Holds on PlayStation Network

Holds on PlayStation Network

Find out why we’re suspending PlayStation™Network (PSN) players and what to do if you’ve been suspended.

Why do we suspend players?

When you create an account for PlayStation™Network (PSN), you agree to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service, which includes the Community Code of Conduct.

If you violate these terms of use, we may suspend your account temporarily or permanently. For the most serious violations, we can even suspend your PlayStation console and prevent it from accessing PlayStation Network.

How do I know if my console or account is suspended from PSN?

If your PlayStation account or console is suspended, you’ll see an error code when you try to sign in to PSN.

Typically, we’ll send you an email explaining why you were suspended and how long the suspension will last. We send the email to the address associated with your account (your login ID). Be sure to check your Spam or Junk folders.

If you haven’t received any notification, contact us for more information.

When will the PSN suspension end?

You will be able to access your account once the temporary suspension is over. You can check how much time is left by checking the email notification sent by PlayStation Security.

Can I appeal my suspension from PSN?

Every PlayStation Network suspension is the result of careful investigation by the PlayStation Security team. Therefore, suspensions are final and cannot be challenged except in the following case:

You have been suspended for an account debit. The suspension will be lifted when you have settled your debt. For more information, please see the PlayStation Network Suspension for Accounts Receivable guide.

What happens if my account or console is suspended?

If your account has been suspended, you can no longer access PlayStation Network. In fact, you cannot use certain products and services, including those that you have purchased.

If your console has been suspended, you cannot sign in to PlayStation Network with any account.

How can I manage my subscriptions if my account has been suspended?

If your account has been suspended, the following settings are unavailable:

  • Add/remove a payment method
  • Cancel a subscription.

We never automatically charge the price of a subscription to a suspended account. If payment for a subscription is due while your account is suspended, we will not attempt to debit it and your subscription (and any associated benefits) will end.

If you wish to make changes to your subscription settings while your account is suspended, you must contact us.

Can the suspension of a used PlayStation console be lifted?

If you purchased a suspended PlayStation console, contact the seller for assistance.

PlayStation Network Terms of Service 

Children under the age of 7 are not permitted to use PlayStation Network.

If you are between the ages of 7 and 17, one of your parents or legal guardian (the “Responsible Adult”) must read and agree to these Terms for you. You can also read them yourself. Ask the Responsible Adult to explain to you what you do not understand. You can also consult the   PSN Rules of Use. These PSN Usage Rules are shorter than these Terms. They help you understand the most important points.

As a consumer, applicable laws may give you legal rights which cannot be excluded, limited, or modified in any way. These rights take precedence over any provision of these Terms. 

Before you start using your account.

Read these Terms. These Terms will serve as the basis for our dealings with you. We may suspend your account and the accounts of children in the family if you do not comply with these Terms. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service (see article 31).

1.1  These Terms apply to any PlayStation Network account and any use thereof.

  1. What is PlayStation Network?

2.1  PlayStation Network is also referred to as PSN. PSN is a service provided over the Internet. It connects you to other gamers and gives you access to a wide range of services. You must have an account to use the PSN. Creating an account is free. Some services available on the PSN are paying.

  1. Who are we?

3.1  We are Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe Limited, registration number 6020283 (“SIENE”). SIENE is a company established in England and Wales.

  1. Who can create a PSN account? 

4.1  Anyone aged 7 and over can have an account.

4.2.  If you are between 7 and 17 years old, a Responsible Adult must give their consent for the creation of your account, and must help you create it.

4.3 If you are over 18, you can create an account on your own. First, create your account. Next, create separate accounts for each child for whom you are the Responsible Adult. Configure Parental Controls for each child account in the family to match their activities. For more information, see section 11 below.

5.1  We may initiate one of the various procedures mentioned in article 25, in particular the suspension of your account. If your account is suspended, you will not be able to use PSN. You will therefore not be able to use certain Products, including those that you have purchased.

What will happen if you breach these Terms?

When do these Terms apply?

    • “Code of Conduct”:  how you should conduct yourself on PSN, as described in Section 13.
    • “Family Manager”:  The adult account holder who creates a Family Child Account is the Family Manager. The owner of an adult account who invites other adult accounts to join the “family” is also the Family Manager-Articlewine.
    • “Family Member”:  any account holder belonging to a “family”.
    • “Guardian”: an adult family member designated by the Family Manager, responsible for configuring the Parental Control options for children in the family-Articlewine.
    • “Our guiding principles”: together with our commitment to you, described in article 6.
    • “Parental Controls”: settings that allow the Family Manager or Guardian to customize the experience of children in the family. To learn more about Parental Controls.
    • Our commitment to you.

    • 6.1  Our main interest is to enable you to use PSN all the time. When we make decisions, we consider your interests and weigh them against ours. We aim to make decisions that are reasonable in the circumstances. We are trying to improve your use of PSN and do not seek to harm you. Our goal is to treat you fairly.

      1. Your commitment to us.

      7.1  You must be honest with us. Provide us with specific personal information about you and the children in the family (if any). Keep this information up to date through Account Management.

      7.2. Why is this important?

      7.2.1  This is important because we rely on the information you give us. We send important information to the email address you provide to us. We use the date of birth of children in the family to provide them with a tailored experience.
      7.2.2  If you give us false information, we may suspend the accounts concerned. We may, for example, suspend adult accounts if children use them. In this case, you lose your access to the PSN as well as to certain Products, including those which you would have purchased. Contact our customer service to find out why your account or that of a child in the family has been suspended, and how to proceed.

      1. Definitions of Terms.

      • “Authorized Payment Method”  means the payment methods we accept on PSN.
      • “Approved System” : one of our game consoles. This includes original PlayStation, PlayStation®2, PlayStation®Portable, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, PlayStation®TV, PlayStation Classic, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5.
      • “Child of the family account”: account whose holder is under 18 years of age. A Family Child Account has age-based features and a range of Parental Controls options that can be configured by the Family Manager or Guardian. See section 11. On PS3 and PS Vita, the term “Secondary Account” has the same definition as Family Child Account.
      • “Family Child”: a person with a Family Child Account.
    • “Products”:
    •  all digital content and digital services offered on the PSN. Products may be free or paid. Products include games, music, movies, subscriptions, PSN wallet funding and fund management services, virtual communities (which allow you to interact with other gamers), etc. . The Products available vary depending on the system used and your place of residence. The availability of the Products varies according to the system used and your place of residence. Some Products may not be available in the language of your choice.
    • “PSN Wallet”:  contains the funds you add to your account to purchase Products from PlayStation Store.
    • “Responsible adult”:  parent or legal guardian of a child.
    • “Terms”:  these PlayStation Network Terms of Service.
    • “User-Generated Content”, also sometimes referred to as “UGC”:
    • texts, messages, comments, images, photographs, voice recordings, music, videos, game content, videos, and information regarding a game or any other material (i) created by you or other users on PSN and/or (ii) shared online by you or other users through PSN.
    • “Wallet Funds”: funds available in your PSN wallet.
    • “Wallet Funding” means purchasing Wallet Funds or redeeming a Wallet Funding Cod
    • Games Write For Us-Articlewine

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