How does WordPress work?

WordPress is a modular system that allows you to build different types of websites. The basic version has three post types: Pages, posts, and media (images). Extra functionality is added via the chosen theme and the plugins you install. How does WordPress work

Post content

Texts, images, and videos are entered into WordPress via the block editor. You can change and position the different blocks. You can easily upload images and other files via the media library and place them within your page with an associated block.

WordPress block editor with a digital marketing company

Do you want additional features? Then you can add them by installing plugins. You can install this in your website via the WordPress dashboard. Within the WordPress plugin repository, you will find thousands of plugins for the most different functions. How does WordPress work

Configure your website

Depending on the chosen theme, the configuration is entered via screens in the WordPress dashboard or via the Customizer. There are settings for WordPress, your theme, and for most plugins.

WordPress is an open system, which means that any theme or plugin developer can choose how they design their “product”. As a result, the user interface can differ per plugin or theme.

Is it better to use a page builder like Elementor?

In recent years, several page builder plugins have become very popular. Elementor clearly wins from the competition with over 5 million installations. Unlike the standard block editor, Elementor allows you to edit a page from the front. What are the blocks in the dashboard are widgets in Elementor? You can adjust these widgets not only in terms of content but also in terms of design. How does WordPress work

How do you choose a good WordPress theme?

Choosing a WordPress theme is not easy for the new WordPress user. There are more than 20,000 different WordPress themes available. You have to pay for a large number of themes, but the WordPress repository is also home to almost 8000 themes.

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme or theme is basically an extension of the WordPress system. Without a theme, you wouldn’t be able to view the content you enter through the dashboard. In addition to the visual representation of your content, the theme also takes care of the design and extra functions. Some WordPress themes have so many extra functions that you as a user will have trouble building such a theme.

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