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How do the 3D Animation Services work? 5Types, where is used, Benefits.

Introduction To 3D Animation

Animation is literally driving the entire marketing industry today. So, it is quite safe to say that animation has gained massive popularity within just a decade. Today, professionals of the industry have come up with totally different animation styles and applications. The one animation style that has been modified into diverse services is 3D animation. It is the most in-demand among all companies that are looking for robust marketing plans. Animated characters are nothing but just digitally created images of real-life objects or even abstract imaginations. The easiest explanation of animation is a cartoon character that you have been watching since your childhood.  The computer is used to create animations that move and tell stories. But, as you cannot imagine, creating a 3D character, rigging, texturing, color shading, and much more are involved in the process. Moreover, each of these steps is extremely tedious making 3D animation services time-consuming.

Furthermore, 3D animation demands highly expertise industry experts and skilled professionals create masterpieces that will create long-lasting impressions. Think of it more as bringing computer-generated characters or animated objects to life. You will find numerous applications of 3D animation like in video games, cartoon shows, marketing for big brands, and so on. You might have already understood the requirement of skilled labor for the process that lays the ground for a masterpiece. There are various top-level 3D animation studios in India that offer various 3D Animation services Incredimate is one of the top names among the 3D animation company in India. Incredimate is a 3D Animation studio that offers many 3D Animation Services like Character Animation, 3D character cartoons, and so on. The Incredimate studio operates as a top Animation company in Mohali and is one of the best in India.

How do these Services work?

How 3d animation services work
How 3d animation services work

3D Animation services are fully based on project requirements. Some may be in need of an explainer video, others may need whiteboard animation services. Some others might need educational or medical animated content. Top 3D animation studios in India like Incredimate offers these services along with many more services. Their 3D animation services mostly pertain to real-life aspects of characters and objects.

In 3D animation, an object is animated such that it moves in the 3D space. Although you might think it is easy by just learning the software, it is much more difficult to start with the animation process. This is because of the long learning curve you have to go through. Moreover, it also takes long years of practice to perfect it, and excel in the industry as an expert.

Types of 3D animation

Types of 3d animation services
Types of 3d animation services


From the beginning of the decade, the animation industry has gone through a smooth transformation. The industry has added a lot of diverse kinds of 3D Animation Services to the list. A 3D Animation designer converts simple art or drawings into three-dimensional characters using animation techniques and makes the character move around in a 3D space. The animator mostly generates animations for games, video games, and so on. A 3D animation designer can also curate 3D animation gifs.

Tons of 3D character animation companies have come up in India offering various services. However, the 3D Animation Services you need will decide the studio or company you choose for your project. Apart from 3D animation, some of the top companies also provide 2D animation design services. It is an old method of animation where manual drawings are used rather than computers. 2D animation involves characters, objects, and others drawn by hand that is later moved using computers or other processes. The top in-demand 3D Animation design services that most clients ask for today are mentioned below:

3D Animation Cartoon

3D animation cartoons are one of the most in-demand and widespread applications of 3D animation. As there are plenty of 3D animation studios that create cartoon pictures and videos, you might get satisfactory results with any company. However, if you want to stand out, such an outcome is only possible when industry experts of 3D animation at Incredimate 3D animation studio join hands to work for you. 3D Animation designers are the prime assets to generating a good 3D animation cartoon. Here at Incredimate studios, we have highly skilled, professional, and trained animation designers that employ their best ideas and years of experience to generate extraordinary animated portfolio and cartoons.

3D Animation Character Maker

At Incredimate, we create 3D animated characters with the latest industry techniques that include much more than just graphics. All unique processes in combination help us create a professional level 3d animated character of your dreams. The characters we have animated previously at Incredimate has attracted a wide range of audience from different sectors of the industry. We are proud to tell you that our designs are industry-standard and have served companies and our clients to their fullest expectations.

3D Product animation in Chandigarh

We at theIncredimate also provide 3d product modeling. This is a style of animation that helps in showing your product or service to your target audience. This kind of animation involves creating a product animation video that shows how it looks and it operates. Product animation videos are built to be photorealistic using industry-standard 3d animation software. Standard software and applications are used for different industrial products and services for attracting more sales. Incredimate’s team of animators and designers are considered to be one of the best 3d product animation company. They are experts in creating the best product animation videos to serve clients and companies in their marketing strategies.

Medical Animation

Incredimate’s expertise does not end there. Our team of highly trained professionals also has years of valuable experience in creating animation in the medical field. They can build efficient and accurate videos and other 3D medical animation products by maintaining consistent quality. We offer medical animation services like visual presentations in all areas – anatomy, physiology, medical care, treatment ideas, and many more.

Animation now plays an indispensable role in the medical profession to replace human and animal experimentation to teach students. Moreover, animation products made using animation techniques also widely find use in educating common citizens and patients regarding a diseased condition. Incredimate has a diverse range of medical animation services that you can use for such purposes.

3D Character rigging

Rigging is one of the most important and indispensable steps in the entire 3D animation process. It is commonly employed in the creation of animated characters for online video games, shows, marketing purposes, and so on. Rigging is actually a process that is employed in the skeletal animation process for the generation of a 3D character. This involves the use of a sequence of digital bones, each linked among each other, just like it is in a human body. The rigging process simply involves making the animation process much smoother so that the production outcomes seem realistic.

In simple words, the rigging process makes way for the division of the entire body of the animated character into smaller segments. So, that the character can move quickly and easily and exhibit different movements and actions.

3D Animation Rendering

To say the least, 3D animation rendering is a process of converting 2D models into 3D ones using digital software. Computer graphics assist in this process of converting 2D models to 3D models. The conversion is largely dependent upon how close the final outcome should resemble the reality. The 3D animation rendering is a tedious process and takes hours to generate a professionally rigged product. It also depends on the processor’s speed of the CPU. The products and the actions of the characters or objects should resemble reality as closely as possible.

3D Animation Uses

  • Movies and games – the most commonly seen and obvious use of this technology are in constructing 3D movies, games, videos, mostly as seen in science fiction.
  • Architectural rendering – a very useful application of it is in creating virtual architectural designs that resemble how architecture will look after complete construction.
  • Medical imaging- in training medical professionals, or even in analyzing reports, case studies, and medical research work.

Benefits Of 3D Animation Professionals

Benefits of 3d animation services
Benefits of 3d animation services

Well, for the animation to turn out well, you must hire professional 3D Animation Services. Incredimate is a company that offers professional Animation Services. The company performs all the tasks that are related to 3D animations. However, if we don’t hire a professional Animation Services, the animation will turn out bad. Also, if you want the animation done by a deadline it will be stressful figuring out what to do next. Therefore, no matter what it is always best to give your projects to a company that offers professional 3D Animation Services. They might charge you more than the non-professional people but the quality of the work is grade one. So, it is better to be safe and hire professional 3D Animation Services.

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