How many Types of Nature Photography.

  • Landscape
  • Wild animals
  • macro
  • Underwater
  • Infrared
  • Celestial body
  • Aviation
  • Science

There are Eight types of Nature photography When you’re taking pictures. you’ll want to try different genres.

it is effective to try a genre you have never shot to avoid the rut.

Landscape Nature photography

Landscape photography is probably one of the most popular in the photography genre.

Beautiful scenery is a wonderful subject, even if the same subject, it shows innumerable expressions due to various influences such as seasons, weather conditions, and time zones.

Therefore, the appeal of landscape photography is that you can create different works each time you go, even if the scenery is the same.

took the photo below in the neighborhood. where I used to live, but the appeal of landscape photographs. is that it can be made attractive depending, on the weather conditions, and time of day, even in a normal place. I can say that one of them.

Wild animals photography

Many Wildlife photographs include a variety of subjects, but the most popular one for photography enthusiasts is probably wild bird photography.

WildlifeNature photography often requires expensive equipment such as tenacity and super-telephoto lenses, but it is an excuse to buy expensive flagship machines.

In addition photograph some wild birds in relatively familiar places such as parks and bird sanctuaries.

By the way, the kingfisher, which is very popular as a subject, is also a kind of bird found in the human living area.

macro Nature photography

Nature photography Speaking of macro photography. flowers and insects are famous, but by taking macro photography of flowers, and insects, and small items, details that were not normally visible can be seen, and it becomes an interesting photograph.

The example below is a photograph of a sparkler purchased at a 5-dolor shop, but by taking a macro shot with a longer exposure time,

it is likely to show a world of sparklers that is far more gorgeous than you can see in the naked eye. Increase.

As with this sparkler shooting, macro recording often brings you extremely close to the subject, so using a lens protection filter can reduce the risk of contact between the front lens and the matter.

Underwater Nature photography

Underwater photography is nature photography, but full-scale underwater photography requires diving techniques, so it tends to be more difficult than the footage on land.

Also, full-scale underwater photography, underwater housing, etc., will be quite expensive. Still, if one can realize it, That possible to advance into the genre of underwater photography that many other photo enthusiasts do not take. Waterproof compact. further to start underwater photography relatively easily by using a digital camera.

Also, when you think of underwater photography, you tend to think of fish, but underwater photography also includes portrait photography.


Infrared photography is a method that uses the infrared components of sunlight to capture the leaves of trees that reflect infrared rays as if they were covered with snow.

common in current digital cameras, use an IR filter that cuts wavelengths of about 720 nm or less and is an image editing software it can use the channel mixer function such as Photoshop after shooting. I will finish it.

Celestial body

Astrophotography may be the ultimate nature photography that seeks the matter in the universe instead of the earth.

Some astronomical photographs mix landscapes and starry sky with a wide-angle lens, and some astronomical photographs use a telescope.

Some people go into astronomical photography from their hobby of astronomical observation.

while others go into astronomical photography from their hobby of photography.

Shooting requires a shooting location and a long waiting time. Still, nowadays, with the spread of easy portable equatorial mounts, Hoshin footage has become possible.

With the advent of ultra-sensitive cameras and time-lapses.

it has become even more popular. this is an attractive genre that enables a wide range of expressions.


Aerial photography, which shoots airplanes, maybe an artificial version of wild bird photography.

Aerial natural photography using super-telephoto lenses and high-speed continuous shooting machines requires a certain amount of expense. Still, That is an attractive genre for nature photography enthusiasts who want to use super-telephoto lenses even in urban areas.

In addition to taking pictures of airplanes,

with a super-telephoto lens,

aerial photography is a wide range of genres because it includes taking pictures of the ground.

or sky on a helicopter and aerial photography with a drone.


Scientific, Nature photography covers a wide range of categories, from microscopic photography of space stations.

In terms of taking pictures,

that no one else has taken before, a genre that is easy to break new ground.

and it has the appeal of being easy to become unusual pictures.


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