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How do I fix Quickbooks Error 6189 and 816?

QuickBooks is the ultimate platform for all accountants around the world. This software is for those who are tired of everyday accounting work and want some help without any further issues. Through Quickbooks, a QB user can perform almost every task of accounting and bookkeeping. Intuit develops this software for small and medium-sized enterprises to help them grow without worrying about their financial management activities.  

If you are a frequent Quickbooks user then you are aware of its drawbacks. Quickbooks are often interrupted by some QB errors that suddenly appear on the screen and your ongoing work gets stopped. There are several errors, some of them are easy to identify and rectify but some of them are arduous. 

In this post, we are going to explain error 6189 of QuickBooks to the core. Read the article to the end to know the factors, symptoms along with solutions to fix this error without any hassle. 

What is Quickbooks Error 6189?

An error code 6189 816 was found in the company file of Quickbooks. In connection with a network device, a user may experience the Quickbooks error 6189 and 816 when accessing the company file in multi-user mode. Whenever the error arises on the system, the company file is denied access and the workflow is interrupted. Often, such an issue is caused by a problem with the network, which does not involve the data. 

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Why Error 6189 and 816 occurs?

Many factors cause the Quickbooks error 6189. Some of the main reasons are pointed out below.

  • Incomplete or broken QuickBooks elements
  • Through a program on a Network PC, QB company files can be accessed
  • Several drivers for Quickbooks that are essential to its operation have been removed
  • Viruses and malware may infect software
  • Quickbooks Windows Registry has some problems. 
  • When the Quickbooks Hosting has issues.
  • If the QuickBooks server is using a damaged network data supply file.

How To Erase QuickBooks 6189 and 816 Error?

Follow the below methods to fix error 6189 816 from the system.

1: Restart the Computer and The Server

  • The server computer should be restarted, followed by the workstation
  • On the server system, open the Quickbooks desktop
  • On each workstation, the user must open the QB desktop after restarting QB on the server system 

2: Run Quickbooks Database Server Manager

  • To access the QB database server manager you are required to download the QB Tool hub from the official site of Intuit.
  • Now save and run the downloaded file on Qbtolhub.exe to open the installation wizard.
  • Once the installation wizard opens up, accept all the terms and conditions to complete the installation process.
  • Now open the Tool hub, and click on the Network issue tab to open it
  • Here, select the QuickBooks Database server manager
  • After that, browse the error file to diagnose and then hit the Scan option to initiate the determination process.   

3: Run Quick Fix My Program

  • As you have already installed the QuickBooks Tool hub on your system.
  • Open the tool hub on the system’s screen
  • Now visit the fourth tab “program problem” 
  • Here you are required to click on the “Quick Fix Mt Program” option
  • Now you have to select the file that needs a diagnosis from the browse option
  • Once you select the file, enter the admin credentials and hit the scan button to initiate the scanning process to eradicate the error. 

4: Use Quickbooks Refresh Tool

  • Download the Quickbooks refresh Tool from the site of Intuit 
  • Make sure that all the background programs are closed while downloading the tool on your system
  • Once the download is complete, save and run the download file on Qbrefresher.exe 
  • In addition, the QBRefresher requires that the user follows the onscreen instructions to complete.
  • For the QuickBooks depository to function after installation, the user must restart it.

 5: Restore the Backup of the File 

  • To restore Quickbooks on the new system, the user had to create a backup on the old one.
  • Creating a backup of a document must be followed by restoring it to the new device. You can do so by following the steps below:
  1. A flash drive or other external device can be used to retrieve the file.
  2. In case the systems are linked, users can also access the network.

6: Change the Location of The  Company File to The Local  Drive

  • From one company file system to another, you can easily transfer the information. It is useful during a computer crash, or when it is time to upgrade the system.
  • You can transfer the Data on the Server System’s hard drive. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., are popular online file storage services that may create issues with transferring files.  
  • When storing transferable company files, users should avoid removable drivers. Since these drivers are designed in a way to run Quickbooks or multi-user mode networks, the user can also transfer the Quickbooks data file to the server system’s hard drive. 
  • It is recommended that users avoid encrypting Quickbooks files on their hard drives, as this can prevent multiple users from connecting to the program.


Hopefully, you liked the article. The information we explain above is useful to eradicate the error 6189 and 816 Quickbooks. You must follow the methods as explained above without skipping any step for a better experience.

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