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Home Improvements That Should be Done Before Winter

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Each new season highlights different parts of your home that require updating to keep everything in working order. The winter often brings frigid temps and falling precipitation that can affect your home’s building materials and send your utility bill skyrocketing. Doing these home improvements turns your home into a cozy haven that keeps you warm all winter and beyond for your family.

Get Your HVAC System In Working Order

Staying warm is a major goal for the upcoming cold season. If you’ve been enjoying letting the breeze cool your home during the summer and fall, then it might’ve been awhile since you’ve turned the HVAC system on. Take a moment to make sure that the air filter is changed out and that the system heats your house up properly. While you might not need it just yet, you’ll be glad you did the prep work once the temperature drops overnight.

Cover Your House With a Sturdy Roof

A roof with holes in it can allow for a large amount of energy loss during the winter, and you’ll want to know that the top of your home is capable of keeping freezing rain and snow out of the attic and lower floors. You can find the best Harrisonburg VA roofing company that will typically recommend doing a full inspection before the winter comes, and starting early gives them time to do any major repairs or replacements before the snow covers the entire roof.

Replace Worn Out Windows and Doors

Next to the roof, your home’s windows and doors also serve a major role in keeping the warm air inside. Check around the windows and doors to see if you need to replace the weatherstripping or caulking. As you do, you’ll also want to watch out for obvious signs of damage to the openings to your home. For instance, an energy-efficient window with a broken seal won’t be able to do its job. Replacing doors that have cracks or that no longer fit flush in the opening can also help you to seal up your home from pest invasions.

Easy Home Improvements – Update Old Smoke Detectors

Fires tend to flare up more often in the winter months when people are using heaters and fireplaces, which is why working smoke detectors are so important. The current recommendation is to change out the batteries at least once a year, and you’ll want to completely replace smoke detectors every 10 years. You can find the manufacturing date on the back of your detector. If one is old, then you can safely assume that you’ll likely need to replace the other ones on your property.

Install New Flooring

The floors in your house can get hit hard by snow and ice that gets brought in on everyone’s boots. If your house currently has carpet in the main entry points of your home, then you might want to replace it with something a little more durable such as laminate flooring. This is also a great time to update the floor in your mudroom or entryway with a type that reduces the chances of slip and fall accidents. Getting the floor in now helps you to avoid dealing with the musty smell of wet carpet once the snow begins to fall. Investing in some new flooring is also a great way to spruce up your home and make it feel new again. You will notice it wherever you go and it can make a huge difference in the type of vibe it gives your family house.

Put In a New Hot Water Heater

Few things are better than hopping into a steamy shower after a long day out in the cold. If your home’s water heater simply isn’t holding up to the amount of people in your house, then it might be time to upgrade to a larger unit. You can also choose to switch to a tankless water heater that keeps the warm water flowing for as long as you need. Depending upon the type of water heater that you have in your house, swapping to a newer version can also help you to avoid leaks. This will also maybe help you save energy for your home which in turn will help lower your monthly bills.

Make Sure the Plumbing Is In Good Condition

As you make your final preparations, remember to give the plumbing system a good inspection. Burst pipes are a common winter problem that can turn into a full-blown catastrophe if they occur while you aren’t at home. Whether you need to replace an older pipe or wrap the current ones, you’ll be glad you put in the effort when you avoid water damage to your property. You will also want to make sure the plumbing is in good condition if you plan on selling it anytime soon. A potential buyer will want to know that the inner workings in the house are going to function correctly and won’t be a money-pit if they decide to move forward on the purchase.

Conclusion for Home Improvements That Should be Done Before Winter

With home maintenance planning, it helps to start with a top to bottom approach. After you’ve secured your home with a sturdy roof, work your way down until you’ve reached the floor and underlying plumbing system. Making a list and checking it twice means that you’ll be able to avoid unexpected repairs during the harshest months of the season.

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