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Health Providers Development and Marketing Costs

A strong online presence is a key to success in the competitive market. Keeping up with the competition requires businesses to adopt new strategies. The common belief is that building a solid digital presence requires extensive coding and development. However, that’s always the case.

Coding and development are essential but not the only solution to success in the digital world. For cash-based service providers, PlanSplit offers an opportunity to sell and create usage-based service plans, packages, and memberships without requiring a separate merchant account.

Monthly recurring billing software

The Historical Problem:

A multi-practice owner veterinarian founded PlanSplit. The framework for this company was derived from his two decades of experience with the Provider-Consumer relationship, including compliance, loyalty, satisfaction, and cost of care.

The cost of pet care may be prohibitive for clients or consumers during times of economic hardship. Even if they wanted to, they might be unable to provide the proper care. Not just pet care, other health service care providers suffer a business loss during such time. To put their worries to rest, PlanSplit provides health service providers with a platform to offer value-based health and wellness care. The goal is to increase patient compliance, loyalty, and retention, amongst other benefits.

Plus, it eliminates the need for a separate web portal or merchant account, thereby saving marketing costs and other expenses. The saved amounts can be used to increase and expand their practices. Plansplit streamlines subscription and membership management while giving consumers a dashboard to view usage and savings.

Let’s see how businesses can benefit from PlanSplit:

Quick and Easy Plan Set-up:

Plan creation and setup are super easy with PlanSplit. Joining the platform allows you to create a provider portal and start selling plans in your practice. It is up to the provider to decide what services are offered, how long the plan will last, and how much it will cost. Consumers can quickly see the plans with a private URL code.

Efficiency & Expense Reduction:

The team sends your clients to PlanSplit with your URL code to buy plans. Once this is set up, the PlanSplit team can handle most of the administrative work for you through automation and human support. They handle all the pain points associated with sign-up, renewals, and cancellations, enabling you to focus on caring for your patients. The only thing your team needs to do is apply usage at the time of service. Saving staff time on plan administration and billing issues reduces expenses significantly.

Secure, Automated, and Worry-free Payouts:

Using Stripe, the PlanSplit team collects from your customers and deposits net payouts into your bank account as quickly as Stripe allows, typically within seven days. If a payment issue arises, they work directly with your consumer, saving you time and money.

Alternative Marketplace:

Ensure your current patient base complies with your current plans rather than simply selling them. PlanSplit makes the same- or similar-plans visible to everyone, bringing you new patients looking for value-based health care.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Offering discounts or value-added service plans decrease a significant barrier to patient compliance. By providing convenience and affordability, split billing further increases patient compliance. The auto-renewal feature to the same or a different plan contributes to an improved care relationship. It all adds to a healthy and sustainable MRR for your practice. This monthly recurring billing software‘s intuitive tools and technology help providers streamline their recurring billing process.

Fair Provider-Consumer relationship:

Consumers have full access to the use and savings that the provider applies. Customers who cancel a plan can retroactively pay for services used at non-discounted pricing or pay for the entire plan upfront.

Cross-Category Platform:

Several categories of plans are available to consumers: Healthcare (Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medical Cosmetology, Mental Health, Optometry, Veterinary, and General Wellness) and Non-Healthcare (Auto/Boat, Education, Fitness, Home/Facility/Maintenance, Professional Services, Other) . As per requirements, consumers can select a category and purchase plans accordingly.


Most consumers want their providers to advise them on what to do. Hence, recommending and selling custom plans in your practice is the best approach. PlanSplit offers a marketing kit to help you reach your existing and new customers. Their marketing experts actively promote your marketplace plans on social media and other online marketing platforms, saving you time, money, and resources.

While providers can primarily benefit from PlanSplit, consumers can enjoy the platform’s excellent features.


Consumers receive more value for their money with most plans that are discounted or have value adds.


Plan options are available for pet owners, as well as for themselves. (In cases, the provider may require a waiver of the HIPPA for family members). PlanSplit allows consumers to compare health and wellness services across providers to see how they can save. Automated monthly payments reduce paperwork, creating a streamlined experience for patients.


Plan payments can be made in whole or monthly over the course of the plan.

Fair Provider-Consumer Relationship:

The provider applies user-based pricing, giving consumers complete control over their usage and savings. In the event of a cancellation by the consumer, the consumer may retrograde pay for services used at non-discounted pricing or pay in full, whichever is cheaper.

It is a win-win for providers and their consumers. The software streamlines plan creation, subscription and membership management, and monthly recurring billing management while saving providers time and money by eliminating lengthy coding and development processes.

PlanSplit was founded by a multi-practice owner veterinarian. It provides health service providers with a platform that allows them to offer value-based health and wellness care. PlanSplit streamlines subscription and membership management while giving consumers a dashboard to view usage and savings. It eliminates the need for coding and development, saving providers time, money, and resources.

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