content, you need to keep your potential customer in mind so that it serves the purpose of delivering valuable posts that motivate them to follow you, engage with your posts, and even buy your

By keeping your potential customer in mind, you will know what type of content excites, inspires, or is useful to them. This will motivate them to interact with your content or perhaps even make a purchase.

Content and valuable interactions start from the following points:

Take time to interact. Either replying to comments, messages or giving some likes where you are mentioned.

Tag and mention your loyal followers. This will increase the engagement of your posts and strengthen the bond with your audience.

Engage with influential accounts within your niche to expose your content to more potential customers.

Use hash tags and address, especially if you have a physical store.

Take care of the aesthetics of your profile

Social media are visual platforms and this is especially true on Instagram. And no, it is not about publishing nice photos with good text and hash tags, but about developing an aesthetic that you maintain throughout your profile and make each of your publications distinctive and can be associated with your profile automatically.

Think of your profile as a story and each of the images and videos that you share in your feed will be a tool to tell it.

Keep in mind that the visual aspect is crucial on Instagram, since the average user of the platform appreciates the harmony, aesthetics and balance in the accounts they follow.

To choose a style you can adopt different formats of publications: horizontal or vertical lines, intermediate publications to give a checkerboard aesthetic, create color palettes to use in all your publications or even make publications in puzzle format. Best of all, you can change your style as your brand evolves, but you should try to be consistent so that the aesthetics of your account are effective and eye-catching.

Use Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are perhaps the most widely disseminated type of content on the platform.

It has surely happened to you that when you open the application. The first thing you do is see the stories that appear at the top of the screen. This is done by most users!

For this reason, you must start using the stories correctly. Since more than 60% of the platform’s users claim to have been interested in a brand or store after hearing about it from their stories.

In fact, one of the most effective methods to generate interactions and get followers is to use the question sticker in your stories.

Learn to use hash tags

Hash tags are a powerful visibility tool, but most users don’t take full advantage of it. It’s not about using the most popular hash tags. But about identifying which are the popular and relevant hash tags within your niche and using them in your posts accordingly.

Also, the use of hash tags should vary from one publication to another. So you should not limit yourself to always repeating the same hash tag pattern.

Keep in mind that although Instagram supports up to 30 hash tags per post. It is not recommended to use more than 12. As they could have an adverse effect on the reach and visibility of your profile.

Invest in Instagram ads

Instagram ads are perhaps the best investment you can make on the platform. Since the return on investment is usually impressive thanks to the segmentation capabilities that the platform has, far above other social networks.

It is by segmentation that you can define exactly the type of user you want to reach.

Promote your account outside of Instagram

It seems contradictory, but in reality it is evident: If you have an audience on other social platforms or a physical space that your customers visit frequently. Why not take advantage of it to get followers on Instagram for your online store?

You can share your account in your e-mails, other social networks. Your blog posts and on your website; as well as in the branding of your store to optimize results.

Girl serving her online store on the computer

The intention is to let everyone who has contact with your store know that you have an Instagram account. This will increase your followers and the best of all is that it is not just any type of followers. But users who have already shown interest. in your product offering. That is precisely the key to getting followers on Instagram for your online store.

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