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How Did We Deal With The Whole Covid-19 Pandemic?

We are living in a deadly pandemic in which maintaining social distances and taking care of each other has become very important. As we all know the Covid-19 virus spreads when you touch a person who has already been infected by the virus. Therefore, in this scenario, it is very important that we maintain social distancing not just for the sake of ourselves but also for the sake of our families and other people.

Restrictions during Covid-19:

We know that there were a lot of restrictions that were implemented on us during this pandemic. If you remember there was a time when we were not even allowed to leave our houses to meet our friends and family. Everybody was under strict lockdown and was only allowed to go outside when there was a need to do grocery shopping. In London, Covid-19 marshals were appointed and they were allotted the duty of circulating the neighborhoods and towns to keep a check so that no one went out of the house for unnecessary reasons.

Penalties for the ones who left their houses due to pointless reasons:

Anyone who was seen out of the house and had no genuine reason for leaving their residence was instructed by the government, to be fined heavily. Some people did not listen to the government and carried on with their house gatherings and adventure trips. For these people, marshals were instructed to make an immediate arrest. Some ill-mannered people also started using the tactics of coughing right into the faces of the marshals during the arrest, in hope of fleeing from the crime scene.

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The Situation becomes better after the Covid-19 Vaccination:

However, after the researchers made a vaccine against the covid-19 and the majority of the people got themselves vaccinated then the situation started getting a bit better. Though, being vaccinated does not mean that the chances of you contracting Covid-19 are completely zero. But it means that even. If you get Covid-19 then you will experience fewer symptoms than the ones who are not vaccinated.

Everyone was allowed to go out of their houses for recreational activities:

Then gradually, the government gave the permission. That people could go visit their relatives or friends. And even go on recreational activities and enjoy concerts, but following SOP’s was a must. Covid-19 marshals were employed at all the recreational places also including the departmental stores for the queue management. They made sure that. The people were maintaining a social distance of at least 3 feet apart when they are in public places.

The duties of Covid-19 Marshals:

These marshals have a certain set of duties and responsibilities which they have to fulfill. They are there to guide the public. To make sure that everyone is following the SOP’s however, they cannot enforce the penalties on them. They remind the people in crowded areas that they have to maintain social distancing and follow all the sops. If someone is not listening. Then it is their duty that they inform the police but they cannot enforce the fine by themselves.

It’s been 2 years since the virus first affected us. If we do not take care of all the sops. By ourselves then we would not be able to get out of the pandemic any sooner. As responsible citizens, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves as well as others.

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