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How effective treatment given by ACL injury doctor

We move, we fall, get injured, almost every person come across such hazards. Some get it severe while others face just a mild injury. But, it doesn’t mean to ignore mild injuries, even a small one can get worse if left untreated. We cannot see damage to our bones from the top it’s the symptoms we feel. To know what’s cooking inside it’s essential to consult an orthopedic surgeon. Their study, experience and diagnostic procedures reveal an inside story. Whether the injury is harsh or slight he treats it right so you can feel better as before.

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Among the musculoskeletal injuries, one of the most happening is a knee injury. We bend knees many times a day in doing various chores. Arthritis attacks the knee joint, weakening it thus it is more susceptible to injury. Moreover, continuous or unruly use of the knee joint damaged ligaments. To sort out and look after such issues knee injury doctors in Lahore are best to consult.

What is ACL?

Ligaments are the joining element that connects two bones. So is the Anterior cruciate ligaments, these ligaments connect the two major bones, the shinbone also known as the tibia to the femur i.e. thigh bone. Also, it holds the knee joint providing high stability.

How an ACL injury occurs and what happens?

A tear or sprain that occurs to ACL causes injury ranging from mild to severe. Such injury leads to instability and pain hindering movement of the leg. Sportspersons are more prone to ACL trauma as the reason behind the damage is a sudden change in direction, jumping and landing in a position that puts stress on ligaments. So the players of soccer, football, basketball and skiing must be aware of getting ACL injuries.

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Possible symptoms

ACL injury emerges some possible symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored and needs immediate consultation of a specialist in the respective field. The foremost indication at the instance of injury is a popping sound or sensation. Severe pain initiated causing hindrance in doing any activity using the knee. Swelling appears and limits the motion of the joint. A patient will feel instability while putting weight on the injured knee.

How doctor diagnose?

When you reach your doctor he or she carries out various tests for evaluation. Foremost is the physical examination by which the doctor tries to feel the unusual movement of bones with hand. He will ask the patient to lie on his back and make a comparison between the injured and healthy knee. He will move the patient’s leg in various directions to notice abnormal movement.

Next, the ACL injury doctor will prescribe an X-ray test to see any damage to bones. For diagnosis of ACL injury more advance imaging test like ultrasound or MRI is incorporated which provide images of damaged ACL. Finally, the most modern method doctor could bring in is Arthroscopy. This helps to treat diagnose as well as treat the internal injury through live video display on monitor screens. A tool having a camera and light on top is inserted through a small incision made on the skin above the injured part. The camera displays the whole story on the computer screen helping the doctor to operate accordingly.

Effective treatment by ACL injury doctor in Lahore

ACL injury doctors in Lahore are good at diagnosing and providing the right treatment at the proper time. They assess the extent of injury then address it accordingly. For a minor injury, the doctor will suggest putting ice on the injured area to reduce inflammation. The elevating leg will also help reducing swelling. According to doctor-patient must wear a bandage, limit the movement of the injured leg and avoid putting weight on the damaged knee.

A good doctor tries to avoid surgery as much he could. He intends to sort out the issue with medicine first hand. To reduce inflammation and pain relative medicines are prescribed. Even strong doses are given or even steroids are injected into the knee. All this is to make things better without surgical procedures.

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ACL injury doctors also suggest wearing supporting elements like a knee brace while sports. It’s an effective way to avoid further damage and heal the prevailing one. Physical therapy is another useful part of treatment that help to strengthen muscles around the knee through various exercises. The doctor will guide the patient on how to exercise at home for muscles strength. A patient not only regains lost motion but also be able to move the knee in full range. ACL injury doctors will carry few exercise sessions with patients training them so they are capable of doing such practices on their own.

Lastly, depending on the severity of the injury the doctor will recommend surgery. a badly torn Anterior cruciate ligament is removed carefully and new tissue is incorporated which helps to grow new ligament. After surgery, much care is required and with physical therapies, the patient can regain lost activities within 12 months after surgery.


ACL injury doctors in Lahore are competent to consult when an injury occurs. They provide the best treatment to regain lost motion. But, it is favourable for sports person or athletes to know a few risk factors that cause ACL injury as they are more prone to such damages. Sportsperson should make a habit to exercise muscles for strength, should have the knowledge and proper training to avoid angles and postures that cause an ACL injury. Also, preventive measures should be taken while sports which include footwear, knee brace and padding. Such elements support the tissues and reduce the risk of getting an injury.

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