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Getting admission in ADP? Brief Introduction to Associate Degree Program

If you are not living in the US, Canada, or Pakistan then I guess you are just aware of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and PHDs. But if you are living in the above-mentioned countries then you are well aware of the associate degree program. 

Don’t know about ADP? No need to worry, this article is for you.

In this article, I’ll explain to you what an associate degree is, where it is offered, what is the scope of ADP and many other questions that came to mind after listening to this word.


What is an Associate Degree Program?

You can enroll yourself into ADP just after the completion of your higher secondary studies. The aim of this degree is to provide basic technical knowledge to the student. Along with the transferable skills which can help him in getting the job or to pursue his career in the chosen field with more technical skills.

Associate degrees are offered in the US, Canada, Pakistan, and many other countries of the world but under different names like Foundation degrees.

In the US and Pakistan, this degree is offered in almost every type of college. Whether it is a junior college, community college, technical college, etc. It usually takes two years to complete. After the completion of ADP, a student can get himself a white-collar job and can also continue with technical studies.

50% of the students who want to go to university for any kind of technical degree,  prefer ADP before going to university because with this degree they can have a stronger grip on the subject they wish to study. If you are studying in any international premedical college then you should also think about ADP as it also offers a lot of medical programs.

Difference Between Bachelor’s degree and Associate Degree.

Both of them are undergraduate degrees. Both of them can be taken by the students who have just passed their college. Degrees with the banner of “postgraduate” them are offered after the completion of a bachelor’s degree. Now you are thinking if the bachelor’s and ADP degrees are the same, how you should know which to choose.

No need to worry, stick with the article and you’ll get all of your answers.

Key Differences between Associates and Bachelor’s degree:

  1. Time 
  2. Cost
  3. Entry Requirements


As you are well aware that the bachelor’s degree takes almost 120 credit hours to complete in short this will take you 4 years of your life to complete. On the other hand, an associate degree will get into its completion only in 2 years or you can say 60 credit hours. 

Most of the students are working along with ADP and earning their livelihood with their degrees. One can complete its degree in a summer vacation every year as it takes a shorter time to complete. Along with the shorter time, it will provide you with more technical skills.  Completed ADP? and want to go for a bachelor’s degree? you will get compensation in credit hours and you will get your degree in lesser as compared to others.


As mentioned in the above point, it takes almost half the time to complete a bachelor’s degree. Due to less time, this degree will cost you half amount as compared to a bachelor’s degree. You can also expect to pay less than half or three times less than a bachelor’s degree.

Entry Requirements:

Entry requirements of this degree are way less competitive as compared to a bachelor’s degree. When you went through a pre-medical international college and haven’t met the entry requirements of a bachelor’s degree. ADP is the best choice for you to get a significant mark, have the technical knowledge and pursue your career with a bachelor’s degree.

Hope you are well aware of ADP now it lets you know about the types of associate’s degree or in other words, you can say the fields of ADP.

Fields Of Associate Degree Program;

ADP Business Management, ADP Accounting & Finance, ADP Retail Merchandising, ADP Sales & marketing, ADP Computer Science, ADP Science, ADP English, ADP Commerce. ADP IT management, ADP Physiotherapy Assistant, ADP Speech Therapy Assistant, ADP Surgical Assistant, ADP Medical Lab Technology, ADP Radio Imaging.

The above-mentioned fields are just a drop in the ocean this degree offers a lot more degree programs than mentioned.

I hope you got all the information you need to get yourself enrolled in the Associate’s degree program.

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