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Guide to know how much does microneedling cost

Your face tells a lot even when you are silent. It’s the first thing anyone notices when they meet you. Thus, any damage on the face can lower your esteem. Microneedling is one method you can use to correct the damage. But how much does microneedling cost? Experts state that the cost of microneedling varies with the package you choose. However, some other factors determine the price range of microneedling at different facilities. However, the ranges are affordable, and you can find a package within your package. 

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

You will pay for microneedling differently from another patient at the same facility. The cost is unique to each patient due to different factors. However, a microneedling procedure will cost you between $200 to $700 per session. Some facilities may charge slightly lower or higher than the quoted range. 

Average Microneedling Cost

When you check how much does microneedling cost at different facilities, you’ll find an average of the treatment per session. Generally, people pay an average of $450 per session. However, you can pay more or less depending on the factors that we will check below. Since the treatment is a synthetic process, you will boost all the budget from your pocket. 

Factors that Affect Microneedling Cost

The total cost of microneedling will depend on several factors. The main reason is the number of sessions you need to acquire desired results. However, you can’t count the money used on a person who uses microneedling as an annual skincare routine. 

Geographical Location

The location of any facility will affect the cost of services. First, the service provider needs to compensate for the rent and taxes in the area. If the facility is located in a big city, you are likely to pay a higher cost. However, facilities in smaller towns charge way less for the same quality of services. 

Experience and skills of the Service Provider

The experience level varies from one clinician to another. If you select a highly skilled and highly experienced clinician, you will pay a high price. The cost is high since they are in high demand. Also, you will have peace of mind knowing everything will go on well. 

Your Treatment Goals

Your treatment goal depends on the initial condition of your skin before treatment. If you have severe acne, then you’ll pay more than someone with just a few fine lines. Also, you’ll need more sessions and products on severely damaged skin. 

Class of the Facility

Each microneedling clinic will fall under low-tier, middle-tier, or high-tier facilities. All are different depending on the quality of equipment and services they offer. Also, high tear facility charges the most because their customers are high-end clients. However, that doesn’t mean lower-tier facilities have poor services. You can get a better deal at lower-tier facilities.

Number of Sessions you Need

Your skin condition will dictate the number of sessions you need. Thus, it directly affects how much does microneedling cost. However, you can get a discount if you need several sessions. 

Size of the Treatment Area 

You may need microneedling on the face only. Some people extend the treatment area to the neck and others up to the chest. Thus, you pay more depending on the areas covered. 


You’ll get the answer to how much does microneedling cost after you consult a few service providers. Every skin has different skin. Thus, it would help if you had a consultation to assess your skin needs. Also, you’ll get to know where you can get the best services at a lower price. 

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