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How can I seal my Composite Decking?

Use an excellent water-based decking sealant to protect your composite decking. The sealer will preserve your composite decking’s surface texture from moisture and the sun’s UV radiation. Sealing your wood plastic composite decking can guarantee that it lasts longer and requires less care. This article will show you how to seal your composite decking. It also discusses whether or not your wood plastic composite decking should be sealed. Let’s start with the latter before moving on to the former.

Is it necessary to seal my composite decking?


Is it necessary to seal my composite decking?

That question does not have a simple response. This is due to the fact that composite boards are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. Composite decking, on the other hand, has a capped surface. An additional layer of plastic covers this surface, preventing moisture from penetrating the composite boards. It’s worth noting that composite decking is made up of both wood and plastic. Wood, as you may know, rapidly absorbs moisture. Because wood is a component of composite decking, the timber may absorb moisture. Capped composite decking, on the other hand, has a layer of plastic on top that prevents moisture absorption. When the wet boards dry, this prevents the composite decking from expanding and warping.

First-generation Composite decking

The additional layer of plastic on the surface of certain types of composite decking isn’t present. The first generation decking refers to these types of wood plastic composite decking. They absorb moisture, although not as much as wood, and develop a breeding ground for mold and mildew over time. These days, first-generation composite decking is uncommon.

Second generation Composite decking

Because manufacturers of trä-plastkomposit decking have improved and are now producing second-generation composite decking, this is the case. One thing to remember with composite decking, whether first-generation or second-generation, is that it needs frequent maintenance. It will become a breeding ground for mold and mildew if organic debris such as leaves or pollen decays on it. Although the water-repelling properties of second-generation composite decking are strong, they will nevertheless absorb some water. As a result, the wood portion of your composite decking becomes a mold breeding ground. Cleaning your outdoor patio on a regular basis is the best way to avoid mold. If you don’t want your patio to absorb water and develop mold, use an excellent decking sealer to seal the surface.

Maintenance of Composite Decking 

Maintenance of Composite Decking 

Composite decking has the advantage of being low-maintenance. Some homeowners believe that because composite decking is sturdy and long-lasting, it doesn’t require any maintenance. That idea is incorrect since you must maintain your long-lasting outdoor flooring material in order for it to remain attractive. The care of composite decking versus wood decking is vastly different. Sanding, sealing, staining, or painting wood decking is required. Also, in order for a wood deck to endure longer, you must follow the procedure we just outlined on a regular basis. This is a time-consuming and exhausting process. When cleaning your timber patio, you will waste a lot of time bending down. Aside from time, you’ll have to invest money to keep your wood decking in good shape.

Why Do Some Households Seal Their Composite Decking? 

Mold may form on your composite decking if leaves, pollens, or food rot on it, as we described previously. While this is true, it does not imply that komposittrall is less durable. However, it has the potential to become an issue. It’s worth noting that mold will form on your composite decking if you don’t clean it. It’s not like wood decking, which can easily become a mold breeding ground. As a result, most homeowners prefer to use a sealer to prevent mold from forming on their composite decking.

How can I seal my composite decking?

Step One

Get Everything You Require A sealant is required to protect your composite decking. You may use any waterproofing sealant for composite decking that you desire. Aside from cleaning it, soap, a bucket, water, and a gentle brush are required. You can use a power washer if you have one.

Step Two 

Keeping Your Composite Decking Clean Before you apply the stain to your composite decking, make sure it’s clean. It’s important to note that because composite decking is permanent, you must be meticulous while sealing it. If you don’t thoroughly remove the dirt, the sealer will permanently adhere the dirt to your decking surface. As a result, the surface of your wood plastic composite decking will be distorted.

As a result, you must locate filth, such as mud, and use a power washer to remove it. If you have mildew, combine soap with water and pour the soapy water over the affected areas. The mildew should next be scrubbed away with a soft brush until it is totally gone. Also, when you’ve poured soapy water on it, cleaning with your brush can remove oil and grease stains. Please rinse your patio surface well after washing to ensure that all traces of dirt and water have been eliminated.

Step Three  

Using the Sealer how to protect your decking from the elements Now is the time to take out your sealer and open the can. Then pour the contents into a big bucket so that you can easily dip into it while applying the sealer. The method is straightforward whether you use a brush or a roller. Brush or roll the sealer or stain in the direction of your composite decking boards’ grain texture. Your composite decking’s grain texture runs the length of it. Brush or roll in a forward and backward motion until you’re happy. To achieve the best results, make sure your composite boards soak the sealer. Also, make sure you apply the sealer uniformly throughout your patio surface so that no one area has more stain than the others.

Step four

Wait until your decking is completely dry. You may need to wait a few hours for your patio to absorb the sealer and dry fully, depending on the type of sealer you choose. You may begin using your patio for your hobbies after it has dried.


A water-based sealant can be used to protect your composite decking. Before applying the stain, make sure your patio is completely clean.

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