How Make a Stylish Lip Balm Packaging Ideas

Lip balms are items of everyday use that are becoming increasingly popular in the use by men and women of all ages. They are no longer just a fashion accessory, instead, they have become a basic necessity that everyone has in their bags for use. Moreover, if you want to rid your lips of chapping and keep them from drying, you must have a lip balm at your disposal at all times. Apart from that tinted lip balms are in use by women as style statements largely for their ability to enhance the beauty of lips. Lip balms variety and sales are going up the roof with their increasing demand. For this purpose, the customers always like to have a lip balm with the best and most attractive Lip Balm Boxes.

Type of Lip Balm

There are several types of lip balms that you can get in the market according to your choice and style. Moreover, these lip balms have different kinds of display styles that make for different application styles for usage.

Stick Lip Balm Container

These lip balm containers are in the form of cylindrical tubes that contain liquid lip balms. These Lip Balm Boxes are mostly water-based and are easy to use with their characteristic design. Furthermore, the cap of the cylindrical bottle has a stick attached to it with the applicator. Also, this applicator dips inside the liquid lip balm and is easy to apply with the stick.

Pot Lip Balm Container

Pot lip balms are present inside a plastic or metallic pot and you can apply them with the help of a brush or finger. These lip balms have a thicker formula similar to petroleum jelly. Moreover, they are also very easy to use and easy to carry but a little bit messier than the stick style. There are however certain containers in which the lip balm is placed in such a way that you can directly apply it on your lips without a finger.

Cylindrical Lip Balm Container

This is the most popular and most easy-to-use lip balm container style. It is a cylindrical tube inside which there is a thick solid tube of lip balm. You can twist the bottom part of the cylinder to raise the lip balm and use it. These lip balms are the least messy and a great way to get rid of chapped lips especially in winters.

Lip Balm Display Boxes

Lip balm boxes with the ability to display multiple lip balms are a great and convenient way to present them on a market shelf with style. They are very cost-effective because they can contain a large number of lip balms in a single box. Also, they are easily visible to the buyers and an easy way to place them. These display boxes help save a lot of space and prevent creating a mess on shelves for ease of vendors. Moreover, these display boxes come in a variety of styles two of which we will talk about here.

Lip Balm Dispenser Boxes

This style of display of box is a long rectangular box with the bottom end having a cut out from where you remove the lip balms. This is a display style which is works with gravity and the lip balms slide down near the opening when one lip balm is removed.

Lip Balm Display Box with Compartments

This display box has cardboard or cardstock inserts inside the box with circular holes that hold the lip balm cylinders vertically. This gives a prominent display of the lip balms and customers can easily see the lip balms to choose the color and flavor of their choice.

Lip Balm Packaging Boxes

The packaging boxes of lip balms usually contain a single lip balm or a collection of a few different types. These can be of different types, and you can choose to get your Lip Balm Boxes Wholesale keeping in mind the size, printing, dimensions, and several boxes.

Tuck Top Box

Tuck top boxes have a tuck end at the top which is made by folding of the cardboard material that closes by friction. This is a very secure closure and can easily keep the lip balm safe. The tuck top closes at the front end of the box. It is the most common type of packaging box style because of its convenience of use.

Reverse Tuck End Box

Reverse tuck end boxes are similar to the tuck top boxes with an additional tuck end. And, these boxes have tuck ends at both the top and the bottom of the box. This provides the facility of easy removal of the product from the box from either end. Also, you can use both sides of the packaging box for printing and design.

Window Box

Window cut boxes have a window on the top or front side of the box. This window is the perfect way to showcase the lip balm inside the box. There is a seal of transparent plastic sheet on the window that prevents dust and moisture from outside to spoil the lip balm.

Hanger Box

Hanger boxes have an extended flap of cardboard on one end of the box. This flap contains a slit or hole cut out on it that acts as a hanger. Hence, this way you can easily hang the packaging box on metallic nails which serves as a great way to organize them. And not only are these packaging boxes easy to organize but also are easily visible to the buyers.

Printing and Design of Lip Balm Boxes

Lip balm boxes are products of self-care and style therefore they need to be visibly appealing and attractive. Moreover, all the lip balm companies provide several options in colors of packaging that complement the product. Also, everyone prefers lip balms of certain flavors to which packaging must correspond to. The impressive printing and design of the boxes can level up your sales to a large degree. Furthermore, you can also get your desired prints and buy Custom Lip Balm Boxes of your choice.

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