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How do I reset my Rockspace WIFI extender setup?

Nowadays, all the WIFI Extenders carry a reset button. It is usually located at the bottom of the Extender’s outer panel. The reset button is intentionally recessed to avoid the chances of accidental reset for your Extender. If you wish to reset your rockspace wifi Extender intentionally, because you have forgotten the username, password, or the wifi password, then you have to press this reset button for 30 seconds.

Re.rockspace.local Reset

  • This reset button has recessed inside the outer body of the Extender.
  • Take a paper pen or a pencil to press this button.
  • Press and hold the button for 20 to 30 seconds at least.
  • And then release it gently. The LED light will start flashing.
  • Keep an eye over the flashing LED until it becomes stable.
  • The moment the LED light stops flashing.
  • That means your Extender has successfully gained its factory default settings.
  • Now, you need to turn off your Extender.
  • Then after a minute turn the Extender ON.
  • Now, you need to reconfigure your Extender from the very first step.
  • Now you have to access Re.rockspace.local through the web browser that you have.

Rockspace local Extender Setup Using Wireless Connection

  1. The first step that we need to perform is to turn on the Extender and the modem.
  2. In the next step, create a wireless connection in your Rockspace Extender and the modem.
  3. The Extender and the modem should be connected through the WAN port.
  4. Here you will require an Ethernet cable only.
  5. The WAN of the modem will connect to the WAN of the Extender.
  6. Connect the devices using that Ethernet cable.
  7. Next, you have to connect your mobile device.
  8. Use your mobile to connect it with the wifi network of your Extender.
  9. And then go to settings to connect the mobile wirelessly with the Rockspace WIFI Extender.
  10. Next, you have to launch the web directory to access Re.rockspace.local login page.
  11. Enter the web domain in the address bar of your web directory, and click ok.
  12. Locate the username and password of your Extender.
  13. It is on the sticker of the Extender.
  14. You can also find it from Google by typing the model number.
  15. You can even type the serial number of your Rockspace WIFI Extender.
  16. In the Re.rockspace.local login window, enter the username and password.

Now you have to find the web-based home page of your Rock space WIFI Extender setup. You can also use the Rockspace local app to set up and configure your Extender without any more hassle.

What if I forget the IP address of my Extender?

  1. Login to the Rockspace Local web interface section.
  2. You may even log in to the configuration page of your Extender via Re.rockspace.local.
  3. Click the control panel, then go to the “Network and Internet.”
  4. From the section of Network and internet, go to the View network status and tasks option.
  5. And then tap the status and then tasks>Connection>details>Show IPv4 DHCP Server.
  6. That is the IP address of your Rock space WIFI Extender setup.

The above-described steps are useful for the users of Windows devices and computers.

How to update the firmware of my Rockspace local Extender?

  1. Open the web browser. And then navigate the address bar to https://Re.rockspace
  2. When you enter the access domain, you will get the Extender login page.
  3. You would find a Rockspace WIFI extender login prompting window.
  4. The prompting window will ask you to enter the username and password of your Extender.
  5. Pick the username and the password from the sticker of your Extender.
  6. And then enter them to the required places. Now you are on the homepage of your Rockspace local Extender.
  7. Go to the wireless section>Firmware>Check Update. If you find any updates available over this section, then click to update.
  8. You can even update it manually. Get the latest version of the firmware from the Rockspace local Extender login official page.
  9. Type your model number on the search bar of the Rockspace local Extender Homepage.
  10. Download the zipped firmware file with the latest version. And then unzip the file to save it as a folder on your computer device.
  11. Go to the Administration section>System Page> Firmware Update. Click the option Update Now.
  12. And your firmware file begins to update. Never interrupt the process, else it can damage your Extender and its configuration.

The makers of the Rockspace local Extender keep updating the firmware regularly. They release it after the interval of three or six months. You have to check the available firmware update to keep the Extender always up to date.

How to locate the serial number of my Rockspace local WRT Extender?

There are few locations from where you can find the serial number of your Rockspace local WRT Extender. The few most important locations we are going to mention below;

  • The serial number of your Rockspace local WIFI Extender is on the packaging of your product.
  • It can also be found on the warranty card of your Extender.
  • It will also give on the product itself. Just check the label of your Extender, carefully.
  • You can also find the serial number of your Rockspace local Extender.
  • Look within the operating system.
  • The user manual guide can also give you information about the serial number.

In case you find any difficulty while login into the Re.rockspace.local extender, contact our customer care executives. They are ready to help you by every possible means.

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