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Here’s Why More Realtors Are Using Matterport for Marketing

Each visual marketing strategy brings different values to every audience. For such a long time, 2D photos have been the standard in the real estate industry. Stunning images of properties drive interest and engage potential buyers emotionally. And as technology evolves, high resolution photography continues to be a crucial part of real estate marketing. Today, not only images and videos are being used, rather 3D virtual tours, the future of real estate.

Far beyond photography, 3D virtual tours, like Matterport, allow buyers to go on a self-guided tour through each part of the property.  This virtual open house provides a realistic view of what a home really looks like with 360-degree views. In fact, Matterport is the industry leader in immersive 3D virtual imaging of various properties. It gives you the flexibility to capture and share a digital twin of any property any time.

Below are a few reasons why realtors use Matterport for real estate marketing:

1.) Increased efficiency

3D tour

Gone are the days when buying a property was extremely time consuming. Nowadays, buyers can simply walk through a virtual  tour at the comforts of their own home. There is no need to drive miles away just to see a property personally, for you can do this online. Realtors can easily let buyers view a certain property they are interested in purchasing any time with different angles and perspectives. You can simply create a virtual tour and show it to clients for a more increased efficiency both on your end and the potential buyers.

2.) Market expansion

With Matterport for real estate, you can easily expand your market. Since 3D imagery allows you to provide international buyers, you have the ability to make your listings go beyond where they are. Nothing to worry about having overseas clients, for they can view the property wherever they may be with a virtual walk-through. As realtors, being able to deliver an immersive virtual experience offers international buyers the opportunity to see properties from afar as well as save time and traveling cost. You can expand your market through this and get more chances of closing deals.

3.) Easy to use

real estate design

Using the Matterport is simple and easy. Just click on the vantage points and turn 360° to get an all-around view of the property. Buyers can turn through the full view remotely and experience living in that property as if it is their own. No need to be too technical using this virtual tour application, so you can use it with ease any time. More so, it is difficult to get access to a property at times that is why 3D virtual tours are here to make it easier for everyone to present a listing. Not all the time you have the time, energy, and resources to go to the property personally, that is why virtual tours are here to make life easier and more convenient for you.

4.) Provides complete information

Photos and descriptions of a property are not enough to sell it right away. The beauty of creating a virtual tour of a listing is that you are not only capturing its interiors, rather the view from the outside, such as the balcony, rooftop, and terrace, too. Buyers get the best of everything here, unlike with just photos and descriptions alone. Virtual tours definitely provide buyers with more details about the listing and attract more attention. Everything you need to know about the property will definitely be given here.

5.) Stand out from competitors

These days, realtors need to be constantly moving and thinking forward. Harness the power and impact of technological tools like this 3D virtual tours and you will surely stand out from your competitors. With Matterport for real estate, buyers can get a better sense of the property. This drives your business forward making you the reliable and go-to realtor for selling properties. And as a result, you are sure to have an edge over your competitors when you present listings with 3D virtual walk-throughs.

6.) More privacy

real estate virtual tour

If seller’s privacy is one of your major concerns, then Matterport technology is the perfect tool for you. It offers more privacy with less foot traffic through a seller’s property. Having a 3D virtual tour helps buyers decide if they like it or not without leaving the comforts of their home. They can easily come to conclusions earlier in the process, making the buying decision faster. In addition, 3D virtual tours ensure that buyers who are requesting viewings are serious prospects.

Realtors need to innovate their marketing strategies, especially these days. With groundbreaking technology, you can easily market your listings to potential buyers. Matterport for real estate is an effective tool that helps you bring sales and elevates your marketing. Thus, it is time to use this now to attract more buyers and sell properties quickly.

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