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Do’s and Don’ts For Hardwood Floor Care

One of the best investments you will ever make for your home is choosing hardwood flooring. It is durable, appealing, and complements many house designs among its many benefits. However, you will only enjoy these benefits if you take proper care of the floor. Here are some helpful tips you need to remember.


Using a Gentle Cleaning Equipment

Use gentle cleaning tools to avoid damaging your floor. Many people like using a Swiffer as it is soft and will not leave marks on the floor.

Get Mats

Place mats near entry points as they act as a barrier between your floors and any dirt or debris. If someone is tracking water or dust from outside, the mat will absorb it. You may also want to place a mat near the sink if you have used hardwood for your kitchen floors. That is where water is likely to spill.

Buying The Right Cleaning Products

The correct cleaning products will ensure your floors last a long time. If you are unsure what to use, you can talk to a flooring manufacturer. In most cases, they will recommend the right product. However, do not use tile or vinyl cleaners as these products will do more damage than cleaning.

Add a Protector

To protect your floors from scratch marks, get furniture felt pads and place them at the bottom of the furniture. This is a must for seats or stools that you move a lot.

Sweep Often

Another tip to remember when getting European white oak flooring Denver -based is that you will have to sweep it often. This removes any abrasive particles that can easily scratch the floor. Dirt and rocks dragged into the house can damage your floor if you do not sweep often.


Use Vinegar or Ammonia

These two products are great and effective for cleaning the house, but not so much for hardwood flooring. They are too abrasive, meaning they will tarnish your floors and finish giving them a worn-out look.

Wet Mop

Wood and water are not friends. In fact, do not allow water to sit on your floor for long as that will outright damage your floors. Instead, use a damp mop to clean up.

Leave Damp Items on the Floor

If there is a major spill on your rug, take it outside to dry. When you ignore it, moisture can seep beneath and damage the wood.

Using Hot Water

Never clean your hardwood flooring with hot water, as you will ruin it. The hot water will dissolve the luster and erase the end, allowing moisture to penetrate the wood easily.

Scrub With Steel Wool

Even if you encounter a stubborn stain on your floor, do not use steel wool to try and remove it. Remember that this is a delicate material, and anything abrasive will only scratch the surface. Instead, look for other ways to remove those stains.

The key to ensuring your hardwood flooring lasts long and remains appealing is constant maintenance. Follow the tips mentioned above to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

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