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6 Signs You Need a Whole Home Remodel

When it comes time to remodel your home, there are many factors to consider. But sometimes it’s obvious that a whole home remodel is necessary. What does a whole home remodel mean? It means that every room in your home will be getting a facelift.

Although they are typically more expensive than smaller DIY remodeling projects, whole home remodels are often well worth the cost. They can truly change your life and give you a fresh new perspective on what it means to be living in your home.

1. You’re out of space

If you’ve filled your home to the brim with furniture and appliances, that’s certainly no reason to give up on the house of your dreams. But it is a sign that you’re out of space. If your current home just isn’t big enough for your needs, then perhaps the perfect solution is a whole home remodel. By giving every room in the house makeovers, you’ll have plenty of extra space for anything and everything your heart desires.

2. You want to sell your home

If you’re ready for a change, or simply tired of living in that same old house, then perhaps it’s time for a whole home remodel. A fresh coat of paint, some new appliances, and even an addition are all things that will make your home more attractive to future buyers.

3. Your home looks outdated

When you bought your home, it was probably the envy of all your friends. But now that 10 years have passed since your big move-in day, it’s time for an update. Your home may still be perfectly functional, but a whole home remodel is a great way to add some modern flair and get your house looking young again. For instance, you might want to consider new kitchen cabinets or even replacing your windows. These are things that will make your home more attractive and make it an elegant place to live.

4. You’re dealing with major structural issues

Major structural problems are the most obvious reason to get a whole home remodel. Whether it’s rotting wood, a leaky roof, or even a faulty foundation, if your house is having major structural issues, it’s time for a whole home remodel. These types of problems can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. And if you’re able to find a qualified contractor, they’ll most likely advise you that the best fix is a whole home remodel.

5. You want a greener home

Some people love the idea of living a greener lifestyle. And some homeowners want to go green but don’t know where to start. Whole-home remodels are the perfect way to revamp your home and make it more eco-friendly. Beyond just adding solar panels, you can also add eco-friendly floors, cabinets, countertops, appliances, and light fixtures. There is plenty of green hardware on the market, and many of them are very attractive. This is a great way to make your home more environmentally friendly without sacrificing its beauty.

6. You need more functionality

Sometimes simple cosmetic updates won’t suffice. Maybe your home needs more than just a new coat of paint or updated appliances. If this sounds like the case, then perhaps it’s time for a whole home remodel. For example, if your current kitchen is tiny and doesn’t fit all of your culinary needs, then perhaps it’s time for a bigger and better kitchen. Just be sure to take thorough measurements so your custom home remodel will provide all the functionality you need.

When it comes to whole-home remodels, they are often worth the cost. If your current living situation just isn’t working for you, then get in touch with a contractor for a whole home remodel. And be sure to hire a qualified contractor so your custom renovation will be done properly.

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